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  1. Bo & stinky people

    You want to try being at school with someone with Trimethylaminuria or Fish Odour Syndrome, locked in a portacabin on plastic seats in the baking summer sun for hours on end! A poor lass at my school had it and you could smell her coming before you saw her, horrendous.
  2. AimCam

    In all the photos of them they look REALLY wide, for those that have them, is that the case or has the guy on all of the promotional pictures just got a really skinny head? Also are they comfortable to wear with ear muff type ear defenders? Thanks
  3. Welded Lifter - Thanks Bunnykiller

    Excellent work, it really is worth it to avoid Benelli Bite! I can't tell from the angle of the photo but you do need to ensure there's a slight downward bend to the tip of the lifter once you have this done, otherwise it will feed cartridges into the top rim around the barrel/chamber. A little heat, a vice and patience gets the job done.
  4. Florida School Shooting

    Strange how most of these types of shootings, in not all happen in 'gun free zones' and not gun trade fairs, shooting ranges etc isn't it? Almost as if there's a link.... If banning things worked handguns would not be the #1 firearm type* used in the UK for both gun crime and gun murder (according to the Office of National Statistics), and drugs such as cocaine, MDMA, heroin etc wouldn't be freely available in every city, town and village. But yes, lets blame the inanimate objects murderers use to commit their atrocities and not just the murderer themselves There also seems to be some severe goldfish memories going on to forget the truck and knife attacks in the last 3 years.... *Actual firearm and not 'air weapon'
  5. Variation ammo allowance

    You don't need a form or fee, just send a letter/email justifying why you need more ammo on the ticket.
  6. Section2 as long as it has a 24" or greater length barrel. You could have a 10 barrelled O/U or SbS and it would still be Section 2 (with 24" barrels). The wording of the Firearms Act is; "....a shotgun with the meaning of this Act...which - either has no magazine or has a non-detachable magazine incapable of holding more than two cartridges..." Therefore if the gun has no magazine, as in the case of a O/U or SbS the gun can hold as many cartridges as it has barrels.
  7. Semi auto woes

    Sounds like you aren't pushing the cartridge far enough into the magazine to engage the shell stop. If you are putting it all the way in and its just coming straight back out the shell stop is stuck or knackered, follow the advice above if that is the case.
  8. Gun Related Number Plates

    I was in the exact position as the OP and I decided rather than upset the apple cart i'd put it on the car, but I went the opposite way to the above. Mine is XXX (my initials) 1 GUN. I've had an 'illegal' plate made that puts the 1 next to GUN so XXX 1GUN and most people who have mentioned the plate to me don't even register the 'GUN' part, they're more interested in what the 'obvious' XXX part is. I've had it for around 4 years and not had any problems, but the majority of my shooting is at ranges where anti's don't seem to be bothered about. FYI I have a 'properly' spaced plate for the MOT. I can understand the small/highly stylised letters that are difficult to read but the spacing restriction is just a money spinner for bored traffic cops as far as i'm concerned, it doesn't stop/defeat ANPR cameras or anything.
  9. Variation

    Its a single £20 fee regardless of how many additional firearms are being requested. Lots of police forces don't allow .17HMR to be granted solely for foxes so be prepared to have to fight your corner on that one. Good luck.
  10. Dog bite - what to do

    Some dogs can't be socialised (to the point they could be trusted off lead/freely interact with other dogs). I got my dog as a 5 year old rescue and the previous owners had obviously not done their job. My wife and I have tried all the normal techniques and even been to training classes for the dog (and us!) but sadly she is just terrified of other dgos and can lash out when they get too close. She is never, ever allowed off lead in public. Sadly this is a two way street that many people seemingly fail to understand. The number of times I've had someone let their dogs come bounding up to mine, completely out of the control of the owner, and then they give me a dirty look when my dog snacks at their dog is unbelievable, even after asking them to keep their dog back. As far as i'm concerned if you haven't perfected recalling your dog vocally it shouldn't be off lead in public (or at least spaces where its likely to come into contact with other dogs or traffic) no matter how 'friendly' it is.
  11. Gun cam

    I use a Contour GPS action camera on a headband mount on the side of a baseball cap and I was also taking drone footage at the same time. Putting the two 1080p feeds into the video editing software ground my laptop to a halt. Just bought a second hand one but its got 8gb memory, expandable to 16gb and an i5 processor. My old laptop had 2gb RAm and was at least 8 years old so couldn't cope. Have you had a look at the AimCam glasses? They're £200 but you get a really good shooters view of the action. I think they're going to have a stand at this years shooting show if you were going so you could get hands on. (N.B. Don't buy any of the normal/budget shooting cam glasses, because the camera is fixed in the middle of the frame they only work for pistol shooting, not rifles or shotguns)
  12. Gun cam

    Bear in mind that in order to process the footage you'll need a computer with matched power specs to the resolution of the camera. A 4K camera will kill an average/4 year old laptop. I've recently had to upgrade my laptop so I could process footage and I was only using HD/1080p (it was the picture in picture footage that really caused a problem)
  13. Local sand quarry proposal

    Some good advice regarding the wildlife and traffic surveys. The hyperlink also mentioned its part of an AONB? You should all focus your efforts on these sorts of things which are 'material planning considerations', you're wasting your time with things like devaluation of property, "I've lived here for x number of years" etc etc which don't come into it.
  14. Illegal pocket knife?

    He was Prime Minister in 1953 when the ironically named Prevention of Crime Act 1953 was passed that all this stems from. Although I suppose the person most directly responsible would be the Home Secretary at the time (David Fyfe - Had to Google that!)
  15. Illegal pocket knife?

    You can thank Winston Churchill for this nonsense!