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  1. Thanks for the replies, the sensible ones at least even if some were a bit judgemental. No one was talking about beating the lad. What his mother wants is some order and structure for him. She has tried to instill it herself but, as I say, the father undoes any attempt at this by telling him he can do whatever he wants. He acts more like his best friend than his father and there is no guidance or boundaries set by him. I've never had kids but even I know they need boundaries and it's the parent's job to enforce this, and whenever they are crossed then the parent needs to get to the bottom of why this happened. It's not through a lack of trying but she is desperate that he has some strong male figures to help guide him and feels that something with a military aspect (or even a martial arts aspect) would help him to understand his actions are not acceptable. His level of Aspergers is somewhat mild. He is just not capable of empathising with people (or animals for that matter). I took him shooting last year and he wanted to shoot anything that flew, walked or crawled. Yes, I found him hard work and had to keep telling him that this is not what shooting is about. But thank you for taking the time to reply as there are some things thst I can forward on to his mother and she can look at these.
  2. I didn't want to go into all the details but, in a nutshell, parents are divorced and kids spend alternate weeks with each. Not ideal as there is no stability and possibly quite unsettling for the kids. The daughter (soon to be 12) is fine and very bright. The son (soon to be 14) is also very bright but has Asperger's so doesn't understand how to empathise with others especially where his actions are concerned. The mother (my friend) tries to instill some kind of regime but is undermined at every turn by the father. Yes, it is easy for anyone to assume anything without knowing the full facts.
  3. As per the title, I've been asked by a friend if I know of a military school where she can send her son. He's got in a bit of trouble and she wants him to have some discipline. Thanks in advance.
  4. As per the title. I'm looking for a decent podcast app that I can use on my android phone. I know there are loads out there but sone are definitely better than others. I had been using Breaker which was pretty good but then one of my favourite shows stopped updating on there for some reason and now have to listen on Acast. I did contact Breaker but didn't get a reply. Acast are ok but again, I can't get all my shows on it, plus it stops playing on a few when you're 2/3 through. I've also looked at Podchaser today but there are no skip through controls where you can go forward or back by 15 or 30 seconds. Thanks in advance.
  5. I did have a look at the EGR Valve cleaners and, although I did consider using one, decided against it because it would still possibly be a pain. I called a mechanic I know and spoke to some time back about this. He is taking it in and will turn it off on the control module and then remap it. For what that costs, it still works out cheaper than paying someone who knows how to do these things properly to supply and fit a replacement and for that to go AWOL down the line.
  6. One for the diesel/petrolheads on here. My EML has been messing about for the last couple of years or so. It hasn't affected the performance at all. It only seems to come on when the outside air temperature gets above 12 or 13C. I have done a bit of research and it seems the EGR valve is a known issue and is something relatively straightforward insomuch as cleaning the EGR valve or even having the system decarbonised. I've had a look at a few online videos and it does seem pretty straightforward but having a chat with a mechanic this morning was told that the turbo block may have a crack in it as this can cause the same issue, apparently. I would be grateful of some straightforward advice. Thanks.
  7. A brief education, if you will, into buying of precious metals. I'm exploring the idea of looking to buy physical silver and/or gold and would be most grateful if anyone could offer advice as to what I should be looking to buy and from where. I've thought maybe buying direct from the Mint (coins or bars) but I guess that will be at a premium so it would mean trying to find a reputable dealer or collector who may be wanting to sell. For coins I would imagine the 1oz Silver Brittania's or Gold Sovereign's possibly. Bars seem to present a resale issue, as in they don't seem to have the same integrity or versatility/fungibility as coins. Thanks in advance.
  8. As always, gents (and any ladies that may have been present), such a wealth of knowledge on here and good to see opinions, regardless of how polarised or in line they may be, put across with such conviction and passion.
  9. I'm looking for recommendations on investment platforms. I know several of our illustrious members are very astute investors and wondered which, if any, you used. I was looking at Interactive Investor today, as my analyst friend has suggested them. She is an incredibly smart and switch on person and I value her advice. I'm just curious to know from other sources what their preferred investment tool/avenue was. Thanks in advance.
  10. I Just to update you guys, I rang Virgin on Thursday and gave them notice to stop being my service provider. It was a painful experience, truly. I then got a phone call on Saturday morning from a very nice bloke asking me what they could do to keep me as a customer. I told him I had 3 issues. 1 - Their equipment was garbage as it had to be reset at least once a week. 2 - They were putting my monthly DD up, which really got my goat especially as they weren't supplying anything extra for it, and 3 - Mrs H and I can watch what we normally watch on Freeview. We don't even use the landlines as that was just for the alarm to dial out on if it ever went off, so they are doing away with the phone and the TV package and keeping me as a broadband customer with a new router all for £25 pm for the next 18 months. Happy with that 👍
  11. Prices are rising because of the current government strategy on printing more currency and, as you rightly say, bebasing the currency (not to be confused with money). On the last run, BoE announced they were printing another £150 Billion. That was 50% more than most economists were expecting. I thought that for investors to benefit from bonds, the interest rate had to go down. If it goes up then they stand to lose out and not in a small way. Just what an analyst friend of mine told me.
  12. After being a Virgin Media customer for a good many years, I've decided to ditch them as a supplier and go back to Freeview. Not least because they are putting up my monthly DD from next month, for which I can see no reason as to why (I'm certainly not getting anything extra from them) but also their equipment and level if service has become more unreliable. The router goes AWOL at least once a week and I'm paying for channels which we don't watch or already pay for with the TV Licence fee and which we can get on Freeview. I can even subscribe to a number of other channelsand it will still be about half the cost I am paying Virgin. All we need is broadband, or more accurately, fibre. Plusnet seem to be pretty good on the reviews front with Vodafone being a close second choice as I've been with them for 25 years with my mobile and they gave always been good at getting any problems sorted. I would like to know which provider your guys can recommend or, if you use Plusnet or Vodafone, how you have found them. Thanks in advance, Doc.
  13. Has anyone else seen his latest venture? If so, I just wondered what you thought of it, especially those into investing, whether it is as a professional or as someone who manages their own SIP.
  14. I saw this hen take a hit from the vehicle in front last weekend and, well, waste not want not. I was struck by how different she was, a lot darker beautiful bronze to the more usual beuge/taupe colour I see so I guess she is a different breed. Is anyone able to give an idea as to which? She is currently hanging in my shed now, waiting to be prepped this weekend. This one didn't upload.
  15. Many thanks for replies. I did look at the burdspikesonline website at the Defender 12 Stainless Steel spikes and, as I said in the original post, I thiught just under £100 for 5 metres worth and a tube of fixing was a tad on the steep side. But then I guess I don't have much choice.
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