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  1. Hello all I have just been given a Mercury as a project just wondering the best place to get new seals etc or perhaps a service kit - I'm not wanting max power just smooth shooting can bashing fun JB
  2. We bought an old static 31' x10' For £750 plus £500 delivery it was a few years ago but cheap living while fi ish our house refurb.
  3. Maybe a long shot but I'm looking for a quad for my 8 year old son - he wants a 450cc 😁 but may be a bit much for him just wondering if any one has something lurking in the back of the garage LT 50, 80 or Apache 100.... JB
  4. ALKO make some good quality mowers at reasonable prices I bought one last spring and it is great it's a single speed self propelled with a Honda engine 20" cut - Its used about 15 hrs a month.
  5. I have one but I'm in South Wales - where are you ?
  6. A friend of mine has one 14 bore cartridge up for grabs -
  7. £125 For a handy little scaffold -
  8. The outriggers are 2.3m long The platform 1.4m x 0.6m Frame 1.1m x 0.6m Various assorted tubes 1.4 and 1.8m Do you have a sunroof 😁
  9. It's you who is far away... I'm right here 😄 Where are you ?
  10. A compact tower 2.3m high x600mm x 1.4m It has 4 height adjustable screw feet and 2 outrigger Platform board needs renewing £175 - ish
  11. I have a Dreamline walnut in .22 it is a superb rifle 3 power settings 11 20 and 30ft lb The FX slugs are superb accurate and hard hitting - not cheap but worth it on vermin Lightweight rifle quite compact reminds me of my Sharp Innova a bit back in the 80's If I had a choice of any rifle again I would choose the dreamline .
  12. I've had the Dreamline a month now and love it - light powerful accurate a superb little rifle 😊
  13. My nieces boyfriend is cycling Lands End to John O Groats - he is looking for a garden to camp in tomorrow night ...
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