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    vermin control for last 27 years and loved every minute of it
  1. askew1

    Wood Burners

    Got a stovax multifuel with clean air system,burns anything,glass stays clear 8kw bloody excellent gone and bought another for other room. havent had a gas bill for 10 years
  2. Hello bjl fishing thats nice and close,its a wonder i dont know you??
  3. Hi strudwick,applied for 223 as a closer range vermin calibre in situations when 22.250 was a bit much thats all i said on application,also i have built up a lot of permissions to shoot on and held a certificate for over 25yrs.dont know if this helped or not? as long as you have a valid reason for requesting a certain calibre then i wouldnt have thought there would be a problem,but i suppose it depends on what guidelines your area Fac stick to. with regards to buckmark,its a handy little gun for close range rabbits rats etc up to 60yds then its not very accurate due barrel being shortened to legal limit,seems to shoot every type of ammo with very few jams,weighs nothing and is good for shooting out of vehicle or when on quad as it is so short
  4. Hi dogfox,i know what you mean,took me a while to get a scope that liked the rifle and stayed accurate,settled on a cheap bushnell secondhand and they seem to get on well,also wanted a scope that didnt add to much weight.
  5. hi veg hope its last rifle i buy before i am under the sod probably sooner than i think if my mrs ever found out :look:
  6. Hi axe,only had buckmark 6 months,handy gun for close range bunnies,rats etc. tried loads of different rounds eleys,winchester,cci etc,shoots em all i would be lying if i said ive never had a non eject or a jam with it,but they are very rare. accurate out to 60 yds for bunnies and not much more after shortening barrel.brill for having in vehicle or bike the best thing is it weighs hardly anything :look:
  7. hi ..veg bought remi of a mate cheap,used and abused by myself until accuracy was non existent,crown knackered neck end of a grand to have it sorted,any misses now are due to me,t8 makes it a little front heavy to carry..but using bipod or sticks its sweet as a nut
  8. cheers mate,wish this computer thing was as reliable
  9. Tika 223,pes husher full shroud moderator..1-12 twist,4x12x56 bushnell. Remington seven,22-250...border barreled,timny trigger,glass bedded,1-14 twist..t8 moderator. Buckmark .22 semi auto,shortened barrel,sak moderator
  10. askew1


    another here,dalton in furness
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