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  1. 5 more for me since last post. Feeder still gets completely eaten in less than 48 hours. (38) 1769
  2. I love my CZ 452 after I did some work on the trigger. Also has a palm swell and is stocked for a scope. Will clover leaf at 100 yards all day. No one has mentioned the Weihrauch HW60 or 66. Best trigger you will ever get on a rifle, but the hogback on the 60 will probably be annoying.
  3. 3 more off the feeder this evening. Had around 20 off it since installation around 6 weeks ago and a couple of shoots a week. Don't know where they keep coming from! Fortunately they're not worried about all the brain tissue on the feeder. 33 now and around 8KG of feed eaten. 1549
  4. It is a flip top feeder, and the only access is if they opened the lid and get their head in. They often actually climb in completely and sit in there munching away. I have a trail camera on it and haven't seen anything else in there, but I guess a small mouse may not be triggering the system. I have monitored it close closely and the level of feed seems to match the level on the camera when squirrels are visiting. One squirrel seems to eat a hell of lot though. I have watched them put it away! Hoping to draw them in from far and wide.
  5. Another 9 since posting. My feeder must be drawing in them in far and wide now. They empty the whole thing in less than 48 hours. (25) 1172
  6. My feeder has been visited now. Set a trail cam up opposite it and it's active from around 7am to 8pm. Not sure if the same squirrels, but there are squirrels on it it all day. I'll shoot some and see! Got one yesterday (17 total) 1096
  7. 5 more since last post. Still seeing a few around. Not much luck with the feeder yet. Too dry I think, they're nibbling the buds etc I think. 16 so far 1048
  8. Why are people not going BASC? The cost? Or something worse? Guessing lead
  9. Seem to be a fair few here in West Sussex. They're very secretive though and need creeping up on. Had 12 on my pretty small permission and not a lot of dreys. I've not really focused on them before, but not many rabbits and songbirds in decline have given me an unhealthy vendetta against them this year.
  10. I guess a variation is a lot more simple and I made it very easy for them with forms and a cover letter. Having said that a SGC should be relatively straightforward too, but who knows what it entails
  11. Sussex Police have a very good firearms department. Always friendly and helpful on the phone. Sent a FAC variation off last Thursday, and got it back in the post today with all the alterations made. Only around 3 working days effectively. I did phone prior.
  12. another 3 this evening roosting with the shotgun. Awesome in the high winds. Enjoying the Eley Pigeon HV 107
  13. 3 more today with the shotgun. My feeder is also being visited but not results from it yet 630
  14. 3 crows with the shotgun and a rook with the HMR. Was one of my best shots - rook walking, off the shoulder confirmed 62 yards. 104
  15. 6 for me so far. Got a feeder up outside the kitchen window now too. 3 with the air rifle, 2 with the shotgun and 1 with the HMR Need to hit the dreys before leaf 617
  16. Shot 3 last weekend. First 3 (and post) for many years. They're making a very small comeback in the horse fields, and seen some droppings around elsewhere. Applied for my .243 to stop charlie getting them too. Will be out tomorrow afternoon, too, for a look. 60 total.
  17. Just spent the last couple of months popping a 3.5 litre Rover V8 into mine. Rebuilt the carbs and it goes like **** off a stick. Series Land Rovers are immense fun
  18. You Land-Rover bashers are all talking out your arrrrseholes and wouldn't know a good car if it ran you over
  19. 2.25 petrol in mine. Get 20 mpg on a run which can't be bad for a 50 year old engine in a heavy car
  20. Well said. I drive a Series 2 daily and use it for long journeys. The driving position is the best out of any car I've driven. Nice and up right with awesome visibility. As for reliability - as long as you maintain them they last for ever and parts are dirt cheap. Sounds like you're afraid of getting your hands dirty. They're also a lot more fun to drive than any car. If you're worried about economy buy a cruddy little eurobox. Land Rovers are based on smiles per mile. And of course they go anywhere with a bit of skill! As well as looking the dog's ******** and being able to hose the inside out once a year after wearing muddy boots all over those lovely big pedals. You won't regret buying one unless you're a bit of shirt lifting sissy boy.
  21. I'm getting the bits together to whack a V8 from a donor discgay into my SII. Get that gayplate and the front fag-bar off and it'll be a nice solid little motor.
  22. What, in case she bought it back??
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