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  1. Almost all mobile phones have the capability to take static and moving images so if they really exist why is no one doing this? If they're was a clear photograph or video footage i might be persuaded to believe, but until then, i recommend stop eating cheese before going to bed. 😉
  2. Do you inform them when going shopping and driving a car? Stop ringing in.
  3. I bought 1000 PPU large rifle primers several years ago and found them unreliable. Infact i still have some packs in draw i was so unimpressed. I cant even give the things away.😄 Im currently using S&B large primers and haven't had a single issue. Generally i stick to Remington in small pistol because they never ever fail, but sometimes you just have to get what you can.
  4. Remember, 38 special dies will also reload 357mag, but 357 dies will only resize 357 cases. Buy yourself the Lee three die set and reloading book. https://www.henrykrank.com/reloading/lee-reloading/lee-die-sets/lee-carbide-pistol-3-die-set.html
  5. Some feo's in Cambridgeshire tell owners to do this while others say don't incase of a house fire (you'll need to lob it out the window). My old feo never mentioned anything about chaining it to a radiator so mine always sat in spare bedroom untethered.
  6. The only thing he can do is join the club, complete his probationary training while becoming a polite and regular club member. Its down to your particular firearm licensing as to him being suitable to own guns and no one on here including myself can change the outcome. They might say no initially but once he becomes a full member he is eligible to use club guns-then reapply a year later. Im not saying yes or no either because i dont know all the facts.
  7. My surgery contacted me few weeks back to say im eligible for a free flu jab because of health problems i have, but i've resisted because i have only had it twice in my entire 50 year life. Not sure if i've made the right decision or just tempted fate.
  8. I have two of them and probably will add more. They're integrated into the Ring alarm i bought at same time. Great little cameras with fantastic HD picture quality-the only negative thing i can think of is the power cord. Its a little too short, but can be extended with standard low voltage cable.
  9. **This** Buy yourself a pair of trousers that are able to accept the pads in the fabric. Strap on knee pads cut into the back of your knees and hurt like crazy. Once your legs hurt all you want to do is go home.
  10. In addition to my earlier post i also have a 44 underlever and load for this too. I found Bullseye is far too fast burning for the 44 and instead use 8gns Ramshot True Blue with a homecast 200gn bullet. Again its cheap as chips and you can shoot centrefire calibres for rimfire money.
  11. Very easy. In fact i made a batch 30 minutes ago,but for a LBR. A cheap and easy load is 3 grains of bullseye with a 158gn bullet (i cast them my own).
  12. Five years ago our lovely council built miles and miles of cycle routes which no one ever uses. This morning for example, four cyclists were taking up the entire lane oblivious to the dozen+ cars stuck behind them. Im guessing they think we appreciate their spandex? Share the road chaps.
  13. Yep. Couldn't turn it at down for that price so bought 500 rounds.
  14. I turned 50 last month and have always hankered after a tattoo, but never been 100% sure of the design. However i want 26th October 2019 on my arm as i suffered a stroke on that date so want it as a reminder. Everytime i walk past the tattoo studio i bottle it.
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