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  1. Good video Big Al. Keep posting them . I enjoy watching them. 👍
  2. Merry Christmas PC. Thanks for your great write ups of you pigeon shooting this year. They are much appreciated. Top man.
  3. Thanks muncher. With a bit more practice I might get as good as you and motty.
  4. Thanks. He loves pigeon shooting as much as me.
  5. Thanks Big Al. I wish I had the duck shooting near me that you have on your doorstep. I was using the usual full choke.
  6. Your right . I think I will put a hide up next time.
  7. Thanks . Hopefully this flightline should last till the spring. Wont be any big numbers but it should be testing shooting .
  8. As clean as it can be when your stood in the middle of a pile of **** ditchy. 👍
  9. Thanks JDog. That means a lot coming from you Yes I quite liked it. I might have to try a few 80 yard shots with it. Only joking.
  10. A few shots at pigeons on the way back from feeding on a osr crop. I was using some of the copper coated shot for the first time as well.
  11. Well done Clodhopper and JDog. Nice to see that your getting a few.
  12. Thanks. Simple answer is I don't really know. The only conscious thing I do is focus on the pigeon and the lead takes care of itself. If I look at the gap or the barrels it will result in me stopping the gun and missing behind. I also think the line is more difficult to read with pigeons. They rarely fly dead straight. You do have more time though as they are not that fast unless they have a good breeze behind them.
  13. Many thanks rbrowning2. Just as I suspected he was just having a bad day. It happens .
  14. They were stored next too a radiator apparently. Its 32g of number 4 shot in a 67 mm case. And you are correct .
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