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  1. Good on you, nice bag, was working edge of lincs in trent valley was struggling to walk round site, they stopped all work above ground level,
  2. mrpip

    cartridge pouch

    I use one of these ex mod only a couple of quid, fits on your belt holds plenty
  3. It's called pigeon fever, diagnosed with it nearly 40 years ago sadly no cure
  4. Been keeping an eye on the maize stubble I was shooting up till Christmas, plenty of pigeon though well flocked up and still skittish, went on Sunday set up with the whirly and 10 shells in my usual place for 08.30. First pigeon decoyed straight away then had a mad 10 mins with birds coming from every direction, things settled down and they just circled the area in large bunches with the odd ones decoying or coming near enough for a shot. A gas gun has been set up on the neighbours farm about half a mile away, I have never heard one as loud it was keeping the birds in the air at great height,
  5. Great result again PC & CO, was working yesterday on side of Humber estuary struggled to walk in the wind and a nightmare trip home on the M62,
  6. Brilliant result, plenty of mixture in that wild bird seed cover crop. Great workout for a young dog too blind retrieves in cover shows you how good that nose is.
  7. Thanks for the comments gents, I've shot this land for years now and had some good bags over the years. We're I've been setting up is on the main flightline out of the roost woods which is a massive block of pine and birch, as I've mentioned in previous posts they flight to a small wood in the middle of this block and will quite happily sit there all day. When they flight over the wood to feed elsewere they tend to come back on any one of 3 flightlines this corner of the wood is were they all converge, I set up on the hedgerow about 20 yds from the wood, either side depending on the wind direc
  8. Tried another maize stubble Sunday no birds came, so walked across the fields to the one I've been shooting for the last couple of weeks, they were on it in big numbers again. It was 11 o'clock by then so left them to it, as I knew I could get my last full day in before Christmas on Tuesday this week. Got to field and set up in the same place for first light, had birds in and committing for the first hour then lulls and bunches coming on and off all day. Shot last bird at 3 o'clock, picked up 84 woodies, that's it now till after Christmas all the best
  9. We shoot with steel and supply a local falcon breeder, he will take as many as possible, even a few odd ones from fighting go for dog food, never wasted anything over the years
  10. They usually do the liquid fertiliser injection I think it's fruit based, this can take weeks but this year don't think there doing this block, there is a block of rape that they have started to have a go at mainly along the edge of a tree line it's well away but you can see were they have started
  11. Still loads in the area, while ever they will decoy I'll have a go when I get chance, dropped lucky with end of year holidays and had a spare day last week, I have shot with steel for the last 10 years as we supply a big scale falcon breeder, they all go fresh my brother will drop these in the morning, I am going tomorrow on a field qurter of a mile away loads fighting that way today,
  12. It's 5 fields in a block with a 3 Acre wood in the middle, they don't roost in the wood it's to cold, but use it as a sitting wood. One field was cut early November as it was a different strain of maize had 2 three hour sessions and 1 full day for bags of 33, 34, 55 the rest was finished end of month, first day shot was 4th December bags of 105, 114, 62, 77, 77, to date. 3 fields are going in with carrots next year so hopefully they won't get ploughed to early , every year we always get a lot of pigeon when the Maize is cut this year there's been tons.
  13. Never known anything like it mate, there's that many in the area the fields still got loads of cobs left on the top, I could see them going to another field about quarter of a mile away in big numbers, but they still drifted back to the wood. All being well going to try the other field tomorrow.
  14. My brother had a drive round the stubbles Friday and he said the only field there were any pigeon on was the one I shot 77 on Thursday, he said there was a good number on and in the area. So this morning set up again, even used the same hole for the whirly. It was quiet for the first couple of hour then things picked up, had some cracking shots and plenty over the decoys finished at 2.30 and picked up another 77 woodies deja vu or what.
  15. Had an unexpected day off today, so went back to the Maize stubble, my brother had informed me the pigeons were back on it Monday after me shooting it Sunday, the wind was fresh so I set up in the same place just off the wood with wind at my back. Plenty showing interest all day with loads in the area. Finished at 2.30 to pick up and walk the wood out so overcast by then it was nearly dark. Finished up picking 77 woodies.
  16. Cheers gents, going on previous years they tend to dissappear in around 3 weeks once they have cleaned up, this block has always shot well the wood in the middle is the magnet. 350 Acre of maize grown on this farm this year some not shootable as on rented land were there is no shooting or to close to houses and roads. Had days on other fields were they won't decoy and move on after a few shots. It's been a week that I won't forget, soon be back to the usual but you won't here me complaining nearly 40 years shooting pigeons seems like yesterday when I was setting up with homemade shell decoys
  17. Went out Sunday on the Maize stubble again had a drive around the fields never saw a pigeon so went back to the fields I shot in the week and it was covered all in the same place. So set up at 9.20 in the same spot just stuck the whirly out, first one straight in, shot steady and pegged out as I picked up. They were very wary as you would expect with the large bunches giving me a wide birth, but enough showing interest. Had 24 out on cradles in a rough 2 bunch pattern, got to round the 30 mark then had a bad run of misters 10 shots for 2 pigeon picked. Had a drink and a sandwich and started ag
  18. Thanks for the replies , they build up every year when the Maize is cut stay for around 3 week then break into smaller flocks, we have 3 main areas were they roost and fortunately nobody shoots them so they tend to stick around to frustrate me on the rape.
  19. [attachmenbt=113063:WP_20161209_15_20_07_Pro_opt.jpg] Had another go Friday on the Maize I shot Sunday, Set up on opposite side of hedge about 5 yds up as the wind had changed direction. Started at 9 o'clock with the whirly and 3 dead pigeon from a walk round thursday and finished at 3.30, pigeons decoyed excellent today had loads of doubles, and a two for one (one unfortunate feral). Old dog well tired at end of day, I don't let her do to much now tend to go out a pick up with her, the old nose has not lost its touch. Total on the day 114 woodies and 1 feral.
  20. Had a cracking day on Sunday shot a Maize stubble combined last Tuesday. Set up on a hedgerow just off the side of a 4 Acre wood. No wind at all and had the low sun in my eyes all day, never any cloud when want it. I have shot this area for years and knew this would be the main flightline in as the pigeon tend to flight into the wood. Set up with the whirly and 8 pigeon carcasses that had been breasted directly in front of the hide for 9 o'clock, very little movement for the first half hour then I shot an half interested one, the shot set a flock from some woodland in the distance and the air
  21. Deal done with Johnnythefox pleasure meeting you mate
  22. 6 old but usable lofting poles, aluminium approx 5 ft each, paints worn off , all connect together no problem, will throw in 4 old full bodied pigeon decoys. Swap for 75 12 gauge steel cartridges 32 gram 4s or 5s, collection only from Doncaster area 2 miles from jt 4 M18, evenings only
  23. Have a look on hilton shooting.com mate, he sells deactivated guns
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