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  1. Think your right about the picture my mistake, it's the original varnish, there are scratches on both sides but not deep, the chequering is good,
  2. Cracking video, love to see the dogs working,
  3. Yes JDog aright mixture of flowers and grasses with a bit of wheat thrown in, this farm is mainly beef cattle and sheep, he grows wheat for feed and straw. Field was heavily manured last year from the cattle sheds were there fed on silage, when it failed he decided to leave it and crop it as silage so it never got sprayed. I saw a bloke hanging around the gateway mid afternoon, turned out he was taking photos of the poppies. This field and block it's in are all earmarked for industrial development, planning gone through already, looks like we need another industrial estate.
  4. Another great couple of days, have you ever shot a crop circle ? I can remember reading an article years ago on it.
  5. Had a good afternoon today, been watching pigeon building up on a failed wheat field at the edge of the village. Had a walk around this morning when I got 20 yds into the field the wheat thins out and it's a mass of poppies and grass, farmer is cutting it for silage when the weathers right. There are houses on one side and a main road down another side, a triple powerline with double poles runs across the middle. I set up against the middle set of poles with my back to the houses at 1.15 put the whirlie 25 yds out with 6 shell decoys on cradles to the right. Had a steady flow mainly from behin
  6. After some low lives cut through my steering wheel to get a crook lock off I now need another one as follows Defender TD5 2005 3 door 7 seats classed as an estate 36 spline rebated on back Brit parts won't fit (no rebate) If anyone can help I'd be very grateful Trawled the net rang every breaker up to now no success, can't find the right one on fleabay Cheers Paul
  7. bought the phantom in 410 wooden stock new when they first came out £295, found it very fiddly to load at night when your hands are cold, used it a lot with 3 inch magnums was quiet enough (never tried sub sonic) shot plenty of rabbits, after about 6 months regular use found the spent cartridges were jamming would not eject. Took the gun back to gun shop & it sat on the shelf for 3 month waiting for collection, they ended up giving me a full refund. Ended up with a second hand peddreti hushpower for which I've no complaints. hope this helps
  8. Looks like you dropped on there mate, bet you'd struggle to find another that low mileage & condition
  9. Smart looking in very good nick by the pictures, what year is it on if you don't mind me asking
  10. Cheers, at least I'll have an idea next time,
  11. Trawled the net for hours, & found an old thread on landyzone, which was the exact same problem. One reply was as above (yellow relays) , anyway managed to get 2 from a mate, pulled up at his place, turned off the engine & it refused to start (same as before) Fit the new relays & it fired straight up, Had a good run out today, plenty of stopping & restarting, never missed a beat, parked up for an hour went back & it started no problem. Wishful thinking that was the problem Thanks for the replies
  12. cheers, what made me think it could be the immobiliser was it usually happens when its been stood or I can go out park up for the day, & it does it again, then it can run ok for a week never missing a beat, does my head in. It has cut out when driving twice but kicks straight back in again, when it cut out Friday night it was idling while I was sorting gates out
  13. Only going on what AA said, found an old topic with similar issues, but no answers, would be better if it stopped for good, then there would be more chance of finding the reason
  14. Anyone out there got any ideas Land rover Defender 90 TD5, 55 plate 76,000 miles I have had this from nearly new & apart from basic repairs etc have never had had any problems, about 6 months ago started with an intermittent starting problem. Turn key & only the red lights coming on & no orange lights & no fuel pump kicking in, took it to an independent land rover repairer & he had the computer on it, but it was showing no faults. He found a small amount of oil in the ecu plug, cleaned it & everything OK for a couple of weeks. Then it started again so he changed
  15. thanks for the replies, will keep looking for now, but not in B&Q my boxing days are long over & I can't run anymore.
  16. Folks I have a sliding gate made from tanalised pine, plained tounge & grove timber set in a metal frame, as yet its not been treated & I don't fancy using a varnish type stain. What's your opinions, experiences on using decking oil. pips
  17. A few year ago, out rabbiting on a disused ash tip with the rim fire, spotted 2 rabbits grazing about 50 yds away. Shot the first off the bipod, chambered the next round & the second rabbit ran round in a circle then went behind the dead one & started nudging it with its nose, shot it clean head shot. When I went & picked them the first was a buck & the second a young doe, I've shot thousands over the years but these two stick in the memory.
  18. wonder what was used as a back stop
  19. Just to note, when the fields drilled after the beans have been harvested you will probably get a good day or 2 on it. Had some cracking days on wheat drilled over beans.
  20. Had it all over the years with wanna be keepers, few examples, set gas gun up on same field as I was shooting, changed lock on barrier locking me in, sent someone else to shoot same field as me, had the cheek to ask me for £20 a day to shoot pigeons. Anyway moan over hope you have a good day whatever way you play it.
  21. each to there own mate. I'm quite happy with what I use.
  22. Not sure if this is classed as a sporting picture as it was probably used for hunting or defence many moons ago. Any way found this flint arrow head on a stubble field not 200 yds from my house, there are 3 circular ditch marks that show up on Ariel photos in the next field. Took it to the local museum but could not get past the jobs worth guard, as all the staff were to busy to see me, so it will stay in my drawer till whenever. Did not find the 20 pence with it that's just for size comparison Still as sharp as probably the day it was napped,
  23. Thanks for the replies gents, tons of rape in around here as usual, some farms drilling every second year now. Had some good results through November early December on the maize as this farm cuts for the grain not biomass, Most of the land tied up by syndicates big money paid and a closed shop, like most I'm out every chance I get but never here much shooting out of season. More damage been done on some fields by the swans, counted over 70 on a 40 acre field last week.
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