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  1. That really was my original question, am I legally needing to put in an alarm or is it just guidance? at the end of the day I may sell this house in 1-2 years and don’t want to put in an expensive alarm if I don’t have to i appreciate the views for and against but I was trying to gauge if others ran into this issue and managed to work a way around it without upsetting FEO
  2. Yes forgot that bit.... im in a very rural area and very low crime rate, I work from home and have a dog that barks when anyone gets within 100metres
  3. I’ve currently got 6 shotguns and moving in to FAC rifles, at FAC application the FEO has said he thinks I will need an alarm for more than 6 guns. Tbh it’s not the end of the world however I’ve a seriously heavy gun safe that can hold 12 guns and it’s located within a central part of the house within its own cupboard with a locked door and 24 inch thick stone walls. anyone else had experience of this? A mate of mine had 11 guns and no alarm
  4. Hi The Countryman Both 8 & 10 are for you then See PM David
  5. Alex, noted and both books marked as sold Pending the usual
  6. Morning all ANYONE FOR THE FINAL 3 BOOKS? ANY SENSIBLE OFFER INVITED - MONEY IS GOING TO CHARITY - SEE BELOW: This is the very last of my bits and bobs to be sold before my house move! The following are all books, DVD's or CD's and I would be happy to job lot if someone wants all the bits or sell each on their own. As I am taking part in a 250km Husky trek in the Arctic in April 2012 I would like anyone that purchases any item to pay into my JustGiving account rather than to me as the funds for these items can go to charity rather than my pocket - I have therefore suggested prices but if you would like to give more please do so, all proceeds are going to the MS Society and I am sure they will appreciate all donations. (If you want further details just see my just giving page which I can PM) For sale is as follows: 1. Book: The Art of Gunsmithing The Shotgun by Lewis Potter RRP £19.95 <<<<THIS BOOK IS SOLD TO ALEX>>> 2. The Complete Reloading Manual for 20g, 28g, .410 Bore Shotshells (2004 Edition) RRP £10.00 <<<<SOLD TO TATE>>>>> 3. Remington 1100 & 11-87 Shotguns Disassembly and reassembly for all models (A5 size booklet) RRP £8.00 <<<<<SOLD TO TATE>>>>> 4. The Pigeon Shooter by John Batlry 2nd Edition RRP £19.95 <<<THIS BOOK IS SOLD TO ALEX>>>>> 5. The Shotgun, A Shooting Instructors Handbook by RRP £19.95 6. The CPSA Clay Target Shooter's Handbook RRP £14.95 7. Clay Target Shooting by Paul Bentley RRP£9.95 8. Reloading for Shotgunners 5th Edition by Rick Sapp RRP $24.99 (imported book from USA, the best book on the subject)<<<SOLD TO THE COUNTRYMAN>>>>> 9. Mastering Skeet by King Heiple RRP $19.95 <<<<SOLD TO TAM >>>>>> 10. DVD: The Etiquette of Game Shooting RRP £29.95 <<<SOLD TO THE COUNTRYMAN>>>>> 11. CD: The Power of Hypnosis Breaking Clays: Sports Hypnosis RRP £25.00 <<<<<SOLD TO TAM >>>>>> All of the above are in very good condition, for each item I will accept £5.00 each + P&P (or near offer if buying several items - ideally buy more than one to make P&P worth while!) Any questions please ask David
  7. SOLD to Peter pending usual
  8. 12g Shotgun Claning kit - minor use only What you see in the photo you get! Price £5.00 + £2.00 P&P
  9. For sale is a black pistol shoulder holster and double magazine pouch set Price £5.00 + £1.75 P&P
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