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  1. Good effort, sounds like she has the making of a good little worker and seems to be coming along perfectly for you. It'll be interesting to hear how she's coming along as she gets older. Cheers
  2. Evening all. Here's my youngest dog from the last litter I bred, he's 14 months old today and is coming along well. He's a big dog and stands at 14 1/2 " with a nice smooth jacket, and has developed a cracking head on him. He's stopped messing around so much now in the field and is gamely joining his mother and elder sister at bushing. He's going to be a slow learner I think but his mother didn't show any interest at going to ground until she was two, so we shall just have to see how he turns out work-wise. Last week in his first adult class as a smooth coated dog he got a thir
  3. I wouldn't normally sound the horn for any commercial company, but....... Six months ago I started using Whites Premium Dog Food for my working terriers, and it's without doubt the best food I have ever used to feed my five terriers. http://www.whites-premium.com I buy the original lamb and rice, then mix it 50/50 with the Working Dog Vitality Muesli, and the dogs have never looked better. The Original Lamb and Rice is just the right size for terriers. The Working Dog Vitality Muesli is nice and soft and moist and would be fine for gun dogs, as the biscuit is slightly larger -
  4. Nice one, Andy, you got home pretty quickly. It's always a pleasure to meet Forum members and I'm sure your mate will be very happy with the gun. Cheers
  5. Thank you for your interest everyone. The gun has now been SOLD to a Forum member. Cheers
  6. That's because there's plenty of discarded McDonald's and KFC around for them to scavenge, and your cat probably kills as much of the wild life as the foxes do, Ms Lumley. Besides, if that fox was hungry enough he'd soon be eating Tiddles for his dinner. The majority of these foxes don't need culling anyway, they do little harm within our cities, although some of the diseased ones I've seen should be dispatched and it wouldn't be a bad idea to get rid of them. These are more the inner city dwellers though, where there is little or no natural habitat for them except the parks and the odd ce
  7. Baikal 27E Shotgun 12g O/U. Single trigger ejector with two barrels. Barrel One - 28 1/2" choke half and full Barrel Two - 26 1/2" Choke .4 and 0.00 Single selective trigger Selective ejector Auto-safety Walnut stock Very good condition, case included as shown. SOLD SGC holders only. PICTURES REMOVED ---
  8. Exactly :unsure: Get yourself a chain-saw or blower and a few terriers, then have yourself a superb day ratting. Cheers
  9. Indeed, a truly stunning looking gun and I'm going to certainly save my pennies for one of them. I brought a Yildiz S/S .410 last year which I adore and use all the time, but that Beretta I could really fall in love with. I like .410's Cheers
  10. What do you mean, at 14........ I'm 50 this year and I brought myself a S/S Yildiz .410 last year from Fuzrat on here. It's a superb little gun and light as a feather, I often take it when out for a stroll doing a bit of rough shooting and probably use it more than my 20 guage. Start with a .410, young Ratsmasher, a S/S if you can like the above mentioned Yildiz, as they are far more fun than a single. Get the hang of that for a couple of years then move up to a 20 guage and forget your 12 guage for now, after using the 20 you may not want to go to 12 anyway as they are just as g
  11. Sorry, I have only just seen this message and have not been on the Forum for several months. Is he still lifting his leg or alternating it, if so I wouldn't worry at all. I have a bitch that used to do that, lift a back leg and walk on three for about three or four steps, then she would bring it down again. She did it quite a lot when she was young but is five now and only does it occasionally but I wouldn't worry about it. You did the right thing trimming the hair between the pads and keeping her nails down. Cheers
  12. A cracking little gun, light as a feather and 'as new', thank you Fuzrat. I've had one of these on my 'wish list' for a while and it was a pleasure meeting you. Cheers
  13. I've been to the Midland three times, and each time it took me over two hours to get in and the same getting out, a complete and utter shambles and I will never go again. I've been to a lot of Game Fairs, County Shows etc and the best I've ever been to is the Edenbridge and Oxted show in Surrey, which is on this Bank Holiday weekend. Huge event, very well organised and something for everyone. Cheers
  14. Santlache


    When I was a young teenager in the mid-70's, you rarely ever saw Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and the first one I ever saw was owned by a chap who used to train us and he had two of them. I liked the dog then and have always had a soft spot for them. However, back then the dogs were much much smaller all over and were a proper 'Terrier' size, yet nowadays through messing around with the breeding they have got huge like the one shown in the picture, with heads twice the size they were back then and bodies almost the same. The English Bull Terrier has also gone the same way and a few weeks b
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