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  1. Unfortunately, i've run over dozens of animals over the years like cats, deer, badgers, owls, rabbits & foxes. Recently i spent 10 years working at night and thats when most wild animals decide to leap out infront of me. One particular stretch of road nearby, atleast 10 badgers have met their end. Big as they are-they're no match for a 2t Ford Transit. Not a nice way to go, but i drive for a living and sometimes you cant prevent fate.
  2. Good air flow is crucial with decking. It needs to dry out when wet otherwise rot will set in. Try and get as much a gap underneath as you can.
  3. The only thing i may have done wrong was inserting one of the balls into cylinder with the tiny moulding pip going into side so it didn't quite seal as needed. I lost all confidence in the pistol in an instance and got an Alpha 38/357 revolver instead. I still like the whole smell & atmosphere you get with black powder though. The gun was fine-apart from a scratch on side where the second ball left the cylinder. No damage to me too which is a bonus!
  4. I had a chain fire many years ago with a Remington 44. Two rounds went off at same time despite buttering the front of balls with grease to prevent a flash over. I fired the remaining shots in cylinder and got rid of the pistol.
  5. Im not a tv watcher but currently got 'Shallow Grave' (Christopher Eccleston, Ewan McGregor & Kerry Fox) as my Virgin media thingy recorded it for me as a suggestion.
  6. Is this about chocolate biscuits?
  7. I asked my local gun shop why and they said because some are not online and there is no obligation in law for a shop to be.
  8. If anyone is having issues with their broadband on Virgin media, check what hub you are using. Few months back mine started throwing a wobbly and loosing connection and after a very brief 20 second conversation they said my Superhub 2 was a dinosaur at 3 years old. New superhub 3 put in post and received 2 days later. I've been with them since the NTL days and problems are rare.
  9. I dread breaking down or getting a puncture (common for me) in one.
  10. Saw a bloke wearing shorts today in Luton. Nutter!
  11. Its lever release firearms they want. Lever action firearms or under lever (cowboy style rifles) are fine and not under the Home Offices scrutiny......for now. Scully is correct. They'll chip away until they're all gone.
  12. Yes. I never see them when using laptop.
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