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  1. i will take the recoild pad pse. send details of payment
  2. top reel, perfect for lures small + large. got too many 6501's or i would take it. good luck with sale, sure it wont be here long.
  3. nobody got a busted 712 for parts ?
  4. can i take the orange light modified pse. pm sent
  5. HI all Iam looking for the internals for a 712/raptor/grifone. the main assembly,bolt etc not needed. just the sliding parts complete. I have spare barrels/stocks/actions/triggers to swap for this part or will buy outright. tks stu
  6. model nr for lh wind is 6501. good luck with sale, class reel.
  7. try a set of these, will screw into nearly frozen ground. have used these for years and they are still in 1 piece. dinsmore syndicate banksticks
  8. ok tks for the info, i will make the call and see what they can do.
  9. oo, thats interesting. i will see how this homebrew pans out. Never found anyone who has got one before!! all the forums are full of people saying they dont do them in the uk. i stand corrected,and need to have a chat with my dealer who confirmed they are not available! stu p.s. what price did you pay?
  10. at least the raptors had a flat base to the pad, i added 1/2 inch to mine. my grifone has now expired ! stock/barrel/trigger group/action available for sale.
  11. 101 uses for a mousemat ! not perfect but the pigeons won't know. Has anyone else had the problem of finding an extension for their franchi affinity ? From what i can find the importer has decided not to stock/sell/import the TSA extended pads for this shotgun. So, i got to thinking about making one of my own. The pics show how i got on. I now have a LOP of 14.5 which matches the dimensions of my old 712 which has now expired (parts available if anyone needs them). I know the stocks are a different shape and they have changed a lot of the dimensions,but it comes up better than ever now. Just need to get it patterned and i will feel more confident. Stu
  12. i will take 2 pse. send details for payment
  13. go nicely with the carrier and 6 x bren guns the buyer has .
  14. Yes I will take these please. Will be collected
  15. i may have a buyer for you, not me. but a work colleague who actually has a fully functional roadworthy bren carrier!! can you hold until i see them tomorrow?? stu
  16. 4 hares plus i was carrying 1 as well.....ouch! every time one came close i had to drop it, then pick it up again. tried to get one in the netting but was a bit big to fit. those were on just 1 drive. only about a 1/2 mile walk. bag was well tested... so was i bag for the day was around 200
  17. had mine a few years now, spot on with no issues. you can get 4 hares in there at a push...thats a test for any bag.
  18. if you can still find them, altberg field and fell. good quality leather and very comfortable. picked up a pair a couple of years ago for £70 new. just like wearing slippers. buy a half size big if you can as they a comfy fit.
  19. wish i could still get em,great shell. english 5.5
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