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  1. Sounds perfect. My kind of shooting.
  2. Your videos are great Big Al. I use a hero 3 + and use the narrow setting. I think any other setting makes every target look further than they are. Though you do need to make sure its pointing correctly .I'm sure you will do a better job than me . Keep the videos coming.
  3. I've shot pigeons over winter linseed many times. Keep your eye on it.
  4. Great shooting both of you. I loved the low incoming grouse like shots. You made them look easy. Not sure what setting you use on your go pro but I find the narrow fov setting is the best .
  5. Thanks Scully.I was very fortunate to be invited on such a great shoot.
  6. I don't think the shotkam alters the way I shoot. I guess because a pheasant will keep its line the same after the first shot miss, means you can go back and have another go with the second barrel. Unlike a pigeon which will usually take off on a new path after the bang. I often dont fire the second barrel after a clean missed first barrel pigeon when flightline shooting. I think that the following the bird down thought only enters my head, when I can see I've killed it. Interesting comment though. I'd not thought about. Thanks for the comments everyone.
  7. A busy drive from last season. My brother was stood on the peg to my right, so there was a bit of poaching going on. We were stood with a dam wall at our backs, so it was sometimes difficult to get a second shot or follow the birds down.
  8. Yeah they were up there. Yea they are so much faster than the pigeons I'm used to. I tried to stretch the lead a bit more.Thanks JDog, hope your well. Thanks . 34g no 4. Thanks Konnie
  9. A few pheasants from last season. Most were too good for me.
  10. Wow. Though it looked more like 10 . Very tight pattern.
  11. Approximately what range was the clay pigeon at?
  12. Thankyou for posting your shoot reports in great detail every week. I really enjoy reading them.👍
  13. Thanks for the kind comments. I went out last week at the same spot and fired 19 cartridges for 5 pigeons. There was a strong breeze blowing . It was like trying to shoot a cigarette paper in the wind.That's my excuse anyway. All the video evidence has now been deleted. 🙂
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