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  1. A brief education, if you will, into buying of precious metals. I'm exploring the idea of looking to buy physical silver and/or gold and would be most grateful if anyone could offer advice as to what I should be looking to buy and from where. I've thought maybe buying direct from the Mint (coins or bars) but I guess that will be at a premium so it would mean trying to find a reputable dealer or collector who may be wanting to sell. For coins I would imagine the 1oz Silver Brittania's or Gold Sovereign's possibly. Bars seem to present a resale issue, as in they don't seem to have the
  2. As always, gents (and any ladies that may have been present), such a wealth of knowledge on here and good to see opinions, regardless of how polarised or in line they may be, put across with such conviction and passion.
  3. I'm looking for recommendations on investment platforms. I know several of our illustrious members are very astute investors and wondered which, if any, you used. I was looking at Interactive Investor today, as my analyst friend has suggested them. She is an incredibly smart and switch on person and I value her advice. I'm just curious to know from other sources what their preferred investment tool/avenue was. Thanks in advance.
  4. I Just to update you guys, I rang Virgin on Thursday and gave them notice to stop being my service provider. It was a painful experience, truly. I then got a phone call on Saturday morning from a very nice bloke asking me what they could do to keep me as a customer. I told him I had 3 issues. 1 - Their equipment was garbage as it had to be reset at least once a week. 2 - They were putting my monthly DD up, which really got my goat especially as they weren't supplying anything extra for it, and 3 - Mrs H and I can watch what we normally watch on Freeview. We don't even use the landlines as
  5. Prices are rising because of the current government strategy on printing more currency and, as you rightly say, bebasing the currency (not to be confused with money). On the last run, BoE announced they were printing another £150 Billion. That was 50% more than most economists were expecting. I thought that for investors to benefit from bonds, the interest rate had to go down. If it goes up then they stand to lose out and not in a small way. Just what an analyst friend of mine told me.
  6. After being a Virgin Media customer for a good many years, I've decided to ditch them as a supplier and go back to Freeview. Not least because they are putting up my monthly DD from next month, for which I can see no reason as to why (I'm certainly not getting anything extra from them) but also their equipment and level if service has become more unreliable. The router goes AWOL at least once a week and I'm paying for channels which we don't watch or already pay for with the TV Licence fee and which we can get on Freeview. I can even subscribe to a number of other channelsand it will still be
  7. Has anyone else seen his latest venture? If so, I just wondered what you thought of it, especially those into investing, whether it is as a professional or as someone who manages their own SIP.
  8. I saw this hen take a hit from the vehicle in front last weekend and, well, waste not want not. I was struck by how different she was, a lot darker beautiful bronze to the more usual beuge/taupe colour I see so I guess she is a different breed. Is anyone able to give an idea as to which? She is currently hanging in my shed now, waiting to be prepped this weekend. This one didn't upload.
  9. Many thanks for replies. I did look at the burdspikesonline website at the Defender 12 Stainless Steel spikes and, as I said in the original post, I thiught just under £100 for 5 metres worth and a tube of fixing was a tad on the steep side. But then I guess I don't have much choice.
  10. As the title says. I'm looking for recommendations on where to buy. Last year we took our conservatory off and had a single storey extension with a parapet wall. Ruddy ferrals love it and turn it a nice shade of green. I said to Mrs H that I will be putting spikes up the next time I clean it off and so have looked at the Defender 12 Extra wide spikes. The only thing is I am looking at just under £100 for 5m plus a tube of their fixant which seems a little pricy but maybe I'm being a bit of a tight gite (which is the French word for ***, as I'm sure you all know). Thanks in advance.
  11. Is anyone else having issues with Google repeatedly asking if they are a robot? I've experienced it a few times in the past couple of days and it's really starting to hack me off so I Googled why Google keeps asking me if I'm a robot? The answer... It is their AI software learning to tell the difference between human and automated/automatic responses. Someone mentioned to me the other day that I shouldn't be using Google if I valued my privacy to any degree and suggested Firefox. I think there is another called NordVPN which bangs on about security and privacy driven browsing. I just won
  12. We've had quite a year this year with wildlife in the garden. A pair of Blue Tits set up nest in the box that had been up and unused for several years. It got cleaned out every Winter in the hope someone would occupy it. I think the female laid somewhere around 14 eggs but we only saw one fledgling. Strangely, there was only one adult towards the end feeding the young and so we weren't entirely sure what happened to the other. We also had a pair of Robins also take up residence in the adjacent nest box which had been up as long as the Blue Tits box, but her eggs were predated by something
  13. Some of you may he aware that the price of Gold is at an all time time high. A friend of mine said a couple of months back that I bought to put a good chunk of my SIPP into gold stocks. She's a very astute business analyst and I've come to respect her advice on these matters. So much so that I have also thought about putting what 'cash' I have into gold and silver coins. American Eagles seem to dominate this market with Krugerrand's close behind. I'd have thought Soveriegns would have up there but apparently not. The reason my putting my cash into coins is because I have been liste
  14. Many thanks gents! Some very sage and helpful advice, always. 7Days, the teacher I went to said that Jazz/Blues style is probably easiest to learn as tends to be a little more forgiving when learning. She did badger me to get a keyboard but I just didn't have the time to commit to it, unfortunately. I think my style will be more 'Little Richard' than Richard Clayderman 😂 I recently did some work for a friend of a friend, who is a piano teacher, mainly classical I think. Her young lad, who was probably about 8, played beautifully. She wanted some help putting up shelves, pictures &
  15. Evening one and all! As per the title, I'm looking for a recommendation for an electric piano/keyboard. I've always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument and it was a toss up between the guitar or the piano. The piano won (best of 3). I did have a few lessons some years back and the teacher insisted that I get a keyboard to practice on. Although I did look into this, I never followed up and thought I'd get around to it a bit later. Thst was probably like 10 years ago. So, I'm only looking for something not too expensive but with a full set of keys which I can mess abou
  16. I have a Russian friend who has asked me to help train her and build up her strength, etc. I said sure, and in return she could help me learn Russian (language that has held a fascination for me for some time), to which she totally scoffed at and said it was too difficult. Well, not being one to be so easily thwarted, and if only to prove her wrong, I thought I'd have a look at some apps and see what I could use whilst I am driving around. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, as always.
