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  1. Fill in a V62 form and send to dvla, only way if you have no paperwork at all.
  2. You smash the outer ring off that spins then hammer a socket on, any decent mechanic should know that
  3. Like I have always said, police in this country are corrupt scum and basc are just legal thieves by taking your money and giving you no support when its needed.
  4. I have an aarow ecoburn 11 in my bungalow as my main source of heating. It gets fed oak only as I get it for free and once the fire is filled up it lasts 3-4 hours before it needs feeding again. Very little ash only needs emptying once a week.
  5. We had this at work last week, body is just stuck on sheets and not the exact shape, if you check the reg on askmid it tells you it is the new defender.
  6. Why is it sad, its 1 less bag head off the streets, no one forced her to buy and take it.
  7. Before the £50 because that is just an incentive to join, yes I'm a very very low user. This was based on actual figures aswell not a rough guess.
  8. Just tried octopus myself, they only came out £16 a year cheaper than British gas. Not worth the hassle of changing for that.
  9. Luckyshot


    Who even has a landline these days, never had one for over 5 years.
  10. Tell him to go straight back, Im 40 and got free hearing aids on the nhs.
  11. Jack the car up and put the jump pack positive onto the starter motor and the negative onto the car, this will be enough to get power into the car to use the remote central locking to open it.
  12. Luckyshot

    Strange world

    A popular sight in Thailand


    Hello mate. 

    Is it ok to pick up that scope at 6pm tonight. 

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