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    Red squirrel conservation .4x4`s . .trying to understand computers!!! .Anything to do with shooting.
  1. Are Shrews not meat eaters ?

    1. We have a 2002 one ,brilliant much better than the TDI Discovery we had before it . Unfortunately now the "Tin worm " is getting a hold .The steel that supports the inside of the rear bumper ,totally dissolved ,it is now supported by some trusty box section .
    2. What part of the country are you in ? .
    3. Also look up INGENIE on google .
    4. What happens when you test the other sockets ? Are the three sockets wired into one junction box ?.
    5. Is your Surf selectable or permanent 4 wheel drive ? .
    6. It also depends on who has done the work to it ,and to what standard . I know people who have bought "restored " Land Rovers and ended up breaking them for parts . Sorry for being a killjoy .
    7. I would not recommend going into a microwave oven if you don't know what you are doing . There are capacitors in there ,that will give you a nasty shock . You can get special connectors for jointing flex ,some are even waterproof. Hope this helps .
    8. Does normal boot polish affect goretex linings ? .
    9. Tidy looking motor Grenman . What engine does it have ? ,and what tyres are you running ? .
    10. What is the best thing to free a lock ? . My plan B was a lump hammer and a chisel
    11. Thank you for all your replies . I have a WBH key like the one in the photo ,slightly different number . I thought this was the one as it was on keyring with ignition key ,however it only goes half way in . More wd40 needed I think .
    12. My wife has an 02 Frontera ,with the hard spare wheel cover . The key for this has been misplaced ,does anyone have a picture of the key ,they could post on here please ? . I have a large box of keys to go through ,so any help would be appreciated . I have one that goes half way in ,but not sure if its the right one . many thanks .
    13. Absolutely ,our Discoveries would last like this if we didn't salt our roads . I looked at buying one once ,but bought one from a dealer near by . Turned out to be the worst thing I ever bought . Hindsight is a wonderful thing ! .
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