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  1. One other thought on this that my wife had issues with..... Bra straps. Make sure she wears a bra with the buckles at the back and not the front, it does make a difference.
  2. Hi, I have a Beretta extrema 3.5" Synthetic and I love it. Will cycle anything I put thru it, from 32gm 2.5" game carts, 70mm 28gn clay carts as well as the 3" and 3.5" steel carts used for wildfowling and duck flighting. The only thing I have a slight issue with is the distance it throws the empties, especially when on an evening duck flight, and I can hardly find them sometimes. The next time there in daylight they are glaryingly obvious just lying in the reeds around the pond. Is there any sort of "shell catcher" net or bag thing that can be used to catch these. Cheers
  3. Its an Out from me as well.
  4. Hi I have a a bretta 3.5" extrema and it will handle anything I can trho at it. Will take same 65mm / 2.5" game carts as the s/s and hammer gun. Will do a round of clays on 28g no issues. Son has a 3.5" escort that doesnt like the 65mm game carts, however if only loaded with 1 in breach and1 in mag is fine but 3 causes jams. Clays not too much issue as can only load 2 at local clay ground. Will cycle large 3" & 3.5" carts fine. So if issue on cycling shorter try with only 2 if it makes any sense (ie not much point if bought for pigeon). We tend to use our autos for steel shot for the
  5. As above, As long as the gun is a resonable fit, start with light sub sonic carts and can build up from there. Mind youstarted mine on a .410 single and he could still hit the clay on the practice stand. Just used to start them of with 5 or 10 on the practice stand with no one looking and no presure, then build up from there. Trev
  6. Beleive its ileagal to shoot birds with a lamp, so must be done with natural light. As for shooting game birds with a rifle, surley you need an open ticket as if its not on the ticket then you cant shoot it. If they are eaten afterwards, and taken with permission then a head shot with a rifle can be as tricky as a shotgun shot. Trev
  7. Another one who just does the clays, but not the ruff or wildfowling. Both SGC's have all the guns as shared as well. Trev
  8. How, if at all does this comapre / differ from the 4x4 response org. http://www.4x4response.info/forum/ Also with the 4x4 response you get a public liability insurance to cover you for 3rd party liability Trev Hant & Berks 4x4 Response Member
  9. Just remember that there is different rules for duck shooting than to other shooting in regards to where you are, when you can, and mainly that you must use non lead (toxic) shot for them. As you dont show a location in your profile I cant give specifics, but there are certain counties in england where the shooting of wildfowl is banned on sundays, and in England there are different rules as to when & where you use the non toxic shot. Just make sure your permission is covering duck as well as anything else and all should be OK. Trev. PS Feeding ponds and just following the
  10. Hang all my stuff, pigeons, duck, goose, pheasant, rabbit. But only for a couple of days usually *** up to 3-4 if its cold, but normaly shot on a Sat, hung till Tues, dressed and all the bits in the bin for collection on wed. Also would at least hang till the meat is cold as its easier to deal with. Rabbits puanched out as soon as, but hung as per above till skinned. Trev
  11. As above, have had them decoy in to the lab as he was on a retrieve, just cos it was a black blob moving amongst the other decoys. Trev
  12. Well done on both. Might get a lot of stick for the Mac D thing but its a job, and free food if you are a student, and can lead to better thing if you go for the management side
  13. Stater of Scotish Mussels in a white wine sauce,] Main of Scotish Rib Eye steak chips, mushrooms tomato and onion rings. Washed down with 2 cans of stella and a bottle of red wine. Missus is down stairs watch "strictly" so I am here on the PC. Happy 27th Wedding anni . Trev
  14. Probably continue growing in hight and length till about 12 - 14 months, then just start bulking up on the physique. So if hes a big bu66er now he still has some growing to do. Trev.
  15. I have one fitted to the 4x4, but the only time I get any "traffic" is when out with few mates in other 4x4's on a lanning trip. They are good to have for that but have only ever heard 1 other person on the radio that wasn't with us in convoy. Trev
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