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  1. I have already got the 20 bore so gun still for sale thanks mike
  2. got a single shot bolt action webley 410 for sale £110 vgc(dont know year also got 10 or so carts with it ) will try and post pics later (if i can work it out ok lol)here only for sale due to getting daughter a 20 bore will need to be pick up only thanks mike
  3. mike.c

    escort youth

    after a semi auto escort youth 20 bore (think its 24in ) anyone got one or know of one (even new one ) in the devon area thanks mike
  4. hello from just round the corner in MEETH
  5. had my very first shooting lesson today (been shooting a few years )when he asked me mount gun and aim(after checking not loaded etc ) he asked why do you shut one eye answer was dont know always have . Now after making me shoot both eyes open i find i am hitting the target (this case the clays ) nearly everytime so think money well spent will go back in months time for another lesson ( to tackle a few bad habits )
  6. sold sold sold to nigel thanks alot hope your son enjoys it
  7. its in good nick and all working order thanks mike
  8. for sale asap as now got my trap gun so need it gone its a fixed choke d/t n/e o/u 28 in barrels now want it gone so £sold pm for pics (pick up only and cash )thanks mike sold sold
  9. back up for sale sorry to those i pm that is was going today as they didnt turn up or even ring (had to ring them to find out what was going on )thanks mike
  10. I know it could be bit far for some but ashcombe do 100 clays for 22 quid ( or 22p per clay and you do how many you like) its got skeet/ dtl / sporting /;compact so something for every one just a thought its just outside newton abbot so not to far from plymouth
  11. for sale d/t n/e f/c midland type o/u 28 in barrels £125 face to face only thanks mike pm me email address for pics sold sold sold
  12. I now remember why i dont come on here much with the spell check police on board
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