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  1. I have a Russian friend who has asked me to help train her and build up her strength, etc. I said sure, and in return she could help me learn Russian (language that has held a fascination for me for some time), to which she totally scoffed at and said it was too difficult. Well, not being one to be so easily thwarted, and if only to prove her wrong, I thought I'd have a look at some apps and see what I could use whilst I am driving around. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, as always.
  2. Well, the plan was to remove the Pyracantha we have there as it hasn't done too well and replace it with another Jasmin as that grows quite quickly giving good cover but the Robin had taken up residencebefore we could action that. All the growth of the Pyracantha is at the top and not that thick either. I had moved the nest boxes last autumn as they were on the north side of the shed for the last 6 years with no sign of interest or takers. The position they are in now is Northeast facing and gets a good amount of shade from late morning onwards. Mrs H said the Magpie was in the garden this afternoon as it left its calling card. She said she thought one of the ferals that comes in was constipated as there was a good sized **** around the pergola (she likes the ferals coming in as they clear up the seed all the other birds knock out of the feeders). I may put the old leaf print gear on and lay in wait where the neighbours can't see. I don't want to go changing anything down there just yet in case that upsets the Blue Tits. I'm sure she is laying eggs.
  3. Well, we still have the hedgehogs and the Blue Tits, for the time being anyway. I saw the female hedgehog this morning (yes, I know, in daylight but she seemed happy/well enough) gorging on the rehydrated mealworms I put out for the foraging birds (we have one Thrush that visits and a pair of blackbirds who are nesting in next door's big shrubby thing. The trouble is the bloody Starlings pig a lot of them and leave their mess everywhere. I've thought about putting up signs saying 'Only 2 Starlings in the garden at a time' to see if that helps. The thing with the Blue Tits is this. They have been visiting the box every morning for the past week. The male is very dominant and there does seem to be a female who only seems to come in 2 or 3 times each morning. Maybe she's laying eggs and he's protecting them and/or defending his territory but they don't seem to be doing much else. He'll clear off mid to late afternoon and then comes back next morning with the female doing her flying visit. He'll regularly land on the nest box and 'peer' through the hole but never goes in which is why I think she is still laying.
  4. Let's hope so, although haven't seen hide nor hair of the Robins at all this morning, not even hearing them. I do have another Robin box in the Jasmin about 2 metres away. The thing is, apart from seeing the Magpie the other week on the ground and today on the fence, I haven't seen them in the garden at all. I'd have thought that if the got wind of a potential food source they'd have been around a lot more. The other thing I'd like some advice on would be how to deter the Magpies in future. Given proximity of neighbours shooting with an air rifle is out of the question, unfortunately.
  5. Sad to report that as of this morning the Robin's nest lays empty and cold. I went to check, like I do every morning from the shed, tucked behind some ply and a pair of steps. She was there yesterday, even if I thought she seemed to be somewhat lower in the nest. I thought this was probably due to the nesting material settling down or was it because her eggs were being taken? Using the phone camera, I took my usual photo to see she wasn't there. I went back inside and had my coffee and gave it another 20 minutes or so. I stood at the bedroom window and watched all the comings and goings. The Robins are usually about but definitely no sign of them, although a Magpie did land on the fence which is unusual as they hardly ever come in to the garden. Anyway, that flew off. I went back to the shed and double checked, triple checked before taking the decision to physically check the nest. Nothing! Empty and cold!
  6. Ok, so the Robin is still sitting on her eggs. I think they must be due to hatch in the next few days. We also have a pair of Blue Tits checking out a nest box next to the Robin's. I was down the shed yesterday morning and wanted to get some slo-mo action shots of them coming and going. What I didn't expect was the male coming straight at me. Nearly pee'd my pants as I thought I'd been rumbled! I'll have to try and post a link as it is too big for the usual upload on here.
  7. The coaches at my Crossfit box have been posting home workouts for us to do but aot of folk (myself included) are struggling to some degree with feeling motivated. I have recently downloaded an app called Smartwod. They have a timer and a workout generator. Both are very good. You just input the equipment that you have (if any) and it will generate workouts for you based on that. Very handy if, like me, you get bored doing too much of the same thing or can't be bothered to plan your own workouts.
