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  1. I reload 38's for my Alpha LBR. I use 3grns of Bullseye so a tub lasts for a long long time! I cast my own bullets with reclaimed lead (free). Cases rarely split with such a small load so i guess the cost is around 6p a round. You can shoot a centrefire calibre for rimfire money.
  2. A friend has the S&W. He did have to do some experimenting to find out what ammo it cycles though as it is a bit finicky subsonic ammo with CCI being the worst offender. Standard and high velocity stuff like mini-mags are fine. He also struggled to find a sound moderator to stay attached to the barrel too (its a rabbit gun).
  3. Take a look at the 'Ring' alarm system from Amazon Steve. You can build a system up to whatever spec you choose with motion and magnetic sensors and cctv. I have gone this route and over the last year have installed numerous sensors throughout my home. It operates via wifi so cuts down on installation time and in even of a lack of broadband it switches to internal mobile phone 3g. The batteries in the motion/door sensors last for 3 years and the siren box thing will happily run for 23hrs on its own power. The basic system includes a wifi signal booster so if you have a dead or weak spot in house which needs its signal amplifying you simply plug in the booster. I have an app on my phone which allows me to check the cameras whenever i choose and can switch it on/off using the same app or the keypad or Alexa. I know it sounds like i work for Amazon,but i promise you i dont! im only speaking from my own personal experience. Last year when i renewed my fac licensing were getting a bit squeaky about the amount of rifles,shotguns and a pistol i own so i decided to bite the bullet and get it sorted. https://www.amazon.co.uk/ring-alarm-5-piece-kit-2nd-generation/dp/B08L5TWL9D/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2G75X2WWEWMAA&dchild=1&keywords=ring+alarm+system&qid=1625244034&sprefix=ring+a%2Caps%2C219&sr=8-1
  4. I used Gallup 360 successfully on it but it took many many applications and i ended up almost spraying it neat. Add a bit of washing up liquid when mixing as it helps stick to the foliage and spray using a knapsack. Cheapest place is Amazon and dont forget to stamp on the stems first to encourage the weed to absorb it. Takes time.
  5. I went there couple of years ago on a guided tour. Very interesting place which dont look like its in the 21st century inside!
  6. *This* I refinished a o/u recently using same and finished with tru oil.
  7. Apologies if its already been mentioned or if they're now there, one place which i think is ideal for E scooters is Stevenage in Hertfordshire. The town has literally miles of good quality dedicated cycleways (not on road) which makes it a perfect environment for them.
  8. If your licensing authority email you acknowledging the gun is no longer in your possession-print the whole email exchange with the dates sent and received. They make mistakes and a hard copy of the whole email is indisputable should anything ever get questioned. I transferred a rifle back to dealer once and for two weeks that particular serial number was floating about in cyberspace with no owner. The paper copy of the email exchange completely exonerated me from any blame.
  9. I have gone the chemical resin route when installing tv ariels & satellite dishes on high rise developments in London (i used to be a roofer and it was something we also did). I used the stuff from Screwfix and never had any issues. I usually went the resin route when the builders had used lightweight thermalite blocks which dont grip rawl bolts very well. Make sure to blow the dust out of hole after you drill though and dont pick your nose if you get in on your finger.
  10. As has been mentioned, usually the supplier (not retailer) will drop the temperature to the point an apple for example would theoretically last forever so the moment the cold comes out at room temp at home it goes off rapidly. I used to deliver pallets of fruit & veg to Tesco amongst others years ago via a chiller lorry so knew most of the things which go on like trimming the green leaves on spring onions to make them look fresh. Markets tend to sell class 2 (produce which has been rejected by supermarkets so goes to auction). Try an independent shop but be warned they all tend to use the same produce wholesalers so you may end up with same result.
  11. Mine is same as pre lockdown...think of a boiled egg.
  12. I use an ultrasonic cleaner with lemon juice added to the water. I got mine years ago from Aldi for £20. The lemon juice from anywhere cheap.
  13. Unfortunately, i've run over dozens of animals over the years like cats, deer, badgers, owls, rabbits & foxes. Recently i spent 10 years working at night and thats when most wild animals decide to leap out infront of me. One particular stretch of road nearby, atleast 10 badgers have met their end. Big as they are-they're no match for a 2t Ford Transit. Not a nice way to go, but i drive for a living and sometimes you cant prevent fate.
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