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  1. Imperfection


    Maybe Phillip will be picking him up for his gong?
  2. Imperfection

    45/70 GOVT

    I use 42 grains of Ramshot Exterminator behind a hard cast 405 grain lead bullet which makes it look like a broadside from a battleship when fired through an 18" barrel. You get a ball of fire out the end of the barrel when fired. Definitely not subtle-recoil is quite hard to say the least,but fun.
  3. Imperfection

    Used once brass

    I home-load everything apart from 22 for obvious reasons,but i also buy factory too. A while back i bought some S&B 303 from Bisley which i found terrible at anything further than 200 yards which was disappointing. I have to home-load for the 45-70 due to lack of factory ammo. Home-loading isn't much cheaper than factory now sadly.
  4. Imperfection

    Using a lap top on your lap

    Well i'm already a jaffa so the wifi wont hurt me.😉
  5. Imperfection

    Bean to cup coffee machine

    I'd never leave the house if i got one. Love coffee!!
  6. Imperfection

    Using a lap top on your lap

    Im curious and also typing this on a laptop on my lap! Apart from heat-what risks?
  7. Imperfection

    Shotgun certificate

    5 years unless the government have slipped something past us!
  8. Imperfection

    cleaning brass

    Its only lemon juice so clean water is more than enough.
  9. Imperfection


    I use Lymann (spray). One can will last you ages,but don't scrimp on it and make sure to use enough. The Lee stuff is OK but really messy.
  10. Imperfection

    First Aid Kits when shooting

    If you're rifle shooting-just carry a box of tampons. Should the worst happen-insert a tampon into the bullet wound and carry on. Seriously though,I've kept a first aid kit in my car for years and the most common thing used are plasters.
  11. Imperfection

    cleaning brass

    I have recently switched to Jiff lemon juice (like what you stick on your pancakes) which when mixed with hot water in the ultrasonic makes them go squeeky clean and shiny. Best stuff yet!!!
  12. Imperfection

    Elf and Safety

    The company i work for who unfortunately are American and take elf n' safety to a completely different level.
  13. Imperfection

    Elf and Safety

    I've been banned from using my three tread step-ladder when working alone on the street. There has to be a second person with me incase i fall...or get a nose bleed from the altitude.
  14. Imperfection

    Claiming ppi

    I got a little over £11,000 few months ago so its well worth pursuing. The biggest payout was on an account (still use it) i opened in 1986 when i left school-Barclays stuck an overdraught on it complete with fee's without asking. So it was on two loans and overdraughts and they paid out within days.
  15. Imperfection

    Worst movie you have ever watched.

    The thin red line. Its so bad i actually fell asleep in the cinema. Additional info-a friend was in the movie as an extra.