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  1. A couple of people have asked me to put up a few images of what I like to photograph. I have been shooting concerts and music festivals for years but made the decision to concentrate on more street photography this year so have semi retired from the scene. This is one of the last concerts I shot. Taken with a Nikon D4 and 24-70 / 70-200 lenses.
  2. They did put some fancy nonsense in those County models. Never seen half that stuff in a Series before.
  3. That is because half of the dim wits that signed the State Visit petition have no idea what they are signing they just saw it on Facebook
  4. Ditchy will be along in the minute with romantic valentines mastic and rubber talk
  5. Looking really like a Landy now Lee. Keep going mate and you and the Mrs can have a Valentines ride out.
  6. Yes the green one. You are right we are in the process of trimming a few down. Selling the wifes mini and the lads Beetle next week.
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