  17. Well, the plan was to remove the Pyracantha we have there as it hasn't done too well and replace it with another Jasmin as that grows quite quickly giving good cover but the Robin had taken up residencebefore we could action that. All the growth of the Pyracantha is at the top and not that thick either. I had moved the nest boxes last autumn as they were on the north side of the shed for the last 6 years with no sign of interest or takers. The position they are in now is Northeast facing and gets a good amount of shade from late morning onwards. Mrs H said the Magpie was in the garden this aft
  18. Well, we still have the hedgehogs and the Blue Tits, for the time being anyway. I saw the female hedgehog this morning (yes, I know, in daylight but she seemed happy/well enough) gorging on the rehydrated mealworms I put out for the foraging birds (we have one Thrush that visits and a pair of blackbirds who are nesting in next door's big shrubby thing. The trouble is the bloody Starlings pig a lot of them and leave their mess everywhere. I've thought about putting up signs saying 'Only 2 Starlings in the garden at a time' to see if that helps. The thing with the Blue Tits is this. They
  19. Let's hope so, although haven't seen hide nor hair of the Robins at all this morning, not even hearing them. I do have another Robin box in the Jasmin about 2 metres away. The thing is, apart from seeing the Magpie the other week on the ground and today on the fence, I haven't seen them in the garden at all. I'd have thought that if the got wind of a potential food source they'd have been around a lot more. The other thing I'd like some advice on would be how to deter the Magpies in future. Given proximity of neighbours shooting with an air rifle is out of the question, unfortunate
  20. Sad to report that as of this morning the Robin's nest lays empty and cold. I went to check, like I do every morning from the shed, tucked behind some ply and a pair of steps. She was there yesterday, even if I thought she seemed to be somewhat lower in the nest. I thought this was probably due to the nesting material settling down or was it because her eggs were being taken? Using the phone camera, I took my usual photo to see she wasn't there. I went back inside and had my coffee and gave it another 20 minutes or so. I stood at the bedroom window and watched all the comings and goings. The R
  21. Ok, so the Robin is still sitting on her eggs. I think they must be due to hatch in the next few days. We also have a pair of Blue Tits checking out a nest box next to the Robin's. I was down the shed yesterday morning and wanted to get some slo-mo action shots of them coming and going. What I didn't expect was the male coming straight at me. Nearly pee'd my pants as I thought I'd been rumbled! I'll have to try and post a link as it is too big for the usual upload on here.
  22. The coaches at my Crossfit box have been posting home workouts for us to do but aot of folk (myself included) are struggling to some degree with feeling motivated. I have recently downloaded an app called Smartwod. They have a timer and a workout generator. Both are very good. You just input the equipment that you have (if any) and it will generate workouts for you based on that. Very handy if, like me, you get bored doing too much of the same thing or can't be bothered to plan your own workouts.
  23. Great! Many thanks. Fortunately we don't have many corvids come into our garden. That said, we did have a magpie one day last week which is very unusual. There are a number around our way but they tend to steer clear of the gardens. Too many cats for their liking I would guess.
  24. How long do they stay in the larvae stage before going to the chrysalis stage, and then how long before they hatch? Also, how long does 5kg last? I realise it will be dependent on how much you put out at a time but any and all info would be appreciated 👍
  25. We had the same thing happen last year. Stopped building part way through. We think a cat may have found/disturbed them as it is in pretty much the same position as last year, just a bit more out in the open. Thanks for replies guys. I just couldn't understand why she was on the nest in the morning and then nothing all day. I shall put up photos as things progress. I have also been looking at buying fresh meal worms online as fishing tackle shops are shut. Can anyone recommend a supplier? I did put fresh maggots out last year during nesting time and all the birds went mental over them. I'
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