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    Clays, game, w/pigeon, practical shotgun. Deer stalking, target rifle, gallery rifle, mini-rifle.
  1. Shotguns of any type haven't been mentioned in any of the documentation I've seen
  2. I hold shooters with that attitude with more contempt than out-and-out antis
  3. Filled in the ticky box part (and got 8 others to do it as well - just sat them in front of my laptop and 'made' them fill it in ), wrote to the official consultation email address and to my MP. Likely wasting my time but if you don't take part you can't complain about the result!
  4. ive got the foggiest

    I'd be impressed if you could nitrogen purge and re-seal a scope yourself! As above, send it back
  5. This can’t be real, woman can try out for the SAS

    It’s really simple, standardisation of equipment across the whole squad/regiment. If you’ve ever shot a gun with too small of a grip you’ll know how bad it makes it and if stocks have to be made smaller (that aren’t adjustable) it can make the gun virtually unusable. However that’s a minor aside. There’s no way the standards will be maintained in the current climate of uberPC and victimhood
  6. This can’t be real, woman can try out for the SAS

    SHOULD being the operative word. These days i'd be amazed if that was the case. I wonder if they'll have to have special guns with small grips like those ARV officers that joined and then complained about discrimination/not being able to use the standard issue guns properly
  7. Lily Allen - Homeless?

    Anyone on here live local to her that can stand outside her house with a 'Lily not welcome' sign?
  8. Parking limits.

    If multiple vehicles used by the same business are regularly parked at the same residential address and are causing problems for neighbours then action can be taken. It is often hard for the council to prove though and rarely results in formal enforcement action, hence the tone of my first post.
  9. Parking limits.

    If all the vans are used in the same business (especially if they have the same livery on them) you could try the planning enforcement team of your Council. People who run taxi businesses from a residential area fall foul of this quite often, however it can be difficult to get formal enforcement action pushed through but it may result in them actually thinking about other people and they make efforts to sort it out themselves/disperse the vans further afield
  10. Not turning up because of childcare

    If a Council are involved he's knackered, the policy most follow relating to pregnant/mothers is so uber PC they could email pictures from Barbados directly to the head of HR when they were supposed to be having 'child care issues' and theres sweet FA they could do about it. Lost count of the number of times me and other childless people in our office have had to pick up the slack/rearrange our plans because of the child care card being played.
  11. Shortening an O/U

    Longer barrels help with swing which is more important when shooting Sporting/Skeet clays than a faster pointing gun that a shorter barrel would provide.
  12. Shortening an O/U

    Correct on the barrel length but the 40" OAL applies to semi-auto and pump-actions only. S5 (ac) of the Firearms Act 1968. If you move an O/U (or any break-action, bolt-action or under-lever shotgun) to an FAC you can have a 12" barrel! (24" OAL also applies)
  13. Can’t stand this new layout

    Thanks for the tip
  14. Gun control works ?

    Gun control is the ultimate 'fake news'.
  15. Can’t stand this new layout

    The only thing that annoys me is if there are a lot of threads to read (I only come here every now and again and in the old format there could be 10-30 pages to get through!), rather than been set in pages of say 20 threads, there's just one page that goes on and on and on. And if you click a tread to read it takes you right back to the top of the list/page