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  1. I have there shooting jacket it’s waterproof warm and very comfortable ,brilliant
  2. I bought some a couple of years ago left them in my car on scorching day and came back to melted blob🙈
  3. I changed the trigger and put thinner layers on ,it worked a treat on Saturday .thanks for all your replies.
  4. It was fine with t shirt and skeet vest,it’s only since the weather has turned colder and thicker clothing being worn, but I thought they would be room for error to sort it. It’s as far back as it will go
  5. I have just purchased an xs pro. but even tho I have fitted the thinnest recoil pad with winter clothing it is still too long for me, but I can’t take any wood off the stock because of the adjustable comb mechanism .so anybody out there any suggestions please.
  6. Did you receive my payment
  7. Hi there I was wondering anybody out there had a shoulder replacement and if so did it work , mine is my left shoulder and I shoot from my right.
  8. Does anybody know where I can purchase muller chokes in uk, I googled it but I seem to be going round in circles.😤
  9. What about adjustable stocks
  10. Derek Lee said it was brownings problem with it being a new gun
  11. Derek Lee in Lincoln they were ok, it was browning that let me down forgetting to pick it up.
  12. Bought a brand new xs pro two weeks ago,after a couple of shots the trigger seized up,I rang the shop I purchased it from which was 75 miles away ,and they told me to take it to my nearest browning dealer which was park lodge and they would pick it up the very next day which was over a week ago, I rang browning today to see if they had sorted the problem, their answer was we have forgot to pick it up from park lodge we will pick it up tomorrow Thursday .😤🤬
  13. I have just been told at my local gun shop beretta won’t let you transfer their three year warranty.
  14. It’s a seeland 56 (Uk46) Winster skeet jacket by seeland cost over £100 new.
  15. Seeland waterproof shooting jacket as new only worn twice ,due to losing weight now too big size XL, £50 posted.
  16. I bought my 6500 in the eighties in Cheltenham on my way to the Winchester clubman, it’s been a fantastic gun, I have killed and smoked loads of game and clays with it , it’s the best gun I have owned and handled that’s why I would never sell it.
  17. Can anybody recommend a gunsmith that can tighten my Winchester ,it’s not got headache barrels just drop down loose.these guns were loose when brand new.
  18. Joe180


    Where are you I’m Harlington nr mexborough
  19. Can you contact me about the beretta please

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