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  1. Thanks all GraveDigger had just what I wanted and a very easy transaction. Thanks Andy John
  2. Age and barrel length not important but reliability is, this will be for a spare gun for when I take friends out in the field, £300 or under if possible.
  3. It is a none LRF nv 008 again as new but it is sold I think. if it falls through I will let you know.
  4. Hi All I brought this and another Pard to use on my guns ,but can not get on that well with them., so I am back on my Archer. Perfect working order hardly a mark on it, with little use. Great bit of kit but the Archer has spoilt me, I have had thermal scopes as well and still went back to the Archer its an age thing I think. Can be tried and tested in Leicestershire, great bit of kit but the Archer has spoilt me. £665 posted Cheers John
  5. Good Evening My mate is after a .22 Hornet CF, slot on his ticket he is left handed but right hand is okay. PM or me if you have anything sitting gathering dust. Cheers John
  6. Thanks Swampy They should be back in stock next week, Blackwoods do the NV008 for £529 on an offer, so hoping they do them again, he who hesitates grrr
  7. missed the above, another still required Thanks John
  8. PM sent Steve, I will take it please Dave the price sort of gives it away unless I have hit a lucky streak. One down two to go as I need another two if any one has any?
  9. I just brought a new 500, my opinion is is I should of got the 350 as you will have more than enough calls on that model and save £50 It will be easier to work especially if you shoot at night as the back light does not come on easily with the 500 and the writing is quite small, the aerial on the remote is also a flimsy pull up one and will brake at some point that is for sure, the rubber duck type like fitted to the unit would of been a lot better. Apart from the above it is a superb bit of kit we pulled in 5 fox the other night with it.
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