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  1. With all the madness currently going on, Mrs H and I thought it would be a good idea to maybe look at investing in a bread maker/machine. Have to say, they seem to be rarer than rocking horse poo at present but I've been doing some research in to them regardless. It does seem that some don't seem to have that much of a working life so if anyone can make me a recommendation as to which machine, if any, they use I'd be most grateful. I appreciate some still prefer the handmade approach but it is the time saving aspect that I want one for. Thanks.
  2. I don't really see the relevance of the bacon sandwich and the Jew, although I understand where you are coming from. My point was that if he was genuinely homeless then he most likely knows what it is to be hungry and not know where his next meal is coming from. If I was in his shoes then I would have taken it and, even if I was a vegetarian, I could have picked the meat out of the dish but I acknowledged that the error was entirely mine as I had wrongly ASSUMED he would be accepting of any act of kindness/generosity but we a know what assumptions are the mother of. As it happens, I was up in the village on Saturday and he was there, sat in a doorway staring at the ground with a half empty paper cup of something.
  3. About 4 years back, I was at the local Chinese getting a takeaway for Mrs H and me when I saw a tramp across the way, huddled down in a doorway of the Tesco Local. I asked the young girl to add a special chow mien to my order. When it came through I took it over to him. "Here you go fella! I couldn't see you go hungry", I said. He looked up as I offered it to him. "Oh, you're ok. Thanks", came the reply. I wasn't quite sure what he meant by that and so offered it to him again. "It's a special chow mien", I told him. "Yeah... it's probably got meat in it and I'm a vegetarian" he said. I was totally gob smacked! As I walked away I couldn't help but say "Well, I guess beggars can be choosers after all". So now I don't bother, as much as it goes against the grain. The same for when Mrs H and I offered a number of local charities our services over the Christmas period so their staff could have a little well deserved time off.. it wasn't wanted. I have no idea what the world has come, I really don't.
  4. There are 3 reasons why a combi boiler will loose pressure. The expansion vessel air charge is depleted. This happens naturally and is easily checked and amended, or it could be that the diaphragm has ruptured (tell tale sign is water fro mthe air valve). The pressure relief is letting by - Check outside to see if it is continually dripping. You have a leak on the system somewhere. it's not easy to find especially if you have pipe running under solid floors. I would check and eliminate the first 2 before you look at this option. Hope that helps.
  5. As per the title. Just looking to hear from anyone who has been published, how they went about it and how they found the whole experience. I'm going to the London Book Fair next month to do some homework but I'm guessing that publishers are generally of the 'Schmoozer' persuasion and so would appreciate any personal experience. PM me please if you don't want to air your personal experience on here. Doc.
  6. Thanks for your help guys. I have since found an excerpt from an online book where the writer says he and a number of others took part in a programme called 'Sacred Herbs' in 1999 so I think that is the one. I'll have a look on Ch4's website and see if it is on there 👍
  7. Hi all, I'm hoping someone will be able to help with this. Quite a few years back, and I'm thinking it must be at least 15 years or possibly as many as 20 years ago, there was a programme that was aired where 'guinea pigs' were given measured doses of drugs/toxins and closely monitored & filmed to record the effects on them. I think it may have been Channel 4, at least it certainly seems like the kind of thing they would have aired back then, but I can't find it on their site and have tried various interweb searches. I seem to recall they were given regular drugs like LSD but also controlled measures of Hemlock and magic mushrooms, etc. Can anyone shed any light on this for me please as I'd like to watch it again. Thanks.
  8. Being that time of year for making marmalade, and being the type of person whom detests waste, last year I experimented with making some bitter orange gin with the left over pulp and whatnot. It turned out pretty ok and was probably a tad miffed I hadn't made more. Two things here. Firstly, I can't recall where I got the recipe from or whether I played it by ear but if anyone has a recipe to share then I'd be sincerely grateful. I don't like mine too sweet so I tend to err on the side of caution where sugar is concerned. Secondly, I'd like to know if you chuck everything in, including the pith or whether you leave it out and why? Most recipes I've read online suggest peeling/parring the peel and leaving the pith.
  9. Thank you for the replies. Photos of the coastline from the land are plentiful but it is an image from the sea I am after, either all in one shot or separate, so as to gauge all the hills against each other without having the perspective/tapering off effect. Thanks Henry. I'll give Flickr a look through.
  10. As per the title, I've been trying to find photos of the East Sussex coast line, specifically that incorporates Seaford Head through to Beachy Head. I've done the usual interweb search and it invariably throws up the Seven Sisters or Seaford Head & Beachy Head on their own. I've even tried Google Earth but it just doesn't have the visual impact of all the hills together, ideally from the sea so that we get a true visual of the hills against one another. The reason for this? A friend's wife was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer in September/October 2018, less than a year after giving birth to twins which they had through IVF. Instead of being able to enjoy her young family she is having to contend with this awful condition. As anyone going through this sort of thing will testify, she has had her ups and downs but one thing that has help giver her focus is by helping to support others going through the same thing. She has even raised money, with the help of friends & family, but it has always been on my agenda that we (her other half & I) would try to organise an event of some kind in aid of her fundraising efforts. The name is yet to be decided/confirmed but it will most likely be a team event (most likely a log run/race) from Seaford Martello tower to Eastbourne Pier. I did the route back in June last year (see attached youtube clip) but it was only after that the idea occurred to us to do it as an event for her. So, in order to have a decent logo for the event, we need some decent photos of the coastline. Any help greatly appreciated.
  11. Hey guys! I'm in need of your help please. I've been asked by a dear friend for my help. Unfortunately, the kind of thing they need answers to are for the kind of things where I'm a bit of a dinosaur, I'm afraid. They're doing some research in to the choices we make on a daily basis when it comes to consumption and how our attitude to that is changing. What new products or types of things you have started consuming/using or are thinking of starting/using soon (to include food, travel, services, software, apps, etc.) or are there a y new shops, trends or brands that you've seen emerging and being popular among the younger generation. Thanks in advance.
  12. Does anyone use either the GoPro Hero 8 or Max? I have thought about getting one (most likely the Max) and would like to know what the editing software is like to use if anyone has any experience. Thanks.
  13. Just looking for a recommendation for video editing software. I did use Windows Movie Maker previously for a small project which was ok but don't seem to have that available now. The only thing on my laptop is some bog standard video editing app that, when adding short clips of footage, they seem to have a number of stop/start moments in them which is frustrating. It doesn't seem to be in the original recording which is on my phone. Not looking for anything that will cost £££'s as I'm not looking to make a blockbuster but something which is quite straightforward to use and gives at least semi professional results. Also, something that is easy to add music and adjust volume when there is some dialogue would be good.
  14. Apologies again guys, but I am in need of some legal advice again but relating to a vehicle lease contract that ended nearly 4 years ago. Still being pursued for subsequent annual rental even though the vehicle was sold on. Yes, they have been told but doesn't seem to cut any ice. Happy to pay going rates for any professional in our community whom has the relevant/right qualifications to look in to this and advise/deal with accordingly. PM me for full details.
  15. Decided in the end to log it with the police but with no further action to be taken. PCSO was very helpful and said to contact them directly if anything happens in future. I think the fact they were seen coming to us, well, Mrs H as I was at work, has had the desired effect or so it seems. I've seen a number of them when out the front and not one of them has the guts to look me in the eye. Just speaks volumes about their character. Thanks for all the replies guys.
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