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  1. Does anyone use either the GoPro Hero 8 or Max? I have thought about getting one (most likely the Max) and would like to know what the editing software is like to use if anyone has any experience. Thanks.
  2. Just looking for a recommendation for video editing software. I did use Windows Movie Maker previously for a small project which was ok but don't seem to have that available now. The only thing on my laptop is some bog standard video editing app that, when adding short clips of footage, they seem to have a number of stop/start moments in them which is frustrating. It doesn't seem to be in the original recording which is on my phone. Not looking for anything that will cost £££'s as I'm not looking to make a blockbuster but something which is quite straightforward to use and gives at least semi professional results. Also, something that is easy to add music and adjust volume when there is some dialogue would be good.
  3. Apologies again guys, but I am in need of some legal advice again but relating to a vehicle lease contract that ended nearly 4 years ago. Still being pursued for subsequent annual rental even though the vehicle was sold on. Yes, they have been told but doesn't seem to cut any ice. Happy to pay going rates for any professional in our community whom has the relevant/right qualifications to look in to this and advise/deal with accordingly. PM me for full details.
  4. Decided in the end to log it with the police but with no further action to be taken. PCSO was very helpful and said to contact them directly if anything happens in future. I think the fact they were seen coming to us, well, Mrs H as I was at work, has had the desired effect or so it seems. I've seen a number of them when out the front and not one of them has the guts to look me in the eye. Just speaks volumes about their character. Thanks for all the replies guys.
  5. Reporting a neighbour for playing loud music is termed 'subjective', which would depend on whether you are the kind of person who is not bothered by it or if you like peace and quiet. Also, I don't think it is possible to report anonymously as they would be inundated with calls most of which would be unfounded I dare say. I believe councils require you to keep a diary over a month or so before they will consider acting.. Disputes will usually be regarded as over boundaries/land/buildings, etc. I did a bit of research which turned that info up but it was more to do with other kinds of things regarding our neighbours. The OH was given some verbal abuse by the stupid cow who lives a couple of doors down because she was cleaning up out the front. Some things were said to her which revealed some of the gossip that is obviously passed amongst them. The fact is they don't like it as we don't have any of them round and we aren't round to theirs. We don't want them knowing our business and that's just how we like it. It really is juvenile/play ground stuff which you think adults would be above but then I have to say I'm not wholly surprised. People will form their own opinions regardless but at least this way we have the knowledge that they are wrong.
  6. Can anyone in the know confirm or dispell the following for me please. I can't remember for the life of me where I heard it (although I'm fairly sure it was on a TV programme) but reporting neighbours to the authorities (one assumes council or police) for whatever reason (or it may be a specific reason such as noise/anti-social behaviour) not only affects the value of your property but you are also legally obliged to disclose this when selling your property. Thank you.
  7. Fire engine went past me on Saturday and definitely not as loud as ambulance sirens. With reference to getting out of the way, I remember this was covered in old Jezza Vine's show some time back as some people received a fine for going in to the bus lane to make way for the emergency vehicle(s). The upshot was that drivers should stay put and let the emergency vehicles go around them. Personally, I make a judgement call as to whether it best serves the approaching emergency vehicle as to whether I pull over or stay put.
  8. For some time now I have found ambulance sirens to be at a level which hurts my ears and have had to cover them whenever I hear an ambulance coming. Arriving at the office this morning, one came screaming past and, as I had both hands full, was unable to get inside or cover my ears. I don't mind saying that I found it unbearable, to the point where I had to turn my head and cuss as it passed. Since then, a number of police vehicles and ambulances have passed and there is most definitely a very discernible difference in loudness between the 2 (no fire engines have passed as yet). Has anyone else noticed this and does it hurt/affect your hearing? I appreciate that they are doing an invaluable service but if the police vehicles can have theirs at a tolerable level then why can't the ambulances also? For the record, I do have quite sensitive hearing and even ultrasound equipment needs to be on its lowest setting whenever I see my sports therapist.
  9. Hi all. Just a quick one. I had a company contact me back in Augist regarding my Google adwords campaigns. Long story short, they said they would get me to the top of the search results within 24 hours. On the 4th day (which happened to be a Monday) I still wasn't even on the first page so contacted the bank to get a claw back. They did this but it has come to light that the company has T's & C's that said I had to notify then in writing. I thought we had 30 days in which we could return or get refunded any monies paid if we weren't happy with the product or service supplied. Can anyone expand on this please. Many thanks.
