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  1. Might be worth printing them all off and posting them to the inland revenue!
  2. DONT forget to include AA RAC Green Flag, Etc. All taxi fares, All bus fares,Board and lodgings for your mechanic, Missed days at work, Lots of new shoes, Gloves for pushing cold tailgate, Solid fuel or whatever for heating, Sponges for wiping rain from screen, Elastoplasts for knuckles,Then calculate these with money saved Ie not relly use much fuel, No hollidays, No just nipping to shops, All these need considering with any landrover purchase costs !
  3. Thanks for that GH thats the sort of thing i was wondering about, Will now keep my eyes open. Cheers
  4. Not really probably 40 to 50at least all 60 70 Ft, Basicly just wondered if there was something they were scared off, Hawk ?? Whatever.
  5. fishman307


    I do agree entirely with your comments BUT it is out and out councills and government to blame, They have ripped us off for years through our rates inc costs to remove and dispose of our rubbish, Even the tips were public and belonged to us! Some asole decided there was a LOT more money to be made by privatising the Tips, Now we have reverted hundreds of years ago with rubish and filth left in bins and gutters from end to end of every road/pavement in britain, We have NO SAY whatsoever in what rubish they want to take and when they want to take it, If you do decide to take it to one of our sto
  6. Thanks for replies, Its a caravan site so complaints to owner dont go down well, I do use a HW90K and a HW35, But have to pick my times so nobody see"s hence my HW45 thinking ?? Bit more subttle ! However as said i wondered about things like plastic Owls/ hawks Etc or anything in that line,
  7. Dont know if i am posting in right spot but! I have a static caravan in North Yorkshire, It is located in a lightly planted connifer wood, I have previously had problems with pigeons crapping everywhere, And having to keep cleaning up, Three years ago took to shooting them and got rid of one or two hundred, Last year not as many at all shot twenty thirty and didnt have much trouble, This year so far seen a few but not many, Now my question is can i buy anything === decoy bird?? electronic box, Or any suggestions at all to keep them away within reason, (Neighbors not keen on shooting so have t
  8. If its a plastic door with metal fittings wire them to the mains, BUT remember when you need to touch them,
  9. So spend millions, employ idiots to check, JUST IN CASE they do
  10. I had a jack russell as a youth and thought i was a brilliant dog, but really had a mind of its own, So this time gone for a border, What a difference superb little dog, But still like the russell, Hard to believe they all had assosiation with a dandy dinmount! Weird looking dog,
  11. Can you not borrow an old 8mm camcorder??? Whereabouts are you???
  12. A police spokesman said she would deffintly have been dimissed, But she was the only human roadblock at that station, Scum of the earth, They ought to jail them both and spread it about what they were doing, How can they EVER lecture / arrest anybody for right or wrong, They obviously dont know!
  13. Its a shame but Robertsons had to stop using them on their jam jar lids, Apparently they were being stolen by the Ethnic minority and used in childrens passports B)
  14. What amazes me is when they start quoting statistics, How can they poss know what the ****** going on when the police have been instucted to fiddle figures for years, And public have so little faith that 50% of crime goes un reported, Then they start telling you whats up and down, Nothing much more that their mothers knickers stupid ********
  15. I think I am allowed to agree with you ? But the law can be funny!
  16. It must be me ! I hear people talking about how reliable my ______ whatever was it did a hundred thousand miles! I do not consider that run in! and would be devastated if thats all my vehicles would do, My last 4x4 (isuzu trooper ) did 385000. miles It had tyres and batteries, One radiator, And front exhaust pipe flexi, Wich i blew up by towing a fully loaded 32 ton tractor and trailer the length of the M18, For its last four years the bonnet was only ever lifted for the MOT, Thats what I call reliable, My patner sold his Trooper (twin but lwb) with 415000mls and not much done at all, (stainle
  17. Could be a heron, I can tell you more if you like!
  18. With engine ticking over, Remove ONE heater pipe end (highest if poss, ) Run hosepipe into rubber hose nice and gentle, When water runs through full system and out of heater stub with NO bubbles, Carefully and quickly replace hose. Make sure engine is warm enough to open thermostat whille you do this, It has got a thermoastat in i presume?
  19. I have just bought the original Jon E American one, Wich lighter fuel are people using, I have heard you can run them on coleman fluid wich is cheapish, But a lot seem to recomend Zippo lighter fluid, Your thoughts would be appreciated,
  20. I honestly think that is a big problem in this country, Slappers like that can make a carrer of spawning, And the british tax payer covers all the costs , In fact it is highly ecouraged by the govrnment, More you have more you get, And now there is even preasure for Us to look after them while mummy goes out! There should be some sort of test before pragnancy to see if the child will be bought up by stable parents and if they can afford it! Once might be a tragic mistake? What about the other six, They should steriiise her whilst in prison,
  21. Be very very careful, I have it from a good source that when the police are not busy changing the film in speed cameras, They will be sneaking about in our gardens with wall topping hats, And dark lanterns peeping through our curtains, If an illegal light bulb is suspected back up will be called, All sides of the house will be secured to avoid the criminals escape , The main window will be smashed to allow the surprise entry of the firearm squad, Flash grenades will no longer be allowed,(they exceed 100Watt) But all occupants will be ordered to lay on the floor and keep their hands away from
  22. I too watched with interest, Seems part of the quallifications to work there was a light coloured voice! MD did come over as trying (and failing) to con Heston,Not too easy from a failed buissnes man, But the overall impression was nobody gave a ****, They had worked there so long they were stagnant, If i had been in Hestons shoes there is NO WAY I could have got by by not saying Ayup there you own/work for basicly a bancrupt company, You have no quallifications whatsover, Look around you not many positions for six minute bacon burners, On the other hand I am a millionaire, I own the most awa
  23. The stig , (or whoever) is not employed by top gear, They hire from an agency who have maybe eight or nine people available depending on time of year, There can be very busy spells with race car development wich comes first and is what pays the wages, Wether Ben Collins has worked for them i do not know, But if you want a real clue one of the most used is an American!
  24. Deffinatly pilot light, Landrover are renowed for them blowing out in drafts, Have you held your hand over it for a while??? It can be difficult to tell if they are on or off!
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