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  1. miroku_fan

    Browning invector 20 bore chokes

    Hi, It is a pity you don’t require this constriction in 20 gauge/LM in Invector Plus. I have two brand new ones that have never even been out their vials.
  2. miroku_fan

    32” barrel

    I have already stated that 34” guns are fine if you have the need and more importantly, the ability to use them to good effect. I am of the opinion that a well balanced 32” shotgun in an experienced Gun’s hands is the absolute optimum length. This allows for economy of movement, greater accuracy and more consistency than can be achieved with shorter barrels. This has been proved for such a long time that to argue against this point becomes churlish and petty.
  3. miroku_fan

    32” barrel

    This is all very true. The point that I wish to make is that in my case the longer barrels inspire confidence because they are so pointable and encourage a smooth controlled swing and follow through. The longer barrels also appear to change your perception of lead. This has led to greater consistency. I do concede the point that we are all different and should shoot with a gun and barrel length that we feel comfortable with.
  4. miroku_fan

    32” barrel

    To watch an accomplished shot using a long barrelled shotgun with the minimum of movement is elegance personified be it on a high pheasant or clay target.
  5. miroku_fan

    32” barrel

    34” in my opinion is a step too far unless you have the need and ability to use them. 32” on the other hand have been around for so long that they cannot be considered fashionable or gimmicky unless you are relatively new to shooting.
  6. miroku_fan

    32” barrel

    32” barrels on a modern sporting shotgun are light and extremely pointable, making them eminently suitable for sporting as well as skeet. If the gun is well balanced then the 32” barrels are an absolute boon. I don’t buy 32” barrels because of their strong resale value. I buy them because I am of the opinion that they are the optimum length of barrel, based on over 30 years shooting experience.
  7. miroku_fan


    Looking for Comp-N-Choke to fit Beretta Optima barrels on a 682E. Constrictions that are required: Cyl, Sk, IC and LM. Must be in absolutely pristine condition. If anyone knows a gun shop in the UK which sells this particular brand of choke I would be grateful to know.
  8. miroku_fan

    Guerini, Caesar Maxum 20 gauge

    You have a PM.
  9. miroku_fan

    Queensferry Crossing

    Anyway...The Queensferry Crossing is a truly stunning bridge in every respect.
  10. miroku_fan

    Queensferry Crossing

    It has long been acknowledged that there are two distinct economies at work in the UK. The prosperous London and South East economy has gone from strength to strength largely down to the financial sector and preferential investment by the UK Government. Then there is the rest of the UK. You are right when say that London and the SE is underwriting much of the public spending in Scotland. What you failed to mention is that the rest of the UK also treat London as a cash cow. This distribution of wealth across the UK is only possible if the London economy stays strong. It will be interesting to see what happens to the London economy, with it's great reliance on the banking and finance sector, post Brexit. If the London economy flounders then the entire UK will be in dire straights financially. It is a wonder that London and the South East has not declared a Unilateral Declaration of Independence from the rest of the UK.
  11. miroku_fan

    Queensferry Crossing

    I think the important point here is that the new bridge was bought and paid for by the Scottish Government. It has been delivered considerably under budget unlike the Edinburgh trams. It is an essential part of our infrustructure. What is there not to like?
  12. miroku_fan

    Queensferry Crossing

    Way over budget & late on delivery = so another triumph for Nikola Actually the new bridge came in at £245 million under budget. The delay was purely down to the adverse weather conditions out in the Firth of Forth. The new bridge should be celebrated for what it is, a phenomenal feat of engineering. It looks absolutely magnificent.
  13. miroku_fan

    stock alteration

    Sorry an adjustable comb raiser on a game gun just looks wrong. If we are speaking about tradition the o/u was being used for game shooting as long as the sxs. Purdey were manufacturing o/u shotguns as early as 1871. While the sxs were more popular with game shooters, o/u's were available to the more enlightened.
  14. miroku_fan

    682 x trap

    Lucky man! Straight shooting!
  15. miroku_fan

    stock alteration

    Personally I would be trading the gun in for something more suitable before even considering putting an adjustable comb raiser on a high end game gun. Too much of a traditionalist for that!