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    Shooting.ferreting. motorcycling,camping and the family,
  1. cant licences be acquired from ofcom? i bought some Motorola GP350's BRC's. it cost me £75 for a 5yr license
  2. Total Fishing Gear Force 8 jacket size (M) that im selling i bought it last summer but have never used it it has a removable fleece with a camo pattern printed on it too I paid about £150 for it and want just £50 as its better off being used by someone who needs it than being hung up in my wardrobe doing nothing....£7 p&p thanks for looking... oh and I'm in sheffield and the jacket is advertised elsewhere sold
  3. sorry mate only just seen this next time 8-)
  4. stunning action pics mate thanks for sharing them with us
  5. as i see it you only use the decoys to bring the offending crop munchers in to 'range' if you put the deeks out and you DON'T shoot any pigeons because there was none around, there cant have been any pests to control, if you put the deeks out and some pigeons DO decoy in to the pattern, how do you know they were going to land on the other side of the field to you and start eating, so you shoot them.. there for you are now controlling pests
  6. nice looking flarge charley, but it still shines, if the sun is on the gun it glint like *******
  7. look at this mate http://www.outdoorsman.co.uk/index1.html look at weapon camouflage
  8. Passing it on: , Japanese Shiba Inu red female 8yrs old wearing Blue with white spotted collar (with name tag/phone number) escaped from garden at Wrangle on Thursday & has been spotted since at Freistone heading towards Boston nth lincolnshire. She is normally very friendly but is now very frightened & is running off when people approach. If you spot her contact her owners on 01205 870193 or 07962713177
  9. i agree with the others net the holes then retire for a brew (or 2) , then get as many furts down those holes as you can, the last outing i went on we put 6 ferrets down and the rabbits still gave them a run around down in the warren. eventually they bolted to the surface and we bagged 16
  10. I agree, i vastly under estimate distance :blink:
  11. cant you put it in a wardrobe and bolt it to the wall??that's where mine is, and you dont lose any space in there
  12. richie76

    AA S410/S510

    have to agree, iv used 1 for the last 7yrs, fantastic gun. only issue i have is there a little heavy
  13. 3x9x50 scope. i use x4 for lamping and x6 most of the time in day light
  14. richie76


    i shot my first duck too the other day, its a good feeling isnt it as it lands on the ground. i was told they are a hard bird to shoot. i guess i was lucky that it came at me low, i found it just like a pigeon that had been decoyed nicely
  15. find an old drill with a variable speed control on the switch, that will work i think
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