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  1. Hiya chap Have a classic game 12 bore o/u 3" chamber magnum steel proof marks, 28" barrels multichoke 1/4- full. Very sturdy heavy gun, matt blue barrels. Where in the world are you? PM email address for photos if of any interest. Cheers John
  2. Guys I've got the 686e black and at this price this is a give away in boxed un abused condition. Absolutely top gun that will serve you and the next generation well. Brilliant clay buster Have a squint at the guntrader prices and see what you get ( trust me I went all over and half the guns had dings and dents or were missing the case and other bits for far more money)
  3. Knock a tenner off all, posted 1st class
  4. I'll ask the old boy up the club I got it from for any receipts or booklets etc. Cheers
  5. To answer a PM all posted 1st class recorded. Cheers
  6. Hi all, accumilated a few scopes over the last couple of years so time for a sort out. Bushnell 6-24X50AO Milldot and ladder ret illuminated red/green. £85 Bushnell 3-9X40 Duplex ret. Came off cz .22 rimmie and is definately parallaxed at 100yds £60 Hawke Reflex 3-9X40 Mildot. £50 All include lens caps and in very good as new condition. Prices are posted, cheque or paypal (as a gift please) if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking
  7. Cheers Gus, pm sent. Cheque in the post tmrww
  8. With scope bag and pellets that rifle is at a bargain price for the latest style stock as well. Top notch performers and as accurate as anything out there. My 97 will put pellet on pellet with H&N FTT's if I do my part out to 40 yards. Good luck with the sale
  9. Nice gun, Trulock and Harris review here which mentions the stock treatment http://www.trulockandharris.com/reviews.asp?ID=8
  10. Cheers Bill, a real pleasure to meet up. Thanks for the brew, gun is an absolute minter and will do well in its intended role. As well as the cleaning kit I've also found the snap caps and a couple of boxes of shells so it will be action later today. Best regards John
  11. Cheers, catch up when back in the loop as discussed. Cheers John
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