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  1. Well done. I've read all your recent posts on your pigeon shooting exploits. I'm not exactly sure how long you've been shooting your semi auto but you seem to be getting on well with it. Just goes to show that a top class shot can shoot anything. Ps. I hope I've still got your desire and opportunity to shoot pigeons when I reach my eighth decade.
  2. Barney looks like he's spotted another one. Sounds like a great little session. Thanks for the write up.
  3. Great to see you posting again about your days out. You have a wealth of knowledge , I've been shooting pigeons for just over 30 years and can still learn stuff from your write ups. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the kind comments everyone. Im not keen on shooting under wires normally but thought it better than my other option of standing next to a wasp nest.
  5. Found a nice little line on Wednesday. Stepped on a wasp nest finding a place to hide. Got stung , dog got stung worse. Not a good start . The fields erupted with pigeons after my first shots.Shot really well for the first half hour,then my shooting got progressively worse. Nice short session though managed 32 pigeons in 2 hours. Using Hull superfast pigeon 29g 6 .
  6. Thanks WalkedUp. I think the second bird often flaring away is a extremely difficult shot to get. I just save the cartridge now unless a nicer shot presents itself.
  7. Rooks and Jackdaws were hitting a maize clamp . It' was difficult to shoot at the clamp so I decided to try and shoot them on their flight line to it. Put some decoys on a ploughed field under the line. Shot 103 in total in 7 hours . Camera battery died after 4 hours.
  8. Sounds perfect. My kind of shooting.
  9. Your videos are great Big Al. I use a hero 3 + and use the narrow setting. I think any other setting makes every target look further than they are. Though you do need to make sure its pointing correctly .I'm sure you will do a better job than me . Keep the videos coming.
  10. I've shot pigeons over winter linseed many times. Keep your eye on it.
  11. Great shooting both of you. I loved the low incoming grouse like shots. You made them look easy. Not sure what setting you use on your go pro but I find the narrow fov setting is the best .
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