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  1. Nah, not buying it, you have to be in the UK to claim asylum as far as I can see and the illegality of entry is a moot point anyway as they are unlikely to be prosecuted if they follow certain procedures under article 31 of the immigration and asylum act 1999. Here's a good guide to the legal ins and outs
  2. Just because you see a few posts doesn't mean that "the people" en masse want something lots of opinions differ but are not posted up and I would say that the vast majority just can't be bothered. Not about murder, it's in the context of this topic. If what they are doing is illegal then it is at point of entry of a so called safe country however they are allowed to continue so the term illegal is a moot point and just used to denigrate these people.
  3. Which begs the questions; when is something illegal, perhaps only when caught and processed? Of which of these, "the French" (? what on earth?) Border control and RNLI are actually capable of telling who is committing a crime? Where is the common sense in it?
  4. Don't twist that! How can you possibly know what the people want?
  5. Woken by the senior rats (rates) at zero eight dubz, cuppa tea in bed, brekkie. Lunch if out on patrol etc was varied, but first time I was in a food fight was in Columbo, Sri Lanka, on the flight deck with a grouper as the fish course, and the rest traditional. The booty officer kicked off big style and stopped it in its tracks telling them to serve the locals their food and sending them back to their messdeck. Most of the dockies and locals lived hand to mouth and they had been told not to but disobeyed.
  6. Nope but if the links are correct then it is a shameful thing to do.
  7. Why stop there? Ghost businesses and Covid pay outs, Amazon etc...
  8. Wow! I presume that you told the police?
  9. What on earth does the first half have to do with the last? Stuff ASDA...
  10. henry d


    Just fitted the cable to our sound bar, and it is chalk and cheese. I don't as yet have a hearing problem but it is probably in the post as I worked with heavy machinery for most of my life, mostly with hearing protection but due to the nature of the job, sometimes without. Hope you get it sorted!
  11. Just because they spoke a different language! 😮 Possibly because the fish they sell are rank rotten and no one in their right mind would eat it, I would only use it for bait in an emergency, also what has this to do with channel migrants? 🙄
  12. henry d


    Just bought one from Lidl, not tried it on the TV as we need to get new cables but I have used it for listening to BBC sounds via Bluetooth and it is fantastic, much better than my radio. Hope to get the lead today and will update.
  13. henry d

    Space Rock

    Bum, belly, beak, bang?
  14. They wanted more people in the country, far more than the EU asked them, as their population was dropping and now the democrats are getting ready to try and reverse their policy. Who would have guessed?
  15. Reality to Dave, reality to Dave, come in over!
  16. Just looking at one for our house, so far so good, hamlet 5 wide looks like it will fit our fireplace and we can get a lot of free wood and will buy some. We wanted one for a while but could not get one fitted in our old house but in the this one we have a good chimney, full depth hearth and enough space for a reasonably wide stove.
  17. Can't seem to find a confirmation of that, are you sure it's accurate?
  18. Great game, thought it a nice touch to let the hooker (?) take the conversion to her own try just before being subbed.
  19. A quick check on figures gives a better long term view of numbers granted and refused asylum...
  20. So we have to evict their friends and family, and stop them being able to speak English?
  21. 🤣 Sorry but no, he's been about a while and employed a good brickie to rebuild a wall
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