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  1. ALKO make some good quality mowers at reasonable prices I bought one last spring and it is great it's a single speed self propelled with a Honda engine 20" cut - Its used about 15 hrs a month.
  2. I have one but I'm in South Wales - where are you ?
  3. A friend of mine has one 14 bore cartridge up for grabs -
  4. £125 For a handy little scaffold -
  5. The outriggers are 2.3m long The platform 1.4m x 0.6m Frame 1.1m x 0.6m Various assorted tubes 1.4 and 1.8m Do you have a sunroof 😁
  6. It's you who is far away... I'm right here 😄 Where are you ?
  7. A compact tower 2.3m high x600mm x 1.4m It has 4 height adjustable screw feet and 2 outrigger Platform board needs renewing £175 - ish
  8. I have a Dreamline walnut in .22 it is a superb rifle 3 power settings 11 20 and 30ft lb The FX slugs are superb accurate and hard hitting - not cheap but worth it on vermin Lightweight rifle quite compact reminds me of my Sharp Innova a bit back in the 80's If I had a choice of any rifle again I would choose the dreamline .
  9. I've had the Dreamline a month now and love it - light powerful accurate a superb little rifle 😊
  10. My nieces boyfriend is cycling Lands End to John O Groats - he is looking for a garden to camp in tomorrow night ...
  11. Thanks Steve I have sent money All sorted 👍
  12. A set of high 1" mounts to suit 11mm rail please... Thanks JB
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