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  1. I use the net curtain as backing for my camoreal net, I'll post a couple of pics in a new topic.
  2. Heres a picture of an adult woody shot Saturday, decoyed perfect to whirly, came in like a rocket. I have shot a few similar over the years but never a pure albino, though I believe I saw one 2 year ago on winter rape. Anyone had an albino
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    Cheers for the comments gents, truly best friend I've ever had
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    Hi all Just thought I'd share some pictures from Sat afternoon of my lab Ruby
  5. The gun was bought new from York guns by me approx 8 years ago (can't find receipt) the serial number starts with AA, it has been used, very slight wear in a couple of places to external coating, but no faults cycles any size cartridge perfectly & no modifications done. Very little use in the last 4 years due to me buying a siver pigeon which I prefer. The reason for insisting on face to face sale is so that any interested party can see before they buy. Also can arrange a trial to genuine inquires
  6. Beretta Urika AL391 12 gauge 3 shot semi auto multi choke (full set) hardwoods camo 26" barrel, right hand hard case plus accessories Face to face only Location Doncaster (JT 4 M18) Price £625.00 SOLD
  7. Saw 1 this morning, only a few week old, not trying to top anyone but in April driving down a quiet lane in sticks saw 5 young rabbits feeding at side of road, 1 was pure white, looked the same age & size as the rest. 1st time in 40 years I've seen a white 1 that looked truly wild.
  8. For sale Beretta AL391 3 shot semi auto shotgun Bought from new approx 7 years ago (York Guns) 12 gauge multichoke 26" barrel Realtree woodlands camo Right handed full set chokes Hard case Shims, swivels, oil, instrution manual,spare butt pad Face to face only, usual shotgun certificate rules Very good condition Based in Doncaster close to Jt 4 M18 Pictures via email £650 no offers no swaps Cheers
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    key problem

    Hi All Heres the problem, I have been loaned a key to access a barrier to some outlying land over a canal. Its a brass yale padlock the type you have to lock before you can get the key out. The key is slightly larger than a normal yale key & has 3 groves on both sides & BWB engraved on it there is nothing on the lock. My partner took it to the local locksmith who said he could not cut 1 because it was a master key & if he could he would have to send the key away & have written consent from the owner. Any ideas were to start looking. Cheers
  10. Had the same problem, used 2 ft of round bar bent it like a staple, then welded a 2 inch piece of tube to centre drilled it & fitted a grub screw, thread rotor leg through tube, screw into ground, push staple down till holding firm & tighten grub screw, works well in wet ground. Plus fits in decoy bag. Hope this helps
  11. I believe it, had one hit a full bodied plastic decoy, best one ever had a left n right the second bird carried on well hit & dropped about 50 yds from pattern, before I could go & retrieve it a Sparrow hawk swooped from tree line & struck it full on, it departed minus the pigeon when I got out off the hide, also had a Kestrel sat on a dead pigeon in a cradle. who needs wildlife programs on tv times like these you wish you had a camera
  12. I have found that the best way to find new land is find were pigeon are feeding, go to nearest farm & inquire who the land belongs to then approach the farmer & ask if he would let you have a day on them, if all goes well call back let them know how you got on & that you will keep your eye on it until crop stops getting damage. Drop names of farms you already shoot has they nearly all know each other. Once you have proved you are safe etc then the chance of full permission opens up. I have been shooting now for 30 years & have access to 1000's of acres, some as & when it su
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