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  1. I'm sorry but I don't know the answer to this. I will check with the owner to see if they know. I can confirm it is as standard with no modifications carried out so it's in the originally supplied state.
  2. Selling my pigeon magnet / rotor as I just don't get time shoot anymore. Everything works as it's supposed and it can be seen working. It comes with two decoys that have detachable foam wings that do the business in the field. £35 collection only from Retford, North Nottinghamshire. Many Thanks
  3. Thanks for all your replies I'm off out now to my permission with a reliable backstop and some targets to re zero @ 50 yards.
  4. I currently use a remmington 597 in .22lr for vermin control but wondered if the semi auto action reduces the performance of the rounds i'm using. I always shoot winchester 40gr subsonics which suit the rifle but have always thought the drop in trajectory was more than you'd expect from a .22lr. The zero is set at around 35 yards and according to some ballistic charts the bullet drop at 60 yards should be about 1.5 to 2 inches and it appears to be more like 6. Can anyone shed any light on this for me? Many Thanks
  5. I have a five year old black lab that is kenneled during the day and brought inside for the evening. I regularly groom her but it does't seem to stop excessive moulting. Is this normal?
  6. Thanks guys keep an eye out as i intend to put some more out soon
  7. Yes it is. I take it you don't know how to change the date either
  8. Yep its a lab alright next ones a spanner!
  9. I'm really happy with it thanks for the replies. I bought it off ebay and it took 2 days to come as it was from a uk seller. Here's a link to exactly what got. My link All I needed to buy that was not included in the box was a memory card. I picked up an 8Gb memory card for £5 and it will hold 2 hours of video which is good because the battery lasts 2.5 hours. For no more than £40 all in including the memory card and postage costs I think its awesome. Hope this answers your questions but if there's anymore just ask Cheers Dodgemball
  10. Just bought a nifty little sport camera that's the size of a small maglite. I was hoping to use it as a gun camera so strapped it to my auto and went pigeon shooting over some winter rape. Picture isn't perfect but it only cost £30 and I'm sure it will work better in brighter conditions. All in all I'm chuffed with it. Not sure how to change the time/date that appears on the bottom of video though Please click on this link to view Cheers Dodgemball
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