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  1. I enjoyed that post markyboy, looks to me that you get a lot of pleasure of of your hobby. Well done.
  2. I know its an old post but am I reading this right ( Looking for some one to clear some Feral pigeons around barns with sub air rifles in exchange for general help around small farm. ) he wanted someone to cure his problem with feral pigeons and he wanted the same person to work on the farm for the privilege?
  3. Have a look under my avatar.
  4. That's some heap of grey's, they're only starting to get a foothold over here. Iv'e shot 4 in the last 2 years and previous to that had never seen one.
  5. I enjoyed that video, well done.
  6. So sad, god only knows what she went through being in a panic and probably searching for her parents. It really doesn't bear thinking about how her parents are feeling.
  7. A nice one to put a decent engine into.
  8. My fox is bigger and heavier than your fox , once they are dead that's all that matters.
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