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  1. Cracking dog. It has the expression on its face of "how did you miss that one". It must be a perfectionist spaniel.
  2. Nothing wrong with that ratio on flightline pigeons .It shows that you were tested and that is better than shooting a 80% ratio over decoys any day. Great sport , well shot.
  3. A short session yesterday afternoon. Shot 23 pigeons and 2 jackdaws.
  4. My usual flightlines didn't materialise last year for some unknown reason . I might try and do a roost shooting video on Saturday.
  5. We grew winter linseed about 15 years ago. We were told that pigeons don't eat it. They did. Had a few days shooting over it.Probably depends on what else is available for the pigeons to eat though.
  6. Agree and don't forget you are going to eat the pheasant after its eats the treated wheat as well. Not for me.
  7. Anybody know of a dog that was shot after being mistaken for a fox on a shoot? I certainly have not.
  8. Finished harvest the day before so decided to have a afternoon on the pigeons. Plan was to shoot them on a flight line which worked at the start, then they started to come into the dead birds later. I got myself in the shade of a couple of trees as it was a bit on the warm side . Problem was a lot of the pigeons were coming over the trees and with the wind behind them, it was difficult to see them coming, let alone press the record button and shoot them before they were out of range. I even tried standing 20 yards out in the field and shoot them like driven partridge in the end. Ended up with 75 on the clicker and picked all of them.
  9. Thanks. Yes I did have my dog with me. I kept him in the shade as it was quite warm when the sun came out . Full choke and the usual 32g 6 Rio super game. Plenty got away , I'm just good at editing them out.?
  10. Great report GingerCat, really enjoyed reading that. Thankyou. I've been having the same troubles , pigeon everywhere until I set up to try and shoot some.They just move to the other fields after a few shots . I've been out over 10 times since the start of February and my largest bag is 16 and I won't comment on my shot to kill ratio! I be out again tomorrow for more punishment.Good luck next time.
  11. Unfortunately not. I haven't found anyone who stocks them in my area yet. I will keep looking for them though.
  12. Great write up GingerCat. Seems like a perfect days pigeon shooting to me. Over forty pigeons shot on a flightine , fantastic stuff . I bet there wasn't many dollys. You guys need to get a headcam so I can watch .Please pretty Please.
  13. It's very difficult to give advice without seeing you shoot. I would start with doing what you normally do and if that doesn't work swing the gun a little faster. I would use your normal cartridges as well.
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