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  1. Does anybody out there know a gun smith who can do some work on my Mx12 ,needs tightening and new ejector,woodwork and barrels are fine.
  2. Are there any instructions with these cameras don’t seem to be able to get mine to work.?
  3. Oxford gun do a shooting review
  4. Sensible price, good luck with em.
  5. Thanks most other dealers are out of stock
  6. Anyone know where I can purchase bottom firing pin for A1 browning
  7. Thanks, it’s just that I read somewhere once ,the top pin had to be fitted.
  8. Can anyone tell me ,if firing pins from browning Uk will fit without any problem on a b25 A1.
  9. They have just repaired a fault on one of mine which were two seasons old,FREE of charge, 👌
  10. I think the classic needs to be looked at, or the new miroku mk 11
  11. I am interested in buying a beretta EELL 12 bore 30”barrels, there are so many models ,which is most popular,reason I’m asking I want one no heavier than 71/2 lb I have seen some over 8lbs which seem far too heavy for this model.
  12. 26”barrels went out with coal fires,they used them to remove clinker.
  13. My Winchester 6500 is mechanical.
  14. Beretta will hold its price better.
  15. Fantastic handling gun,I bought mine in 1984 and it’s served me well,mine has the English engraving, it was AJ Smith favourite gun.
  16. Need to cut 3to4mm off
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