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  1. The art of pigeon shooting is to get under a flight line. For me mobility is therefore more important than kit. To carry large amounts of kit requires a quad bike or a 4X4 which will do more crop damage than the pigeon. Your farmer will be greatly relieved to see a pair of boots in preference to a set of tyres. I'd leave the 100kgs yomps to the SAS and unless you fancy two or three trips by 'Shanks's Pony" with the additional prospective weight of a further 50 - 100 dead pigeons, then I'd avoid too much stuff. Remember, many shooters are OCD over kit and this obsession is targeted by su
  2. I am already a syndicate member so thank you for the kind offer. It is a little out my area also. Very good luck with your new venture. Best regards Towngun
  3. Increasing evidence links footballers brain damage with heading footballs. But what of shooting sports? If you watch video evidence of the impact of shogun recoil on the head or perhaps you have taken an iphone video of someone shooting and then slow the video up, you will notice considerable head movement. I would suggest there is cause for concern (research) and perhaps this adds weight to the suggestion that lighter loads should be considered i.e. 24 grams or 21 grams on health grounds? The most common immediate symptoms of a concussion are headache, confusion (fog like feeling), am
  4. Yes a fight pond is an excellent shooting proposition. Two automatic feeders and a modicum of water and duck will find you. Shoot the pond ever two weeks, fill feeders and replace battery. Try google/earth maps and follow the river severn up, looking for pools – approach farmer. Let me know if you are forming a small syndicate?
  5. On the subject of the Eley statement via Guns on Pegs: "Our lead shot for game cartridge contains 2% Antimony. This hardens the shot slightly helping reduce deformation during firing and as it travels down the barrel but means it is still malleable and will deform on impact thereby delivering very effective knockdown performance on game. Higher levels of Antimony, such as 5% used in premium clay cartridges, are ideal for breaking clays but harden the shot too much making it generally unsuitable for game shooting." And yet The new Eley Zeneth: Copper is electroplated to the lead to
  6. Packham heads up the RSPB Under his animal rights agenda The RSPB has forgotten about the birds! The RSPB estimate that UK cats kill 275 million UK prey items a year, of which 55 million are birds. This does not accounts for many more animals caught but not brought home. With an eye to their fee paying subscribers the RSPB go on to claim that despite the large numbers of birds killed, there is no scientific evidence that predation by cats having any impact on bird populations UK-wide! Of course this is the same organisation that blocked the Hen Harrier Joint Recovery Programe and then bla
  7. In order to get a kill, we necessarily must hit vital organs! It is often said an average of 3 to 6 pellets is necessary. At the limit of normal ranges the pattern will fail before the shot penatration. Pluck a pigeon and you will see just how small a target the bird represents. On a small target a more dense pattern higher pellet count will increase the chance of hitting a vital. On this basis No.6 shot, No.7 and even 7.5 has a greater chance of hitting a vital at sensible ranges. I apply this to pigeons, partridge but not pheasants which are a larger target. On t
  8. The modern cartridge is better than the man behind it! 28 grams of No.6 shot will kill any pheasant that you "should" be shooting at, out to 40-50 yards. Clay shooting technology leads the way and Antimony Content in Lead Shot makes the shot harder with less deformation when it exits the barrel. This means better patterns with less deformed flyers. It takes around 6 to 8 pellets to kill a pheasant so the better and more even your pattern the greater its capacity to kill. So too with the Wood Pigeon. I doubt that shot reaching a pheasant/pigeon at 40 yards has sufficient energy to d
  9. Pigeon Watch is awash with fantastic kit, and fans of fantastic kit but once you transported all this on your back across a muddy field or three you’ll soon decide "less is more". If you have done your reconnaissance (a ratio of two days to one day shooting) and are actually on a field that they want to feed on or under a flight line enroute to their feeding ground, its surprising how little kit you need. Conversely so, I think because many shooters do not have extensive permissionsand end up on crops or land where the pigeons are not! In which case technology is employed to bring the
  10. There are no overages and the bags estimate is between 70 -100 birds. We are situated on the Croome Estate and 30 minutes from Worcester, close to Pershore. UPDATE: Saturday 21st October Let Day = We have two remaining pegs Saturday 25th November Let Day = We have three remaining pegs Saturday 2nd December Let Day 3 = Fully subscribed
  11. There are Game Dealer who will collect birds but thanks to the EU you need to go on The Game Meat Hygiene course and obtain a certificate £120.00 and a day out, before a game dealers will take the birds. If not you might find a local butcher who would take the birds? If you obtain the certificate and it might be worthwhile then get a second hand freezer and put it in your garage. Build a large stock and then collection possible.
  12. ALL THE GEAR AND NO IDEA Many guns do not have extensive permissions. This means they are obliged to shoot irrespective of pigeons feeding and this I fear is where an over reliance on gadgets comes from. If pigeons want to eat your crop then they will do so in spite of you, your white face plus gun. In these cases limited gear will suffice. If on the other hand they don't want to eat, then you have to be cleverer than they are and trick them. All the gear is fine until you need to carry it across a muddy field and then back again plus hopefully some dead pigeons. My ad
  13. Hello all - rest assured I always reply to interested guns.
  14. A Worcestershire shoot is letting three Saturdays at £300.00 per gun, ten pegs available with a bag expectations of up to100 birds. Saturday 21st October Let Day 1 Saturday 25th November Let Day 2 Saturday 2nd December Let Day 3 The shoot puts down 3,500 pheasants and expects a return of between 70-100 bird days depending on your shooting ratio. The cost is £3,000 with a 50% non refundable deposit. We normally stand 10 pegs so that is £300.00 per gun. If a roving syndicate wants to shoot nine guns then that is £333 per gun. Individual or roving syndicates can be accommodated. Typically
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