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  1. After a few painfully slow weeks were the pigeon would not decoy or disappear after a few shots never to return as per the time of year. I decided on Saturday to go out at first light at the side of a half acre wood on a rape field that's had birds on it all week, they flight into the wood a drop down to feed. 200 plus sat in there every morning, anyway got set up wind at my back 10 decoys & rotor with 2 dead birds on a good 30 yards out. 07.20 2 straight in shot them both, then a single then an easy miss, then that was it sat till 10 never saw another pigeon. Decided to pack up and try to
  2. anytime, also carry a few nails to tap in the pole for hanging the net on,
  3. Think theres a range on side of M62 between Snaith & Eggborough, don't know the name of it but you can see the red flags from the motorway, think it will be classed as West Yorkshire
  4. Hi All Seriously thinking of getting a Archer D grade. question is, has anyone got one in reasonable travelling distance from Doncaster, say an hour ish (mind you I drive a Landie) that I could have a look through. I'm not asking for a free night out just a look & an honest opinion from a user not a seller as I've never had NV before. Been doing loads of reading on the net into NV and the Archer ticks all the boxes main comments seem to be have a look through one before you buy, maybe over the top as I only want it for rabbits on my 22 rimfire, Been a member on here for years with ful
  5. as the title says, browsing on flea bay & found 1 in the night vision section, currently £442 with 10 bids, heard there still like rocking horse ^^^^, This has nothing to do with me, just thought it maybe of interest.
  6. I saw the same bloke, on my way to Sandringham on Sunday had his vehicle next to the hide under a power line at 1.30 ish, don't know if he was just setting up or packing up? Pigeons flighting in against a strong wind, still loads on this morning at 11 ish when I was on my way home.
  7. Bit of info from my own personal experience, I have used steel shot for the last 8 years for all my pigeon shooting. I use 32 gram 5s by Hull or Gamebore, using 1/4 & 1/2 choke through a Berretta Silver Pigeon. At present locally they are priced around £200 to £210 per thousand. I sell all my pigeons fresh at 50p a bird for Hawk food, which is a good price compared to the price paid by local game dealers for lead shot usually around the 20p mark. I have had no issues with the gun mechanically but don't think it would turn any heads as its used for the job & got the scars to prove it.
  8. a good few years ago I had a car stolen from work, in the boot was a pair of decent wellies, shooting coat gloves etc, when I tried to claim I was told that shooting gear was'nt on the list of reconised sporting stuff but fishing gear was, my shooting coat became an instant fishing coat. Never saw the car again, had a letter from the police after 6 months asking if I knew were it was
  9. Inland duck shoot situated south of Gainsborough North Lincs DN22 The pond is bordered by a large hedgerow & grassed area & is approx half a mile from the river Trent, 9 permanent hides spaced around the boundary plus the owners hide & a flushing hide. This year 75 Mallard have been reared & are resident on the pond. The pond is feed daily through the season & attracts Mallard, Widgeon & Teal. Shooting is every other Sunday evening starting at the end of September, pegs are drawn on the first shoot & you move up 2 pegs on the next one. The rules are No low
  10. thanks for the reply,s don't wont to go electric trying to keep the cost down plus something else to break down, already seen the vid link, got a rough idea whats required, just thought someone on here may have done there own, cheers
  11. hi all, I'm looking at putting a new vehicle entrance into the garden directly off the road, require approx 3 mtr opening so hinged gates wont be an option. the fence the gate is going in is 25 mtrs long so a sliding gate would be ok. Been looking on the net for plans but drawn a blank, thinking of metal frame with wood inset, manually operated, need some ideas for the sliding mechanism & frame the gate fits in etc, any ideas, cheers
  12. Went on the peas last Saturday afternoon plenty of pigeon on the 40 acre field now the banger has been moved onto some spring barley that the geese have decided to take up residence on. Had a frustrating day no definite flight line onto the field, set up with my back to a block of rape, the pigeon were completely ignoring the rotor & dropping in all over the field mainly next to the road, moved across the field & just ended up sticking 8 decoys out & finished up with 15 picked. Not a great bag for the amount of pigeon in the area but they just didn’t want to play, my brother was on
  13. I take loads of photos on my days out mainly of the dog & the bag & anything unusual of intrest to me. I also keep a written game book ie date & time, farm, crop, weather, bag, would make good ammo for a divorce layer. I have posted a few on here with a small write up, to share with anyone interested. I view other peoples photos on here, some are exceptional if I remember right the ones by Magwitch? with the whippets on rabbits brilliant takes me back to my youth.
  14. Picked up some peas to shoot, 4 fields in total spread over a mile along a country road. Its on a flood plain, no hedges just deep drainage ditches well full. Been a good number on the 3 smaller fields in the afternoons, banger on the biggest field is working at the minute. The peas are about an inch high, went yesterday afternoon with my brother, he went on the first field, I set up under a power line towards the bottom end about half a mile away. Put 8 plastics out randomly & put the rotor under the lines to stop them trying to land on them, find this works. Could hear our kid shooting b
  15. I'll second that, never touched the field in any number after harvest till it was drilled with wheat,loads of beans on top had 2 days on it 2 weeks apart, (end of sept 1st week oct) bags of 70 & 80 picked up
  16. good bag mate, weathers been wet round here from last week managed a walk out with rimfire friday evening shot 1 missed 1 then got soaked
  17. good day out mate, still plenty on the rape round here, its just a case of finding the bits that are shootable,
  18. Its happened to me on a few occasions in the past, recced a field, planned for the day & someone beats me to it, on the other hand had shooters come up & say I was going to shoot this field today, it works both ways. Few year ago passed a pea field everyday to & from work, allways a few pigeon on it never saw anyone shooting, called at the farm was given permission straight away, a tour of the land, map of the farm, full vermin rights etc, asked does anyone else shoot on here he said no. Shot the field which was'nt as good as expected, had a week walking the land cleaning up a few
  19. Went out with the rimfire yesterday evening for a couple of hours, sat in an old cattle shelter. I like to thin these sets back early on as they get covered in nettles & the rabbits on here soon wise up. Its in a hollow with banks on 3 sides, the sets have been here years & are deep & extensive. Plenty of young rabbits about but left them for a few more weeks before there ready to harvest. Had some nice shots & finished up with 8 picked up including 1 with a front leg missing, it was off from above the elbow & the stump had healed perfect. It was a healthy rabbit decent wei
  20. Another good bag mate, seeing plenty on clover round here late afternoons
  21. Went back to a rape field I shot 3 weeks ago & picked up 24 , there are a few patches were its been wet & the rapes thin, only saw a couple of pigeon but set up anyway at 3 o’clock as I’m running out of places to go. Found a spot in a ditch under a row of tall willows, could just see the birds on the rotor over the top of the rape as its quite thick for a good 10 mtrs out. Not been sat down 2 minutes 2 pigeon in decoyed perfect, sharp R&L 2 in the bag, then 2 more straight in dropped first missed second, which was the easiest of the lot. At 5 o’clock I only had another 3 in the bag
  22. top shooting, there still hitting the rape around here, first thing in the morning & late afternoon, shot 1 at 18.45 yesterday. loads dropping on some rape on way home at half seven.
  23. its a great tool for the job, S&B 6X42 & winnie super X subs, deadly combination.
  24. took me a while to get that must be tired
  25. Driving home from Hull today about 3 ish, west bound side of M62 about half a mile from Howden turn off & Wren kitchen place, saw a good number approx 100 plus pigeon on the power lines & in the trees at the side of a rape field. I know theres a few on here from Goole area, could be worth a look.
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