  8. Great! Many thanks. Fortunately we don't have many corvids come into our garden. That said, we did have a magpie one day last week which is very unusual. There are a number around our way but they tend to steer clear of the gardens. Too many cats for their liking I would guess.
  9. How long do they stay in the larvae stage before going to the chrysalis stage, and then how long before they hatch? Also, how long does 5kg last? I realise it will be dependent on how much you put out at a time but any and all info would be appreciated 👍
  10. We had the same thing happen last year. Stopped building part way through. We think a cat may have found/disturbed them as it is in pretty much the same position as last year, just a bit more out in the open. Thanks for replies guys. I just couldn't understand why she was on the nest in the morning and then nothing all day. I shall put up photos as things progress. I have also been looking at buying fresh meal worms online as fishing tackle shops are shut. Can anyone recommend a supplier? I did put fresh maggots out last year during nesting time and all the birds went mental over them. I'm sure there used to be a bait vending near Cobtree Museum of Kent Life but that was some years back and can't find any reference to it but my guess is that it won't be in operation during the lockdown.
  11. We have a pair of Robins nesting in our garden. It's only taken about 8 years or so but we are super chuffed. But we are also a bit mystified. Since seeing them last week building the nest, which is outside the shed window, I have put up some black weed suppressing fabric to cover about 2/3 of the windows so they don't get spooked or frightened off if they see us in the shed. Mrs H said yesterday that Mrs Robin hadn't been on the nest all day but I had a look this morning and she was definitely on it. There are even some eggs (can see 2 but I think there are more, possibly 4). So the mystery is that she is on the nest in the morning then by mid morning latest she has disappeared not to be seen again until the next morning. My concern is that the eggs have been left to get cold and she won't have any young. Is this usual behaviour because she may be inexperienced? Not sure what to make of it to be honest so any help greatly appreciated.
  12. With all the madness currently going on, Mrs H and I thought it would be a good idea to maybe look at investing in a bread maker/machine. Have to say, they seem to be rarer than rocking horse poo at present but I've been doing some research in to them regardless. It does seem that some don't seem to have that much of a working life so if anyone can make me a recommendation as to which machine, if any, they use I'd be most grateful. I appreciate some still prefer the handmade approach but it is the time saving aspect that I want one for. Thanks.
  13. I don't really see the relevance of the bacon sandwich and the Jew, although I understand where you are coming from. My point was that if he was genuinely homeless then he most likely knows what it is to be hungry and not know where his next meal is coming from. If I was in his shoes then I would have taken it and, even if I was a vegetarian, I could have picked the meat out of the dish but I acknowledged that the error was entirely mine as I had wrongly ASSUMED he would be accepting of any act of kindness/generosity but we a know what assumptions are the mother of. As it happens, I was up in the village on Saturday and he was there, sat in a doorway staring at the ground with a half empty paper cup of something.
  14. About 4 years back, I was at the local Chinese getting a takeaway for Mrs H and me when I saw a tramp across the way, huddled down in a doorway of the Tesco Local. I asked the young girl to add a special chow mien to my order. When it came through I took it over to him. "Here you go fella! I couldn't see you go hungry", I said. He looked up as I offered it to him. "Oh, you're ok. Thanks", came the reply. I wasn't quite sure what he meant by that and so offered it to him again. "It's a special chow mien", I told him. "Yeah... it's probably got meat in it and I'm a vegetarian" he said. I was totally gob smacked! As I walked away I couldn't help but say "Well, I guess beggars can be choosers after all". So now I don't bother, as much as it goes against the grain. The same for when Mrs H and I offered a number of local charities our services over the Christmas period so their staff could have a little well deserved time off.. it wasn't wanted. I have no idea what the world has come, I really don't.
  15. There are 3 reasons why a combi boiler will loose pressure. The expansion vessel air charge is depleted. This happens naturally and is easily checked and amended, or it could be that the diaphragm has ruptured (tell tale sign is water fro mthe air valve). The pressure relief is letting by - Check outside to see if it is continually dripping. You have a leak on the system somewhere. it's not easy to find especially if you have pipe running under solid floors. I would check and eliminate the first 2 before you look at this option. Hope that helps.
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