  10. I've seen it every time I've been down that way. Last week I was down near Cuckmere Valley and it came flying out from the estuary banking to the East. Its5belly was outer most to me and was one of the most beautiful sights I think I've seen. It also flew over today when I was just outside Hadlow in Kent. Think it was heading back to Biggin Hill. My only guess is it is doing Spitfire Flights. If you've got a spare £3500 you can go for a 30 minute ride in one. I looked at getting one for Mrs H the other year but couldn't justify the cost. Now if it was for myself... 😄
  11. As per the title. Also, would like to know if the units that don't need the external fan unit/chiller are worth a carrot as these are what Im considering over the ones which have the external unit. Thanks in advance. Doc
  12. Morning all. Wasn't sure whether this is the right place for this but I'm sure the mods will relocate it if not. Mrs H & I spend a fair bit on burd feed and feeders over the course of the year and we have had some beautiful species visit our garden including a female Kestrel the other weekend after one of the House Sparrows. My own personal favourites are the Goldfinches but they have been scarce of late. We were also very lucky to have a pair of Blue Tits nesting in our neighbour's ground floor eaves and we would watch their coming and going. The thing is, these lesser species now seem nowhere to be seen and I'm fairly sure it is down to some of the bully bird species like Starlings and Feral Pigeons. The Starlings flock en masse when I fill up the 3 suet feeders and cleat the border of mealworms I scatter for the foraging breeds like Blackbird, Thrush & Robin. This morning I counted at least 18 Feral Pigeons in, on or around the ground feeder. It was only about 8 months ago we would get a few and I wasn't keen in them then but Mrs H said she likes them as they pick up all the spilled seed from the feeders. They do but they also pig all the seed put out for ground feeding species. I have thought maybe changing the types of feeder but after doing a quick search found results from another forum from 2010. I use the Gardman feeders for suet and mixed seed that have the twist 'D' ring/perches as they are relatively easy to clean. I also have a couple of tall feeders which I use solely for sunflower hearts that unscrew easily, again for ease of maintenance. The latter tend to be the ones the Goldfinches prefer but because of the high number of Starlings, it tends to stay full and eventually have to throw the sunflower hearts away. I know the Starlings and Ferals are opportunists but I want to discourage them and try to coax back the lesser species. Sensible replies please people. I am looking to discourage nuisance species. I can't shoot the ferals as we are on an estate and I think hanging out the bedroom window with my S410 may cause an eyebrow or three to be raised. Thanks, Doc.
  13. As the title says. Looking to go with one of these automatic switching companies but I just want to cut through the chaff and so turn to the wheat of the great PW collective. I did look at Utilities Warehouse the other week and wasn't overly impressed. Not sure bout We Flip or U-Flip of whatever they're called (the TV ad with the Chameleon) as it seems they are tied to some of the main players. Any advice gratefully received.
  14. Thank you for the replies, Gents. The situation started off with them phoning me and telling me they were my electricity supplier. I told them that they weren't as I hadn't appointed/instructed them as such. On their insistence I asked them to see a copy of the contract which bore my signature, to which they have never done, and have asked for this whenever they called. I told them that without that then they won't get a penny out of me. Any letter that came through from them was addressed to me personally and not my limited company. Again, I had informed them of this error but they said that was the information as supplied by the landlord (whom I know personally) and so told them they need to speak with him. Having managed to pick the key safe (YouTube really does have its uses) after purchasing and promptly bastardising a feeler gauge, I am now back in residence. They did make a bit of a mess as they seem to have just chucked stuff out of the way to get to the meter, which they decided not to disconnect. The figure they are now asking for I imagine reflects this visit and yes, I think it is a complete Mickey take, although in the box it says it is just for the amount of electricity used. They also say that they will return to change the locks (which they already done) and to avoid forced entry I should call them today. It just seems like a complete balls up.
  15. Evening Gents, I have an issue with a national company who supply electricity to my business premises. It's nothing grand, just a small commercial premises. I took tunbridge with them when, on moving in some while back, they phoned me to say they were now supplying me with electricity. Naturally I asked them to show me a copy of the signed agreement whereby I gave them permission to act as my supplier. They said it was forwarded to them by my landlord. I told them that that was an issue between my landlord and them and thanked them for their interest but no thanks. This has been going on for a while and, to cut a long story short, I arrived at my office today to find the lock had been changed with a combination key safe affixws and sticker attached to the door window telling me to call them. My first reaction was to try and pick the key safe which, after watching a couple of videos on YouTube and a couple of hours persisted, decided to give up and seek the knowledge of the great PE Collective. Can anyone advise me as to where I stand legally with this bunch of charlatans where no agreement from my side giving them authority to act as my supplier. My initial reaction is to let/take it to court but not so sure this will e in my favour. Thanks, as always Doc
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