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  1. I've a few lathes but all are small ones, Granville, Myford, Faircut etc, I have the Faircut set up at the moment, It has so much wear that parallel turning would involve adjusting the tailstock acrosswise!! 😞 I really should take the time to set one of the better machines up!! The old Faircut is so old it runs on flat belts!! Anyone know what Hendersons Relish is?, Anyhow, They made this machine here in Sheffield before they went in to selling Relish for your stew!! 😀 A little Wade, The next three are pretty crappy hobby lathes that are a bit dangerous as the it has right hand threads on the lead screw, Cross slide and top slide, In a moment of non thinking you could back the tool off and inadvertantly push it in to the workpiece causing all kinds of problems!! 😨 Flexispeed 7, A tiny li'l thing that you can hold in one hand, Probably good for making clock gear shafts!! An even smaller 'Super Adept'!! Modern day Unimat, Extruded ally and not the fine old Cast iron ones!, This can be put together in to different forms to make it a lathe or a mill or a bench drill, I think there's five or six machines it can be made in to!! I've never put it together, Can't be bothered!! John 🙂
  2. Has anyone else seen nickel plated Meteors? I've a mk1 (N prefix so .177") It appears to have been nickel plated for a heck of a long time as there's much wear off on the barrel, It shoots great for such an old gun too! John 🙂
  3. I've the same box that my Crosman 147 came in 👍 I bought a new Sharp Ace and a Gamo Stutzen, Can't recall boxes coming with either of them!, The gamo was pre VCR bill and I bought it online from JSR but I can only recall a plain cardboard box holding it!! John 🙂
  4. I've a set of these 8x30 Jena too, I'll never get rid though- They are so good!! 👍
  5. Hi Mike According to the pics, This is a leftie (Unless the pics have been reversed?) 👍
  6. Hi I had a rubbish Logun S16 and managed to get a bunch of pellets stuck up the spout, I made a sort of corkscrew from a thin length of rod steel, I used a knife shaped needle file to cut a rough thread then wrapped electrical tape around to keep it central in the bore so as not to damage the bore if it ran off centre, It remove one and a half inches of jammed lead in three lumps! The business end Full rod with a bend to be able to screw it in to the lead. The blockage removed! I withdrew them from the muzzle end as it was impossible to get to the breech end but it did the job fine ? The gun looks to be a nice FWB sport- Worth sorting!! John ?
  7. There's no room in my garage now as it's full of tools and has our Midge in there too☹️ I don't even have that bit of floor space any more as I bought a Startrite bandsaw that's in there among heaps of other tools that I can't move for ? I have six or seven lathes now, It seems I started collecting the things, I have a Myford 7, A Granville senior, A Faircut, A Wade, A Small Flexispeed 7, A little Adept, A Unimat and a woodlathe called a Centrix and part of a Coronet woodlathe!! That's apart from the planers, Grinders, Bench drills, Mitre saws, Band saws and all manner of other stuff!! ? EDIT- Forgot to say, I put a 10' steel shed at the bottom of the garden and thought all the stuff that went in to the garage after my 6' shed collapsed would leave me ample room to start making knives, I filled the shed up and still can't get in to the garage!!? The lathes.. Myford 7 The Granville Senior The Faircut (The only one that's set up and it's the most worn!!) The Wade Top- Flexispeed 7 Bott- Adept Unimat, I should set this u[p one day!! Centrix woodlathe John ?
  8. I bought this Enzo trapper years ago then forgot about it!!, It has Micarta scales..... In brown!! I was going to start making knives years ago, Started buying the stuff I needed, Started getting my garage kitted out with tools then one of my sheds collapsed so all the stuff was jammed in to the garage Eventually I replaced the shed with a larger one, I filled the new shed and still couldn't get in the garage!! I had bought several lathes and a good sized Startrite bandsaw though! I gave most of the blades away, I think I have two left for when I do eventually start!! John
  9. Hi I( had a Logun S16, They were famous for getting pellets stuck up the spout as you had to ram the bolt forwards hard to get the pellet from the mag in to the barrel, If you didn't, The nest push forward shoved anmother pellet in!, I had around an inch and three eighths wedged solid!! I made a sort of corkscrew out of a rod using a diamond needle file to cut the thread then wrapped a bit of electrical tape around and inch from the end to keep it central so as not to score the bore, It pulled them out in three goes as can be seen from the pic! The removal tool.. Have to say, It worked better than I expected!! John
  10. The mk1 Airsporter didn't enter production until 1948, The G prefix was from 1948 to 1954 then it went GA, GB, GC etc up to GN which was the last (Mk7).. Sounds like a nice pair of finds, I've a few mk1/Mk2 and love them! First three are mk1, Second three are mk2.. John
  11. The bottom pic is mine!!, It's not a mk2, It's a transitional steel one but with the milled out bit for the badge!! It's the second up of these from the bottom! John
  12. Have to say Psycho that I dribble every time I see your Venom mk1 mate John
  13. Hi Oldie The bottom two of these are Model D rifles although the second from bottom is actually called 'The BSA Air Rifle', It's basically a model D before they called them that (I think!!).. I paid £100 for the bottom one, The second from bottom was a freebie, The top two are BSA Standard mod2 (.22cal), I paid £130 for the top one posted (1936 model) and the second to top I bought along with a nice mk1 nickel plated Meteor for a hundred quid so I consider that i've paid £50 for it as it needs a new pair of springs and the foresight building up (top part snapped off).. By the way, These were affectionately known as 'Long Toms' Parts come up for sale on fleabay regularly but prices for parts can be quite expensive Cheers, John
  14. It may be my eyes but I can't see a price John
  15. Hi The gun would have looked like these originally Must say, It's a bargain at £25 but would need to be collected as the receiving dealer would probably charge £30 to sign for it and hold it, That's what a RFD near me charges.. John
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