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  1. Gave a copy to one of my farmers this morning. 9 pages, he fell about laughing. Sit in a chair in the middle of the field etc.
  2. Look what just landed in my garden pond!
  3. I've shot a couple of thousand rounds, several makes, never had one not go off. However have had split cases, they still go bang.
  4. Oh dear, only 6 yesterday, but made some nice burgers! 1188
  5. At Upham on chicken farm.just been on South todat TV
  6. Just seen item on South today, at a chicken farm at Upham.
  7. Ok I stand corrected, however I would not try that around here.
  8. Apparently dogs now found,
  9. Anyone recognise these scumbags? https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1560196830865335
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