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  1. If you can put in a pond then go for it, preferably with an island in the centre but I would plant it up properly and improve the existing habitat, put in a few nesting boxes and then just feed it up for evening flights. You will get far better shooting from the wild mallard and teal you pull in.
  2. I find vegans overbearing and they are always trying to make you feel bad for eating meat. They all seem to look ill too. Do they realise if nobody ate meat there would be barely any animals in the countryside? They claim its bad for the environment yet most of them stuff their faces with products containing various nut/palm oil ingredients - which if they saw the impact on the environment that producing them causes they would be pretty shocked. They also avoid clothing such as leather, wool but seem happy to buy cheap clothes from primark that are flooding synthetic fibres down the drains.. I'll stick to eating british produced meat thats been reared with decent welfare standards.
  3. Contacted my MP (A Leadsom), she has previously been pro shooting so hopefully will sign her support.
  4. Its too cheap because supermarkets are using their market power to force the prices down in order to sell it cheap on their shelves, at one point it was barely above cost price. Many countries we import from also have much lower welfare standards and so lower costs to produce. The government shouldn't be paying any subsidies and instead be increasing tariffs on imported food that we can produce here. Its like the wonky veg that supermarkets refused to buy, who do you think lost out there? the producers again. It wasn't until it hit the news that supermarkets changed their tune and started stocking it at slightly cheaper prices rather than refusing it full stop like they have been for years.
  5. Exactly, Milk is a good example, farmers being driven into the ground just so these cheap supermarkets can undercut each other which in turn has made people expect milk to be cheaper than bottled water. Its across the board too now with veg and meat. But you still see them chucking energy drinks and other rubbish in their trolleys which they seem happy to pay for.
  6. I would, when you look at what goes into producing it and getting it to the shelves. Dairy industry is prime example. Meat too, people expect to be able to buy a decent size chicken for £3 without a thought for much time/effort/cost goes into producing good quality food with decent welfare standards.
  7. They are all rubbish for fresh food, rather buy veg etc from local supplier and meat from the butcher. Aldi is like a jumble sale. Food prices are too cheap imo, its only the producers losing in this relentless price cutting war, yet people seem happy to spend money on booze/eating out/expensive phones etc
  8. Those conducktor calls are works of art! Wish I bought one but forgot to go back to the basc stand
  9. £25/60 sporting. They had the rabbit comp too, think that was £14 per pair, not sure how much the have a go stands/tuition was Yes if you go for gun makers row alone you'll be disappointed but there is enough to see to make a day of it.
  10. Yes all of them, fishing isn't a massive section but there was a few traders and demo/tuition. The shooting line is decent, have a go stands, sporting comps etc
  11. Went today after a 2 year gap, as above full of p1keys. Shooting line was good and plenty of airgun manufacturers/ranges but gun makers row is tiny now and only saved by Ladds, Simpsons and cheshire gun room. Generally a lot less clothing and other countryside traders there but all the main organisations are there and I picked up some reduced shooting kit from Napier and the wildfowling stands. If it wasn't for the travellers I would go back next year as there was plenty to fill the day but having groups of them getting drunk and causing a nuisance put me off. Food prices were expensive as well.
  12. I think a lot of effort has been put into improving the shooting side of the show this year, i havn't been for 2 years so will go saturday and see what its like
  13. We've been going for the last few years, its a good show and has plenty to offer. Clay shooting is usually 40bird sporting, two man flush and clay snooker. Plenty of trade stands and displays to look around too.
  14. You don't need any certificates if you are giving the meat to friends and family.
  15. Two of the worst prime ministers of modern times still trying to sell us out. They deserve no air time at all.
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