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  1. main thing against the old 682 is weight, my black actioned 28" 682 supersport weighs a hefty 8lb 12!! pro's .. the wood is amazing, and it dont kick much.
  2. liked the SLR better !! much more fun
  3. hmmm, always thought they had parallel blades to stop them riding up the screws and cutting them up....? 200 quid for plastic handles lol
  4. terrano for heavy stuff/proper off road. rav4 for a mix of road and some offroad. the 4.2 rav4 version has the best 4x4 system,permanantly engaged.
  5. or, just get used to it. my 682 from the eighties has always been like that! i just got used to it. as suggested probably an easy fix if you want to. shoot top barrel 1st it will be faster reloading that way if you only take 1 shot to kill
  6. same as above. can put you onto a 5 quid remote control switch too if your diy minded. :good:pm for details
  7. yes pse, send bank details for payment pse.
  8. hi after any parts....for my 712 autos. barrels,stock,forend,trigger group, bolt etc etc if you have anything can you let me know the price pse. not sure but i think 612 parts may be similar. tks stu
  9. cueball....if it does not fit , its yours.
  10. the 3 crimped tubes supplied by gunmark for my franchis have no marks whatsoever. i fitted them and gave them a good inspection first.
  11. nice review, was waiting for the ext to go walkabout...lol
  12. stu nesling


    get it bought, you cannot fail at that price. my 2004 is spot on
  13. maybe a nr 3 iam not sure. here is a pic of my 1972 nr 4.
  14. i found plenty but everytime i start to shoot they ****** off onto the other 1950 acres
  15. if your in lincoln you can borrow mine!
  16. good luck,hope the variation is not too long.....G4S.
  17. have they added a new member of staff? Firearms Licensing Administration Assistant (Fixed term for 12 months) Job Reference: G1431 Number of Positions: 1 Contract Type: Full Time Salary: £17,500 Location: Nettleham, Lincoln G4S Region: UK & Ireland Country:United Kingdom G4S Business Unit:UK - Central Government Services Closing Date: December 9, 2014
  18. i tend to agree about a well hidden trail camera with black flash. you could build it into a wall etc so its invisible. only need vital bits to have clear vision
  19. they all differ. i have had 1 visit in 20 years!
  20. what model franchi is it pse? 21 inch barrel as fenboy says is probably a slug gun, especially with the sights it has. if its a 712 i would take that, as its basically a benelli complete with rotating bolt etc but iam biased
  21. 1 oz of 5.5 shot......love em,great shell
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