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  1. Doc Holliday

    One for the Pilots - LAPL or PPL(M)?

    During my recent annual break I decided to have a go at conquering a long standing issue I've had with flying. I'm not scared of flying, per se, but more a fer of something going wrong during the flight. Daft, I know, but hey-ho! I know flying is statistically safer than driving and I have no real reason for this anxiety other than it's a frame of mind I seem to have created without due cause. That aside, I decided to grab it by the balls and tackle it head on and went up in a 4 seater Piper Archer II with Mrs H under the most excellent wing (no pun intended) of our pilot, Malcolm. Malcolm is a member of Lydd Aero Club and we had called in the previous month to look in to having a flight experience. Malcolm detailed about how he usually conducts a flight for nervous/anxious fliers and he instilled a great deal of confidence in me, to the point where I felt totally comfortable going up with him. Now, it's important to say that he is not an instructor but is a pilot of a experience. Once up in the air he offered me the controls (after once refusing his offer) and we did a few manoeuvres so I got a better idea of how the plane responds to which actions and controls are applied. He was very patient and extremely accommodating and, I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I will be looking to have a few flights with Malcolm so I can get a better understanding of what goes on. I have also looked in to taking it further with the possibility of going for either LAPL(A) or PPL(M) (Flights with Rosie offer this in an Ikarus C42 which is classed as an Ultralight Aircraft but has the look and feel of a Cessna or Piper type aircraft). I know the LAPL(A) is a stripped down version of the PPL(A) but I am unsure whether the PPL(M) is an even more stripped version of the LAPL(A) or whether it is a good alternative with the possibility of maybe upgrading should one be so inclined?
  2. Doc Holliday

    Possession and the law

    Just had a discussion with a colleague regarding the title. Can anyone shed light on this as to whether there is any truth in it and if it would actually stand up in a court of law.
  3. Doc Holliday

    System boiler questions

    Your best bet is to get an online quote from a company called Boxt. No one can touch them on their prices. I spoke to one of the guv'nors a few months back after a client got a quote from them, me and another company. It was for a commercial boiler and the prices were £4500.00 including VAT, £6500.00 plus VAT and £14,000.00 plus VAT respectively. My client still went with me after I knocked off £500 as he knows my work, and I was still making ok out of it. They guarantee the prices they give online and I wanted to know how they could do it so cheap and he told me they were out to corner the market in replacement boilers. I don't really have a problem with that as I can do other aspects of heating & plumbing, more on the technical side of things, which I prefer. He said they use guys from up North and pay them £400 for a regular boiler swap of £800 for a conventional to combi conversion, and they get that regardless of how long the job takes. They are in partnership with Bosch so tend to use Worcester boilers (apparently) and includes filter, flushing, signing off, etc. I thought about getting them in to do any replacements for me directly but they don't want to get involved with that. I don't know what their backup service is like and it was that which concerned my client as to how long he'd have to wait for them to turn up if it went AWOL.
  4. Doc Holliday

    One for the Aerial engineers

    The vertical one is shown from both my house and from the rear of the house with the aerials. Unfortunately, this is the best shot I can get of either. The other one runs at diagonal and is inclined. The guy who lives there thinks he's a bit of a 'Secret Squirrel' type and, before retiring, was apparently known to boast that in the event of WW3 breaking out a helicopter would land in the road to collect him. Mrs H was concerned that he may be listening in on those around him, mainly her I think, but I'm sure this isn't the case as I think he'd have some compassion or empathy for me for some of the stuff she talks to me about but he walks passed without so much as nod or a wink or a 'Kiss my backside!".
  5. Doc Holliday

    One for the Aerial engineers

    As per the title. I'm hoping someone will be able to shed some light on what these kind of aerials would be used for. There are 2 kinds here. One is fairly straight up (photographed from the rear also) and the other is at a diagonal angle. I thought there was another, like a cone shape with an antenna from memory but I think it may have been upgraded recently for the diagonal one. Hopefully the photos give enough info. If not then please PM me. aWill explain more later. Thanks in advance.
  6. Doc Holliday

