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  1. mrpip


    Beets been poor round here this year, plenty being harvested at present but the yield is well down.
  2. mrpip

    Loads of pigeons but it's turnips ???

    In the winter of 2010 bitter cold, massive snow falls around here, ground frozen had to use a hammer n chisel to get the hide poles in. Had some decent bags from sheep turnips sown with kale, had a job keeping the pigeons off they were hammering it. When the sheep were moved they still fed on the turnip stumps eaten down to ground level but frozen into the ground.
  3. mrpip


    Not happened to me as yet, bit curious as why they would need photo though
  4. mrpip

    Are mice cannibals

    I worked in the pits for 22 years, there were loads of mice, but no rats down ours. From 16 to 18 years old we were working in teams doing back work, one of the favourite tricks was if anyone fell asleep at snap time was to put a bit of bread on there chest, turn our lamps off and wait for the mice to attack. (Laughing to myself as I,m typing this) After the 2 week summer holiday when there had only been a few men underground they used to be starving and very active when waiting for the paddy (man riding train) saw one bloke spit out some chewing gum and a mouse grabbed it. They all disappeared during the miners strike, it took a few years before any number built back up,
  5. mrpip

    Are mice cannibals

    Thought that myself, but found no signs, the dog pen is the only entry point then they would have to go through the dog crate on the inside of garage to get inside, though I don,t think that would stop them. The trap had not be moved from were it was set, no more this morning. Only food in there is the dog meal which is in a sealed metal bin.
  6. mrpip

    Are mice cannibals

    Saw a mouse in the garage Thursday evening, set a couple of traps baited with cheese, checked Friday morning one dead mouse. Left the traps set, checked Sat morning and evening no more, this morning the one in the picture, been well eaten into and the cheese had gone. On checking traps tonight another one in the same trap no damage apart from the contact with the little nipper. Think it had to be another mouse or is there something else in there 🙁🙁
  7. mrpip

    Benelli M2 issue

    Quick update gun picked up from gun shop today, spoke to to GMK workshop they have replaced the cartridge release latch and all seems OK, they have test fired it with no issues. Will hopefully get out this weekend cheers
  8. Cheers for that, was just a thought. Seems like every 6 months they put cartridges up in price, at present he knocks me off a few quid for being a regular customer and buying by the 1000, heard some good excuses in the past for price rises, war in Afghanistan, Chinese buying all lead and steel, and now it's brexit 😃
  9. Has anyone experience ie costing of loading steel cartridges, currently paying £240 per 1000 Hull 32 gram 5,s cheapest available around me, not taking time into consideration.
  10. mrpip

    Benelli M2 issue

    Rang GMK today, turns out the gun was imported in 2015 so still under warranty, they have told me to take it tho my local gun shop who have an account with them and they will arrange collection for a repair all free of charge.
  11. mrpip

    Benelli M2 issue

    Do any of you know if the warranty is still valid with the gun being 3rd hand, also it looks like new but I don,t know when it was manufactured, I got all the books etc with it, but not the original date it was purchased. In hindsight with little use and me being the 3rd owner brings to mind the phrase buyer beware. I will ring GMK and ask the question.
  12. mrpip

    Benelli M2 issue

    It did again yesterday using the same hull 32 g steel twice in 38 shots. It still looks brand new , you cannot see any signs of wear on it, not had chance to try any other cartridges yet.
  13. mrpip

    Benelli M2 issue

    Have you got a local stockists of RCs , I,m not to far from Lincoln, I use Hull because they have been working out the cheapest around me. By the time you put delivery on I can usually pick them up cheaper than justcartridges
  14. mrpip

    Benelli M2 issue

    That sounds like it could be it, just thought on, when collecting the empties found one with a small rip in the brass rim.
  15. mrpip

    Benelli M2 issue

    To be honest I don't know, 99% of my shooting is from the hide, up at last second & shoot, can,t give you a definite answer to that one