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  1. I live about 7 mile from the floods in fishlake, we are ok here being on higher sandy ground, the ground round here is saturated and all the drainage ditches are full all this water has to go somewere as well as what's coming down the Don. The river Torne runs through part of the land I shoot on and has gone over in several places but only into flood meadows.
  2. Another good video mate, thanks for posting. Recognise that skyline, contracted on the power station for the last 18 years there is a copse in the middle of the car parks next to the reception centre that is a winter roost, seen upwards of 500 using it.
  3. I,'ve seen a good few over the years, posted this picture in 2012. The 1st one was a leggy cub, just walked out of rape that's been left as it's got to much weed in and sat down looking at me.
  4. Sat in the truck watching a cut rape field today, few pigeons flighting, this cheeky chap was sat watching me about 30 ft away.
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    I use web resizer, downloaded app, easy to use, saves original just reduces overall data size on copy.
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    PCP ID

    Cheers, I will Google it
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    PCP ID

    Hi all, over to you, I have had this rifle stored in my loft for the past 13 years, it was lent to me then the owner asked me to keep it for him while he sorted himself out. Well time has moved on and I have lost touch completely with him, don't know were he is or any contact number. It's a .22 sub 12 ft lbs single shot genuine left hander, there is no makers name only the serial number S.W.P.2700HS ,also no pressure gauge on the cylinder,no safety catch, bolt on mod with no baffles and there's still air in it, any ideas .
  8. Hi, I have a Hawke Vantage 4x16x44 side focus with sportsmatch mounts, I bought it last week from Redbeck Shooting on a new Brocock fac, used it once to zero gun. Found I needed a thicker cross hair, eyes not what they used to be. As good as brand new boxed with lenses covers and paperwork £110  to include rm insured delivery. Can do photos if interested tomorrow.

    Cheers Paul

  9. Still got my Milbro, given to me in 1973 by my uncle for fetching 2 stone of pigeon corn every Saturday morning from local store. He used it for scaring cats away from his lofts, elastic long gone been stuck in the tool box for years. Seen them fetch silly money on flea bay.
  10. Would be nice to know if Countryfile presenter Adam Henson has a shoot or shooting for pest control on his land, doubt very much if they would do a piece on that if he does.
  11. Bought 4 slabs of gamebore mixed steel over runs for £100 from a bloke who was selling up, mainly 4s & 5s 30/32 gram with 50 white gold 24 gram mixed 6s & 9s also there was a box marked white gold 32 gram 2s which went with a gun I sold. The bulk of them are Black Gold dark storm & Super Steel, with 200 Jaguar 30 gram 5s. Shooting well through the Benelli M2 with no cycling issues, my usual cartridges are Hull steel 32 gram 5s which I get local with a bit of discount. I only shoot steel as my pigeons go for hawk food. Thought I would post this as I have never seen the Jaguar cartri
  12. Nice write up, lovely view, bet you could see them pigeons from away off.
  13. The track is hard pack from when most of the farm was quarried for sand in the early 50,s , grass has not been cut yet. Know what you mean though, at far end of field hedge runs out and joins with a field of beat, there's bits stripped were they can land and walk in but not as bad as this bit.. Think all the rain we had last week could have contributed with the track being a dryer place to land
  14. No laid barley on this permission, large flock mixed covids turned up a couple of days ago and started from the side of the track. Farmer put rope bangers out worked but not for long. Went down this morning 06.30 they were already having a feed 200 plus, disappeared over the boundry as I drove down the track, set up under a stub oak just up from the damaged corner only cover available. Used 3 crow decoys on the track, they started drifting back slowly in small bunches or singles, shot about 10 and they started to skirt wide so took decoys in and they came in closer heading for the oak. Finishe
  15. mrpip

    Crow Decoys

    Some in for sale section today mate
  16. Left school April 1976, went from school gates to pit gates, worked underground tunnelling till 1998, then 2 years postal worker, labourer, worked in a freezer got sack after a week (that's another story) Got a job early 2001 with a major oil company title lubrication technician ,, (oiler and greaser) finished last Friday 3 weeks holiday then I am officially retired. Shot for 40 odd years.
  17. Cheers for that, have watched reviews on the crown and still leaned towards the daystate
  18. Think I've made my mind up, after watching and reading loads of reviews on fac air rifles, a day at the shooting show to get to handle rifles and ask questions, looking at ordering a new daystate wolverine r. 22 fac at 30 ft lbs. This is going to be a one off purchase as a early retirement present to myself, Can anyone who owns or has used one give an honest opinion of there experiences. Also any recomendations which mod to put on it. Cheers Paul
  19. Quick update variation sent off Thursday evening 24th jan licence back Friday 1st Feb, .22 air & mod added South Yorkshire police
  20. Cheers Steve .22 is what I have been looking at
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