    Neighbours dog

    Mods, I know this is about a dog but it's more.to do with the owners that's why this is in Off Topic and not Dogs. Next door have a West Highland terrier. You can count up on one hand the amount of times it goes out of the house but the issue is it doesn't stop barking when they leave it, and this dog can bark for hours. Unfortunately we don't get on with them, not through lack of trying but some people just aren't worth the emotional investment. I have seriously thought about reporting the dog to the RSPCA as it has a skin complaint that doesn't seem to be getting treatment but that's a seperate issue. I have already put a relatively polite note through the door on Christmas day last year as it was barking all afternoon and in to the evening. They didn't acknowledge it but things did seem to improve for a while but this summer it has got to the point where I could quite easily blow my top over it. Naturally, I'd like to try and be the better person but I'd like the PW Collective's advice on what would genuinely be the best next step. I did say to Mrs H that maybe another note saying that the dog clearly has seperation issues and it is not fair to leave it so long or for us to endure its incessant barking and that if they didn't address it then we'd have no option but to report it, adding that perhaps if they gave it a good walk and maybe one of those toys that dispenses treats to keep it occupied may help but she thinks I'm being provocative. I'd rather not be confrontational as things can get said in the heat of the moment and we have to live next door to each other. We don't even acknowledge each other since he came knocking at 10pm one night asking me to move my van as I was parked too close to his wife's car (wouldn't have been a problem if they park on their drive instead of the road). Needless to say I asked if he was taking the rise and he and his Missus stood out there trying to bawl me out but that's another story. Answers on a postcard please.
  7. Doc Holliday

    Windows 10 driver issues

    Is anyone else having a real problem with their drivers on windows 10? Things are running so slow at times it's like the old dial up days of internet. Other times the wifi just ain't having it, which is most often as it happens. My tech guy said 'Up date your drivers. It can be a pain and can take up to 24hours depending on how many you have to update, but usually around 8 - 10'. I've read accounts of people updating their drivers and it not resolving the issue. Ruddy Windows 10 being the ritualistic pain in the proverbial. When it works, it works really well but it really does have me pulling my hair out.
  8. Doc Holliday

    Environmental question....

    Has anyone else watched the 'Billions in Change' movie? I wasn't entirely sure if it was legit or wind up. I think it is legit looking at the website and they have some very good ideas, not to mention some very cool toys to play with.
  9. Doc Holliday

    Has law and order broken down in this country ?

    I was watching Michael Portillo in Secret Britain a few weeks back and they were visiting Shepton Mallet. An interesting point that was raised was that prisons can't both punish and rehabilitate. I would say, as an outsider (no pun intended), they were right. How can you punish and rehabilitate simultaneously?
  10. Doc Holliday

    Jordan B. Peterson

    I have been listening to this guy over the past couple of weeks since hearing him on Chris Evans' Breakfast Show. Although I don't agree with everything he says, he certainly knows how to handle himself in an interview. He's been described as a right-wing liberal. Yes, I know that's an oxymoron but have a listen to what he says in the interviews. He's very anti extreme left and he's not afraid to say how things are, not because it's what he believes it to be but because he says there is the evidence to support that's how it is. A classic example was when being interviewed by The Economist he was asked why he thought men had an issue with women. He replied that men had an issue with women that were out of control. The interviewer then asked what he meant by women out of control to which he asked her that she must have encountered women that were bullying and vitriolic as that's how they tend to outlet their agression unless she was willing to say that women weren't agressive. I wasn't a fan of the interviewer though (Anne McElvoy) as she seemed to have a typical Paxman approach to the interview and that gets on my wick. Rather than asking intelligent questions they all seem to want to be the one who beat down their guest and came out on top, almost like a **** measuring contest. I'm not a fan of extreme politics as I like to think any ideas that advocate common sense should be worth hearing, irrespective of their leaning but it's refreshing to hear that those left of centre have had a gut full of the extreme left and aren't afraid to say what a bunch muppets they are. Of course, the extreme left say he is alt right but that would be like a comparing a Mormon to someone who likes a drink every now and saying they must have a drink problem.
  11. Doc Holliday

    Utility Warehouse

    Just wondered if anyone uses them? Have seen a signwritten vehicle kicking about in my neck of the woods and took a quick look at their website today. Looks like it could be worth checking out properly but, as with all these things, I'd rather hear from those who have first hand experience.
  12. Doc Holliday

