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  1. I'm interested in finding A Ka-Bar 1217 USMC knife 🔪 2nd hand if anyone wants to relinquish one?
  2. Hi replied to your message Photos updated now too
  3. I think its my gun as its happened with 2 other types of cartridge. Im trying to find more info. Someone told me there was a recall for this on 725.
  4. Just to clarify the cartridge fired but only a fraction later than expected enough to miss the target but not enough to remove gun from shoulder Only a fraction later
  5. Hi I had 2 hang fires at the Essex Masters saturday using these anyone else had problems or is this a one off? Both first barrel in a Browning 725
  6. haggis


    Sorry just seen this. Plastics
  7. haggis


    750 Nobel Sport Italias 7.5 For Sale £40 per 250 pick up only Colchester £120 the lot
  8. This is my gun pm I'll take a offer
  9. haggis

    Rat shooting

    Can any suggest a rat gun? Are crossman any good?
  10. Used 2 times no rips or tears.4.5mm neoprene £75
  11. I have one 26" 3.5" camo max
  12. Has anyone been on a course? Wondered what they're like
  13. Baikal was my first choice and rang a shop who said it doesn't have a steel proof mark thats why I was looking at turkish guns. Have just been offered a Laurona M83 3" extended mc vented barrel for £360 so might go for that instead
  14. Thinking of a over under for marsh any got one? They have 3" chamber and crome lined barrels so should last a while. Any thoughts*
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