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  1. Loads of questions on my browning - I've listed it through Gunwatch tonight; retained the scope for another rifle I have here though.
  2. I have an 'as new' T Bolt .17 HMR with a wooden stock, good scope and moderator which I haven't used at all since zeroing it a year or so ago. Located in Wiltshire though, bit far from you.
  3. Hi Looking for a Bretton & Gaucher Phantom .410 shotgun. (Currently using a Mossberg 500 410 but it's very long when shooting from a vehicle). I'm in the South West but will cover transfer from your RFD if you're too far away. Many Thanks
  4. Looking for a Bretton-Gaucher Phantom .410 Shotgun. Synthetic stock preferred as going to be a working gun, but wood is also good! Located in the South West but will cover costs to RFD transfer if not pithing striking distance from here. Many Thanks
  5. Had a look - I should have said it's the moderated bit I am after, will put a post on the wanted section. Thanks
  6. Mate you have nailed it - thank you, tracking one down now. Top man!
  7. My pal picked up a Sellier & Bellot .410 bolt action moderated shotgun at the Midland show a couple of years ago, nice piece with a synthetic stock, and he's using it for squirrels which it's perfect for - yes single shot but a lot shorter than the Mossberg moderated .410 500E pump I have so I have been looking for one for myself. I cannot find hide nor hair for these shotguns - loads of Sellier and Bellot cartridges and bullets, but nothing these guns at all. Does anyone have any information on stockists etc? All help appreciated, thanks in advance.
  8. SOLD now (Can't seem to edit the main advert). Thanks.
  9. Selling, bought and never used, still in box: MEC EZ PRIME The MEC EZ-Prime saves having to handle individual primers. The MEC EZ-Prime saves having to handle individual primers. The MEC EZ-Prime saves having to handle individual primers. It drops a primer when the case is situated at the final crimp station. Compatible with the 600Jr and Versamec in all gauges except .410. £45 at Clay & Game, selling at £20 plus postage. Located in Corsham, Wiltshire.
  10. I have checked again and sorry cannot post this through normal mail or couriers - needs to be a specialist like TNT and their minimum cost for this is too expensive. My SGC and FAC are too precious!!!
  11. Cheddite CX200 primers for Shotgun Reloading. Just over 1,100 - 11 trays of 100 and two part used trays. £20 collected in Corsham, Wiltshire. (Not so sure I can post these) Please post but also PM me to make sure I know you're posted - thank you.
  12. Hornady GS 1500 Electronic Scales, precise scales that will handle loads up to .50 BMG. System works well giving precise measurements by throwing the charge of powder onto the pan and placing on the scale for an immediate reading. £15 plus postage via Hermes (cheapest tracked and signed for). Located in Corsham, Wiltshire. Post here but please PM me to make sure I get your message - thanks.
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