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  1. Breastman

    Ms Abbott in the news again

    Someone asked her if she was going for a number 1 or number 2 and what followed was the confusion of her brain trying to process those numbers
  2. Breastman

    alcohol & gun license

    If you are dependent on alcohol you are deemed to be unfit to be in possession of firearms. If you contact your GP about the problem they will inform the police and they will, at least, remove any firearms from your property, but likely revoke your certificates. IMO its much better to leap before you're pushed and i would dispose of any and all guns you have until you are confidently over the problem. I would also think of handing in the certificate(s) after you have disposed of the guns, preferably before the FLD gets informed by your GP. IMO it will make reapplying for them a LOT easier than having a revocation on your record. If you have shooting mates that can take the guns, excellent, if not you'll need to sell them or put them in long term storage with an RFD (could be quite costly). I am currently holding a shotgun for someone in a similar situation, but he said some stupid things to his wife (suicide threat), who then informed the police. His certs were immediately revoked and if i'm being really honest, i doubt he's going to get them back now because of that. Well done for confronting the problem and i wish you luck in beating it
  3. Breastman

    Pastrami, do you like it?

    I liked it in the US but it was totally different to here. Tastes like someone has got very thinly sliced beef and wiped out a pot pourri bowl with it!
  4. Breastman

    Adler A110

    Meh, don’t really see the point of S2 lever/semi/pumps, plus I’d only really have a use for it for practical shotgun and as you don’t have to obey the 24” barrel length restriction on a lever action I’d be looking to get a shorter barrel or have it chopped, 14-16” would be awesome!
  5. Breastman

    Adler A110

    Have a look on Youtube, there are tons of Aussie videos on them as they're the best they can get over there. I've had a slot for one on my ticket for donkeys but never took the plunge as there's always been something else come along. If my MARS rifle does eventually get banned i'll definitely be buying one with the compo (assuming i get any!). Also heard rumours of a shot-stroke kit out for them wihich would really be a bonus, just don't understand how it would work as they don't have a linkage type lever like a MArlin/Winchester, its just a huge semi-circle that literally pulls and pushs the bolt?!
  6. A few years back i had a rifle on order with them that was "definitely going to be in next week", for 4.5 months. In the end i just stopped contacting them and got in touch with the Austrian factory direct to get a realistic delivery date. I've got no idea why some places do that, rather than just giving you an honest answer of "we don't know" or "at least a few months"
  7. Breastman

    Annoying TV Advertisements

    I don't approve of the methods but I am sincerely grateful of the results
  8. Breastman

    Extreme cold weather gun oil

    I use a similar all-in-one job, Napier Gun Cleaner. I shot a practical shotgun competition with it in Scotland in March and the temperature never got above -3oC. The gun (and me) were outside for 9hrs and had over 200 cartridges through it with no issues.
  9. Breastman

    Gun cabinet problems

    What is beyond the plasterboard? If you can't cut a hole in the plasterboard to get to the solid wall (like literally the outline of the cabinet and have it partially inside the wall), there are fixings such as Rigi-fix which bridge the gap between the plasterboard and solid wall with a steel shank. The biggest ones are rated for a 280kg load each.
  10. Breastman

    Buck shot size for IPSC

    If you're going to be using it in level 3 or above comps just make sure it makes/doesn't exceed the min/max power factors as you'd get the stages shot with it scrubbed. Best of luck, making decent buckshot is bloody tricky!
  11. Breastman

    Shared Firearms on tickets for £20?

    They don't half like making it complicated for themselves don't they?! And their 'justification' that they wouldn't know who was misusing a gun is preposterous! By that logic if someone steals one of your guns and uses it to commit a crime before you've reported it stolen then you would be the one accused of their crime as if there'd be no investigation?! As with others a know a few people that do this but they're all in the same force area. Maybe Leicestershire and D&C have had a falling out?? Best of luck
  12. Breastman

    Lambton Chester le Street

    Do it every year as its on my door step and great shoot
  13. Breastman

    Easy Hit Shotgun sight

    Its for people who use a shotgun sort of like a rifle i.e. using the bead, rather than solely focusing on the clay. I don't know what the method is 'officially' called but I call it maintained lead. i.e. You see the clay and bead at the same time and maintain the same speed as the target, you then just use judgement/experience/dumb luck to guess the required lead. Personally I use a combination of the two depending on the bird and have decent results, usually top three in my little club. YMMV.
  14. Breastman

    Easy Hit Shotgun sight

    Then what happens with what? The lens on the sight shown on the photograph focuses the light into a visible dot, so basically a battery-free red-dot, the Easyhit is just highly visible to the eye, it isn't focused onto the eye or anything, it just appears to be a bright bead.
  15. Breastman

    Easy Hit Shotgun sight

    Its fitted the correct way around/it isn't the Easyhit bead being discussed. The one photographed collects the light in the tube then reflects it off the lens to create a red-dot type sight. The Easyhit beads send the collected light back into the eye of the shooter.