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  1. Oh god its turned into one of them threads.... A person in possession of a firearm has the potential to be committing a raft of offences which would allow an officer to investigate/access the land, which is what was actually being discussed in the first quote of mine you have used. Yes a person in a field is far likely to have a reasonable excuse/not be committing an offence than a person in a street, but that again is irrelevant and not what was being discussed. You seem to have jumped on this as if i'm personally accusing people out shooting of doing something wrong?? I don't know
  2. I'm not a police officer but do deal with lots of legislation in my day to day job, but are we honestly debating whether a police officer has the right to walk over a field to ask someone with a gun what they're doing, really?? I don't come on here very often but has a Freeman-of-the-land society cropped up or what??
  3. Seeing a person in a field with a gun is all the probable cause an officer needs to investigate a potential crime and gain access to the land and/or buildings without a warrant to make the investigation. When was the last time you heard of a police officer being taken to court, let alone found guilty of a false arrest? And thats like saying if someone gets pulled over for the suspicion of drink driving and being found under the limit could take the traffic cop to court?!
  4. COULD you be arrested, yes, given the right circumstances, under Sections 19 or 20 of the Firearms Act 1968. Are you likely to be arrested if you do have permission to be there, whether written or not, no. Are you likely to be CHARGED with anything if you're there lawfully, almost definitely not. If you got a police officer with a cob on, or you fail the 'attitude test' yes you could be arrested for armed tresspass if you cannot prove that you have authority to be on private land with a firearm. How do you prove you have permission to shoot on the land, you have a writt
  5. Breastman

    .22 LR mag

    The mag in the picture is for .17HMR and .22WMR (not LR - you can just about make out the top of the lesstters at the side of the pic). Several guns with interchangeable barrels/calibres use one mag for both of these calibres (and the Sake Quad uses another mag that covers .22lr and .17Mach2
  6. Unless i'm in the bed, the shower or the pub I have a sub 3" non-locking knife on me and generally use it every day.
  7. This forum never disappoints doing the anti's job for them, the amount of people who think themselves part of the shooting community but are willing to chuck anyone and everyone under the bus as long as the rabid anti-gunner wolves are at their door YET is amazing. No wonder we're in the state we are now. SMH.
  8. Can you not just borrow an appropriate S2 gun from a shooting mate? You can have it off him for 72hrs without any paperwork, faffing with mag tubes or buying a gun you don't really want (Assuming you have an SGC as well as an FAC of course).
  9. Jezza loves a terrorist, always has, always will! Between him and Abbacus the Labour Party has been made unelectable for a generation!
  10. Last time I asked about it, it was going to be £150 for a double barrelled hammer gun, including PRoof House charges and returning the piece to me.
  11. No sense of adventure?? She's got a face only David Cameron could love! I love the series but can't help but laugh when she says she's been 'grafting' all day and is exhausted when she's been clagging dried flowers to a wall in a nice warm room and he's been out in the middle of winter digging out a moat!!
  12. This /\/\/\/\/\/\/\ The whole point of bringing this in was so they (the police/FLD) wouldn't have to waste time issuing S7 certificates so you're not going to get one of those unless they REALLY mess up and go over the 8 extra weeks they are now granted to renew your FAC.
  13. Breastman

    Knives in cars

    There are tons of 'UK friendly' knives out there these days that comply with the <3" and non-locking mechanism rules. Have a look on the Hennie Haynes website; https://www.heinnie.com/knives-and-tools/uk-friendly-carry-knives If you really need a fixed/locking blade, as suggested, don't keep it in the front of the car, put it in the boot etc.
  14. The guards likely prefer them getting it that way than the 'traditional' way which means the guards don't have to have a game of 'brown trout fishing'
  15. No, far worse would and as the attackers were male and victim female, SHE would likely be punished for not getting out of the way their flour! Properly administer corporal punishment, preferably done in public, is the only way i can see the declining behaviour of youths (and adults who still haven't grown out of such behaviours)being brought under control. Crying your eyes out while being birched in front of your vicitms and their families/the rest of the town is likely to bring a 'gangsta' attitude to heal pretty rapidly.
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