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  1. Having a clear out and I've found an old chainsaw that has had it, fully stripped down and the piston has eaten itself and the cylinder killing both components. Everything else is there apart from the bar and chain. Had it serviced before it died (bad fuel mix killed it I believe). So the carb is in good nick and everything else has had a clean up. I can't believe the urine-extracting prices for spares online, so I'm not bothering to repair it. You can have everything either assembled or in kit form as it currently sits for £35 posted anywhere in the mainland UK. If you are after a few certain parts I may be willing to break it just to save on postage and faff etc. Cheers.
  2. libs

    hmp aylesbury

    You've got to be one hard flucker to work on a prison wing, huge respect to all those who keep our countries worst tucked up in nice cosy cells. Rather you than me.
  3. Donated 3 times and had a pleasant experience on each occasion. Never suffered with the rough feelings or dizziness that some report. Only thing stopping me donating again is the 4 month waiting period after a tattoo! Absolutely fantastic thing to do, and I think we should have an organ donation box to tick on our driving licence application like the yanks do!
  4. libs

    £99k shotgun

    Having had a little bit to do with that brand I can assure you that these guns are an absolute beauty to behold. The detail in the hand engraved metalwork and the crispness of the action are unlike anything else. 400 man hours goes into the woodwork alone and only master craftsman with years of experience have anything to do with the construction. The service and aftercare one receives when purchasing a bespoke gun like that is also second to none. However, I think you need to be a special kind of rich to order something like this.
  5. Why so edgy? Just tell them and if they want to inspect it, let them do their job.
  6. The shotgun is an amazing tool for wounding animals. There are very few shooters who can put everything they shoot in the centre of their pattern every time and kill the target stone dead in the air. That said, there is nothing wrong with plenty of practice on the clays and using the correct load and choke for the job in hand.
  7. libs

    best .223?

    My Howa 1500 has been fantastic. Worth a look.
  8. As said before, the less people you tell the lower the risk. Discretion would be the key here. If I have ever stayed over night with a shotgun I put my breakdown case in a grip bag with clothes etc so nobody ever sees it walking in. I've bike locked the case to the bed frame I was sleeping in before, but I wouldn't leave the whole thing there if I was going out, some of it would definitely be locked in the car or spread around the room. If you do go somewhere and shoot, have a good holiday!
  9. 5' 11" and hit 80kgs this week (176 lbs) Lost the bottom 2 of the 6 pack I was rocking for most of last year under a layer of xmas chub. Think I'll wait until closer to the summer before I try and dig it back out again with 20+ miles of running per week , until then its just food food food, maybe a tiny bit of work in the gym too .
  10. She was a cracking sport, and did very well on the tip front too if I remember rightly!
  11. Jabs up to date? Keep an eye on that bite, if it gets red and inflamed - see a doctor.
  12. I hate myself for saying this.... But that Welsh gear is fantastic, goes down easier than a very easy thing.
  13. Well thats a spanner in the works for my summer holiday plans.
  14. Hang the paper over some barbed wire with a safe fallout distance/backstop behind it. Mark the centre with a pen and shoot at it, go through the whole mount/point/shoot process as naturally as you can from 30 paces. Hopefully you'll see a 60/40 split biased high with no sideways deviation and you won't have to repeat the process. I wouldn't worry too much, just go and shoot at things.
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