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  1. They have had wheels in Aldi (Armthorpe, Doncaster) for last couple of weeks about 12 quid, mate
  2. mrpip

    Cold Frames,

    Netting fixed to timber with a hammer stapler and 10 mms staples I also tacked a thin latte around the bottom, the timber is some I cleaned up and about 2x2, made a single row one with wilko netting with thin pipe and timber from a piece of decking I cut on saw bench
  3. mrpip

    Cold Frames,

    I rent an allotment from the parish council, the clerk is a proper jobs worth and the rules are enforced with threats of eviction once you have signed tenancy agreement. Only one 6 by 6 ft aluminium greenhouse etc. I managed to get one for free after daughter put an add on face ache for me, then couple of month later was given another so I made it into a 6x2 coldframe and kept the spare glass also made cloches from plastic pipe and scaffold debris net
  4. It's slightly lighter, not pure white just a very slight grey tinge, paired up with a normal woodie
  5. Managed to get some pictures of a white woodie that has taken up residence down the allotment. Photos taken on phone so not brilliant, you can make out the neck bar in the flesh.
  6. 😁 probably, the field had been willows for bio mass for the previous 10 years, that was the first year in with maize, Rhd has devastated the local population with just a few pockets surviving.
  7. Rabbits when combining maize 2011, same field this year 7 shot probably same escaped
  8. Hi all, clutch pedal went spongy and gear changes a bit clunky, checked clutch fluid it had dropped but still some in so topped up to correct level, no visable leak around master cylinder or slave as far as I can see. Dropped it off yesterday at a local gearbox specialist who as far as I can see just clamped off pipe to slave to check master, then came up with it would need gearbox off and it could be rod coupling to fork in clutch that has worn. They didn't charge for this and said they were waiting for a price for parts, anyway went out today as it still drives ok, pulled onto a main road and struggled to get up to 50 with foot flat down seems like turbo not kicking in. Went home checked round turbo can,t find anything amiss with pipes or see were they had removed anything, don,t know if it's a coincence or another one to sort. Any ideas welcome as booked in next Thursday at an independent landrover workshop.
  9. Al, can I say thank you for all your previous videos, they are a pleasure to watch, especially the dogs doing what they are bred for. My old girl is coming up 13 but still manages a day in the pigeon hide or a few hours in the woods, seeing your two working brings back plenty of good memories of her younger days. Once again thanks.
  10. Only had Labour leaflet, delivered by royal mail
  11. Not that far off on par with the rimmy. Been shooting paper at good distances getting used to the mil dots,
  12. Hi all Been shooting 40 plus years now and this is only the second air rifle I have owned, the first was a bsa meteor in the 70s, time has flown by and I recently retired. This was my last retirement present and an early 60th present. I did loads of reading and watched hours of airgun vids on the tube, also went to the shooting shows and handled plenty of guns, I tried the Brocock on the range at the Northern show and made my mind up. After a few tins of pellets I settled on Jsb heavy jumbos 18 grain which group well and hit hard at 30ft lbs, I have shot 22 rimfire for years but it seemed a whole new learning curve. Picture attached of a lovely old tree line with a rape field a field away which a small number are showing interest in, it's a lovely spot with nothing behind it for miles there is a branch at chin height that was made to measure as a rest. All in all loving it.
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