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    Shooting, gundogs,motorcycles.
  1. marlin vs

    WOW land rover

    A nice one to put a decent engine into.
  2. marlin vs

    Heaviest fox ?

    My fox is bigger and heavier than your fox , once they are dead that's all that matters.
  3. marlin vs

    Friday Evening Rabbits

    Good shooting
  4. marlin vs

    Age of Beretta

    + CL – 2013 CM – 2014
  5. marlin vs

    Grey fox mount

    Best I've seen, well done.
  6. marlin vs

    hmr 17 cleaning

    I clean mine when the groups start to widen and then it takes about a half dozen shots to foul it slightly and make the groups tighten again, I recon about 4 to 5 hundred shots, thats what works for me.
  7. marlin vs

    HMR hang fire whilst lamping last night

    Ive seen plenty of them split after firing, but this is the first time to see it before firing I must check my rounds, what brand are they?
  8. marlin vs

    Best Semi Auto Shotgun For Under £500

    Same here, get any of the 300 series as they are work horses and great value.
  9. marlin vs


    A job well done.
  10. marlin vs

    Chilli id

    Thank's ollie, I just googled it and I recon you are spot on.
  11. marlin vs

    Chilli id

    Can anyone id the variety that these chillis could be,I have taken photos with a biro for size comparison.
  12. marlin vs


    I grow a heap of them but don't like them, so I give them away now after that recipe im going to enjoy shooting them. :good:
  13. marlin vs

    Morning flight in a storm

    Good video, it shows what it is really like and have to say that's a keen dog you have.