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  1. I wouldn't and currently don't even pay half of that.
  2. No you don't, if you had put it in boost it would have started it on the first turn of the key.
  3. I have the same jump pack and it will start my 1.9tdi passat 16 times when its battery is totally dead and still have 2 bar of charge left in it. If your battery is totally flat make sure you put it in boost.
  4. Strange, I'm with BT told them during the lock down I wanted to cancel due to cost. Changed my deal slightly to unlimited fibre 1 land line and line rental plus mobile 5 gig data unlimited min and texts for £23.99 a month. Was paying £69.99 for a slightly better deal.
  5. Don't think so, but they have frozen their subs just like basc.
  6. So they haven't then, frozen but not dropped. Ngo price was £45 in 2018 and according to their site it still is. 2018 price https://www.nationalgamekeepers.org.uk/articles/modest-rise-in-ngo-subscription-rate-for-2018 2020 price https://www.nationalgamekeepers.org.uk/join-online#JOL.SELECTOR
  7. Morrisons limit for apple pay is £100.
  8. Take alot of these comments with a pinch of salt, every site is different. My static is at thirsk £3000 a year covers everything and my van is 20 plus years old but in very good shape. If used alot they are a bargain.
  9. Yes my regular garage is open now, but it was shut for 8 weeks.
  10. Maybe in your area, mine certainly did.
  11. Well my shooting was always rabbits or hares so here are a few pictures of both
  12. Fill in a V62 form and send to dvla, only way if you have no paperwork at all.
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