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  1. Their is this place but don't think they cater for shotgun... https://www.hoverforce.co.uk/activities/shooting-range
  2. barrelsniffer


    Sad to see it go, had quite a few bits and bobs of freeadds also a nice theoben evolution and a few scopes, have emailed them and let them know how i feel although i doubt it will matter and also asked them to delete my account
  3. Been using this type of light in my cabinet a few yrs, well worth having...in fact that good my mrs uses my old ones for whatever.
  4. Due to recent damage to my ears i have now started wearing "on ear protection" for foxing etc, currently using the Impact models but want to get something better so have narrowed it down to either MSA or peltors (msa sordin supreme pro x or 3M Peltor ComTac XPI) Any guys on here have first hand use of either or any other recommendations ? Mick
  5. barrelsniffer

    1917 film

    Watched it the other day, like Dunkirk very disappointing.
  6. Good idea with the rifle rods, sick of it when putting in or taking out rifles they tip to one side...may have to invest in some.
  7. I believe the netting in the link is NOT shiny looks very much like the same material i have with mine.
  8. Anyone got any Tier One 30mm high picatinny mounts they wish to sell on ? Mick
  9. Have a look at Tactacam too, pricey though.
  10. Are the 2 Rapid fill lines and 1 extension £15 Posted still available if so pm me bank details. Mick
  11. Tier 1 - 30mm medium scope rings to fit picatinny rail, in great condition looking for 70 pounds plus postage.
  12. No mate have always used 35gn vmax if i want heavier i will use my 223
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