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  1. both sold thanks for all the replys
  2. double trigger but can use single trigger been used for rough shooting so bit scratched so selling cheap £80 also have 5 gun cabinet but need to sell gun first
  3. hi mate pm me may be able to help
  4. i have a 5 gun cabinet for sale i also need to sell my o/u as im packing up shooting
  5. hi i have a 4/5 gun cabinet i also have a o/u to sell
  6. fallarben


    foxy i have a larouna double trigger but can use single trigger ejector im wanting £100 can meet bsomewere if that would be better for u
  7. just seen your ad im going other way i have a o/u plus a five gun cabinette to sell or would swop for fishing gear
  8. long mot taxed till jan 2010 tidy car for year hardly any rust spots slight atenttion needed inside back door also remote lock does not unlock back door or passinger door £800 SORRY CAN NOT SEND PICS this is a 300tdi 5 door 7 seater with full caravan electrics
  9. in my eyes yes i like well bred pups but if someone i saw out with a good dog that i real thought had style and class at its job the breeding would not put me off as long as i no both parents and both had a good bitch line
  10. hi sorry my daughter put this little bitch on for me she is just under 2 she is a nice sized bitch has seen a far bit of game as i have taken her dogging in sorry i have no pics of her at this time any demo give but no u dont go to buy shoes and ask if u can try them for 3 month use to but had some dogs go and ud chase for month then at end of season people would say o shes not what i want but she was all shooting season but i will but full demo on and stand by a dog aS LONG AS U DONT COME TO ME IN 6 MONTH ND SAY THIS DOG RUNS IN or such thing
  11. i agree one hundred percent there there are more jo public treating bitches as machines than real breeders because we have to by law keep records of when a bitch is in season etc when she is pupped were as jo public thinks it christmas we could do with the money lets pup the bitch then again we cannt afford to take kids away but if we have another litter we can nobody pulls at them cus nobody nows we get randam calls from rspca and local coucil to see things are ok i never hide anything all my pups and trained dogs are sold straight and il stand by them unlike some people who would take your
  12. as far as spaniels go m8 no make no difference what so ever u may get afew less phone calls from people who dont even no what eye testing is for if it was a lab id say ye 100% but not in spaniels untill a few years ago u never heard of spaniels been done now its a new fad a money making thing for the big boys
  13. dont take her beating m8 sounds like you have a gun nervous dog not gun shy this is were alot of people go wrong there is a difference if she is shy there is no quore sorry to say it uv got a pet if it nerveous there is but be very cAareful can so easierly turn shy id be thinking along the lines of not taking her beating but see if keeper would let u stand one drive maybe if u live close enough u could pop for her between te last drives of the day stand far enough away as the bang was a dim sound and throw her a ball or a dummy or even give her alot of fuss remember get down to her hieght sit
  14. paul as a trainer be very carefull taking her on a lead on a 250 bird day your going to see thousands of birds this could boil the dog and course her to yap with excitement id leave her at home and ask keep if he has anywere u could take her not on shoot days just doging in so she sees game and u can stop her if she chases
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