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  1. August 2008 I'm shocked didn't realise iv'e been on here that long.
  2. Some people have more money than sense.
  3. I bought a pair of Beretta 302s 33 years ago, I bought two so I would have a spare in case one broke and all that ever happened was a broken ejector claw on the first one. Pardon the pun but they are bullet proof and a workhorse of a gun.
  4. One of the worst shooting videos iv'e ever seen, I'm sure the anti's have a hold of it at this stage and what ammunition to give them when I as a shooter is appalled,that was an ambush not a stalk and to make is worse they left it suffer and you could see the panic in the animal trying not to drown. Bad sportsmanship.
  5. I'll take them off you.I dont have paypal but if you private message me your adress i'll send you the money including postage, i'm in Ireland.
  6. We usually get our first influx of Woodcock after the first full moon in November ( called the Hunters Moon) but this year it will be the 31st of October and 1st of November. It's all walked up shooting that I do and the Snipe and Woodcock get more than a fair chance, I wouldn't ask for anything else, Ive shot driven Pheasants once and it didn't appeal to me or my pocket. But each to their own.
  7. I enjoyed that post markyboy, looks to me that you get a lot of pleasure of of your hobby. Well done.
  8. I know its an old post but am I reading this right ( Looking for some one to clear some Feral pigeons around barns with sub air rifles in exchange for general help around small farm. ) he wanted someone to cure his problem with feral pigeons and he wanted the same person to work on the farm for the privilege?
  9. That's some heap of grey's, they're only starting to get a foothold over here. Iv'e shot 4 in the last 2 years and previous to that had never seen one.
  10. So sad, god only knows what she went through being in a panic and probably searching for her parents. It really doesn't bear thinking about how her parents are feeling.
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