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  1. mrpip

    Benelli M2 issue

    Have you got a local stockists of RCs , I,m not to far from Lincoln, I use Hull because they have been working out the cheapest around me. By the time you put delivery on I can usually pick them up cheaper than justcartridges
  2. mrpip

    Benelli M2 issue

    That sounds like it could be it, just thought on, when collecting the empties found one with a small rip in the brass rim.
  3. mrpip

    Benelli M2 issue

    To be honest I don't know, 99% of my shooting is from the hide, up at last second & shoot, can,t give you a definite answer to that one
  4. mrpip

    Benelli M2 issue

    70mm mate long brass shank
  5. mrpip

    Benelli M2 issue

    Hello all I recently bought a second hand Benelli M2 comfortech 26 inch in camo which was from a private seller who came over as a very genuine guy, he bought the gun in January this year from a gun shop which had took it in part exchange. The gun is spotless in as new condition with no signs of wear, case chokes etc 3 of the chokes had never been used, all in all I am very pleased with it. I have used it on 4 outings on pigeon firing approximately 250 Hull 32 gram steel game cartridges total. On 2 separate days probably after about 30 shots with the gun fully loaded, fired the first shot, cartridge ejected, second cart self loaded into the breech, but the 3rd cart released from the magazine and sat in the carrier. I unloaded the gun then reloaded working perfect again, have any of you come across this before. As I say it's not a recurring problem, I have not tried any other cartridges as I have only got steel as I have no market for lead shot pigeons. Paul
  6. mrpip

    Doncaster/Goole area

    There is an informal one at Wroot, down Sandy Lane just over bridge, I don't know anything about it, they were shooting last Sunday morning it seems to knock off mid day. Someone else may be able to fill you in, I think the old guy who runs it is called Vernon.
  7. mrpip

    Pigeons on maize

    Been out with the combine for the last 3 weeks stood at the end of the rows for the rabbits, not been a very good year for them with the fields that usually produce decent numbers only holding a few, long days. Half this field was cut Saturday and there were a good number of pigeon in the area, I went for a look last Sunday and decided to set up ended up with 32 picked. Field finished mid week and a flock of at least 2000 moved into the roost across the road. Got there yesterday for first light set up with whirly and 6 breasted pigeon on a hedgerow next to the corner of the wood, the field behind that was maize last year is in with carrots and they machines were covering them with straw for the winter. Loads of pigeon coming to the wood to high to shoot. In the first hour I had only managed 7 birds and then it went dead. By 12 o'clock had 25 out as decoys, birds still not committng so set another whirly up level with the first 20 yds apart. This is the first time I have done this, read plenty on here about it, but I only added another one to my kit this year. About 1 ish started getting birds coming in suicidal had loads of doubles and more shot the first and missed the second, it finished at half past 2, watched flock after flock from 100 to 300 strong heading back to the roost sky high, don' know we'e they had been feeding all day but you would have needed an anti aircraft gun. Walked the wood out and picked up 90 on the day all woodies. Shot with steel for the hawk man. This is the same field I shot a good number on last year. Counted empties when I got home 141.
  8. mrpip

    Price for selling pigeons

    I have been selling steel shot pigeon for the last 12 years to a large scale falcon breeder, since the latest outbreak of avian bird flu he has quarantined his site and at present is not taking anymore. Pigeons were sold fresh in the feather the going rate was 50 p,
  9. mrpip

    Wind and Then No Wind

    Another great report,
  10. mrpip

    Remember me?

    Good on you, nice bag, was working edge of lincs in trent valley was struggling to walk round site, they stopped all work above ground level,
  11. mrpip

    cartridge pouch

    I use one of these ex mod only a couple of quid, fits on your belt holds plenty
  12. mrpip

    I am bonkers

    It's called pigeon fever, diagnosed with it nearly 40 years ago sadly no cure
  13. mrpip

    Back on the maize

    Been keeping an eye on the maize stubble I was shooting up till Christmas, plenty of pigeon though well flocked up and still skittish, went on Sunday set up with the whirly and 10 shells in my usual place for 08.30. First pigeon decoyed straight away then had a mad 10 mins with birds coming from every direction, things settled down and they just circled the area in large bunches with the odd ones decoying or coming near enough for a shot. A gas gun has been set up on the neighbours farm about half a mile away, I have never heard one as loud it was keeping the birds in the air at great height, when it went off you could see them jink in flight and rapidly gain height, but they hung around the area all day, shot my last bird at 14.30 after walking out the wood finished up with 68 picked up. Still plenty of cobs on top so hopefully will give them another go next week
  14. mrpip

    No Christmas Jumper

    Great result again PC & CO, was working yesterday on side of Humber estuary struggled to walk in the wind and a nightmare trip home on the M62,
  15. mrpip

    Christmas Came Early

    Brilliant result, plenty of mixture in that wild bird seed cover crop. Great workout for a young dog too blind retrieves in cover shows you how good that nose is.