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  1. Hi all, clutch pedal went spongy and gear changes a bit clunky, checked clutch fluid it had dropped but still some in so topped up to correct level, no visable leak around master cylinder or slave as far as I can see. Dropped it off yesterday at a local gearbox specialist who as far as I can see just clamped off pipe to slave to check master, then came up with it would need gearbox off and it could be rod coupling to fork in clutch that has worn. They didn't charge for this and said they were waiting for a price for parts, anyway went out today as it still drives ok, pulled onto a main road and struggled to get up to 50 with foot flat down seems like turbo not kicking in. Went home checked round turbo can,t find anything amiss with pipes or see were they had removed anything, don,t know if it's a coincence or another one to sort. Any ideas welcome as booked in next Thursday at an independent landrover workshop.
  2. Al, can I say thank you for all your previous videos, they are a pleasure to watch, especially the dogs doing what they are bred for. My old girl is coming up 13 but still manages a day in the pigeon hide or a few hours in the woods, seeing your two working brings back plenty of good memories of her younger days. Once again thanks.
  3. Only had Labour leaflet, delivered by royal mail
  4. Not that far off on par with the rimmy. Been shooting paper at good distances getting used to the mil dots,
  5. Hi all Been shooting 40 plus years now and this is only the second air rifle I have owned, the first was a bsa meteor in the 70s, time has flown by and I recently retired. This was my last retirement present and an early 60th present. I did loads of reading and watched hours of airgun vids on the tube, also went to the shooting shows and handled plenty of guns, I tried the Brocock on the range at the Northern show and made my mind up. After a few tins of pellets I settled on Jsb heavy jumbos 18 grain which group well and hit hard at 30ft lbs, I have shot 22 rimfire for years but it seemed a whole new learning curve. Picture attached of a lovely old tree line with a rape field a field away which a small number are showing interest in, it's a lovely spot with nothing behind it for miles there is a branch at chin height that was made to measure as a rest. All in all loving it.
  6. I bought the Bretton a few years ago when they first came out, mainly to be used when lamping as I was the driver, I found it a bit tricky to reload at speed especially when your hands were cold, the cartridges needed to be guided into the breech before the bolt would close. Found that after about a dozen shots it would not extract the used cartridge, jammed in tight (Reccuring problem). Took it back to the gun shop and they offered me a full refund, so I took it and bought a second hand pedretti hushpower. It was really quiet even when using magnums, may have been one off, shot plenty of rabbits with it though.
  7. Thanks for posting, brightened up my afternoon,
  8. I live about 7 mile from the floods in fishlake, we are ok here being on higher sandy ground, the ground round here is saturated and all the drainage ditches are full all this water has to go somewere as well as what's coming down the Don. The river Torne runs through part of the land I shoot on and has gone over in several places but only into flood meadows.
  9. Another good video mate, thanks for posting. Recognise that skyline, contracted on the power station for the last 18 years there is a copse in the middle of the car parks next to the reception centre that is a winter roost, seen upwards of 500 using it.
  10. I,'ve seen a good few over the years, posted this picture in 2012. The 1st one was a leggy cub, just walked out of rape that's been left as it's got to much weed in and sat down looking at me.
  11. Sat in the truck watching a cut rape field today, few pigeons flighting, this cheeky chap was sat watching me about 30 ft away.
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