    VGA to HDMI

    Ah, ok. Thank you. And thank you for your patience 👍
  13. Doc Holliday

    VGA to HDMI

    Thanks for the reply guys. I have to confess to being a muppet. I was looking at the end that plugged in to my cctv dvr. That is a VGA connection. The other end of the lead is DVI. So I have a male DVI that I would like to get to HDMI. I have seen a female DVI to male HDMI adaptor. There is no audio from the cctv so as far as I can make out, after doing a bit of digging, all I need is one if these adaptors (about £3 off ebay). Or am I still being a muppet?
  14. Doc Holliday

    Glass Cleaner

    +1 👍 Mrs H uses nothing else for glass and we have black glass kitchen doors. She also adds a small amount of white vinegar. Streak free glass cleaner. Maybe I should recommend it to the guy that valeted my van last weekend. There were so many streaks on my windscreen I thought he was trying to put 'Go faster' stripes on it.
  15. Doc Holliday

    Vehicle valeting

    This is a bit of rant (and a whinge, I'm afraid).Just need to let off some steam so make yourself comfortable. It's a bit long winded. I had my van and the OH's car valeted last weekend. The lad that did it was doing a valet for a client of mine and so, as he was a youngster starting out, got him to give me a price. I went over with him what I wanted done and he quoted £90 for the van and £25 for the OH's car. Mrs H keeps it in good nick but the price was in the ballpark of what I was expecting so booked him. I said the missus would probably pay him cash but I'd want to put mine through the books which he was ok with. He said he'd be at ours for 12. 1pm he turns up. I was at the office and didn't get back until 2. Mrs H and I had a couple of viewings booked and so left him my van key and seeing as he was on a price I wasn't too bothered that he turned up late but a courtesy phone call would have been nice. We got back about 6 and he's part way through cleaning the van. I asked him how much longer he would be and told me about an hour. I usually cook Saturday night but thought if he's going to be another hour or so then we'll get a Chinese. 7.30 he knocks on the door. I answer expecting him to tell me he's done. "Can I have another glass of squash?" he asks. I make it for him and ask what he has left to do. "Oh, just a couple of bits. Won't be long", he says. The clock is ticking and I'm seriously hungry now. Like most of us, when my belly starts rumbling I tend to get a little cranky. 8.30 he knocks and tells me he's done. We go over the van and I see he has missed some bits here and there (inside of door posts) and the windows are a bit streaky but mainly he has totally missed the inside of the side and rear doors,.which I distinctly asked him to do. Going by how long it has taken him (5 hours just for my van) I reckoned it would take him another hour to do the bits he missed and those I wasn't overly happy with. He then tells me he's going to have to charge me an extra £10 for chemicals he had to use on this and that. I tell him that there is no way the van got that amount of dirt in a week that warrantied charging me over what he quoted. He stands there yakking for another 10 minutes or so about how hard he's worked on it. I say that he has and that he must be very hungry as I know I am and so tell him to get cleared up and get home to have some dinner. By this time it's almost 9pm. Monday afternoon he sends the invoice, made out incorrectly. I reply and say about the inside of the side and back doors being missed. Wednesday afternoon he calls me and says he wants to come that night to do them but I tell him I won't be home until 8.30 (which wasn't a lie). He says that he doesn't mind and so i have to tell him I don't want him there at that time and that he could come early Friday morning. Reluctantly he agreed to this. He turned up bright and early and I showed him what he missed. He tells me "I didn't do it because I told you it wasn't worth doing". Bloody cheeky ***! So I put him straight in no uncertain terms. Again, he reluctantly did the bits he missed, which took him less than 20 minutes. Knock on the door. "All done!". "That was quick" I tell him and go out to check it over. A bit of a half hearted effort if I'm honest and tell him I think it could have been done better to which he starts scrubbing with a brush. I tell him to leave it and say I'll pay his invoice later when i get in the office. I go indoors and he walks off to his car. A few minutes later there's a knock on the door again. Matey-boy standing there. Asks me, in his monotous drone, if I'm happy with everything. "Not really", I tell him, "but if you're asking me if I'm going to pay your invoice, I'v already told you I will". He then asks me what I'm not happy with and so tell him the general standard of his work leaves a lot to be desired and that he grossly underestimates how long things take him to do. It saddens me when, in trying to give a young lad a hand in trying to get his business off the ground, they feel they can take the proverbial 'P'. Anyway, rant over.