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  1. talacre...... a lad called owen..... we were at the Conwy show on sunday just gone.... got no rosettes though
  2. she was born n bred in north wales browning123
  3. she a saluki whippet grey x collie grey.... got 1st place in the edrd qualifier at the pennine foxhound show...
  4. only got 4 slips but fergie managed to put 2 in the bag... 14 mnth old noow...22 rabbits to her name!!!
  5. I bet the sabs are all driving round in their very own badger cullers.....they don't know their **** from their elbow most of them...
  6. and wock him up... and fwow away the key
  7. releasing a rabbit into the wild has to be illegal...as does interfearing with a badger set... awest him
  8. we did that last week end.... lot of travelling about for nothing I am afraid
  9. we have been to north wales a few times recently... my mates bro has some nice permission there...
  10. oh no they are not!!!
  11. exactly what I said.....basically they are hand rearing vermin then releasing it into the wild...all this whilst making a t.v show about it!!!
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