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    I just brought a new 500, my opinion is is I should of got the 350 as you will have more than enough calls on that model and save £50 It will be easier to work especially if you shoot at night as the back light does not come on easily with the 500 and the writing is quite small, the aerial on the remote is also a flimsy pull up one and will brake at some point that is for sure, the rubber duck type like fitted to the unit would of been a lot better. Apart from the above it is a superb bit of kit we pulled in 5 fox the other night with it.
  2. cheekychappy

    NV spotter / monocular

    I have a pair of nv binoculars that will do 200 yards easily and some Add a laser to this and your good for a lot further than you need, I am sure I have a laser as well if required. Dont worry about the gen one its a good as picture as a any gen 2 add on as it pulls in so much light.
  3. cheekychappy

    Foxpro or similar wanted

    Has any one got a Fox Pro or the similar for sale pm me or post here please. Cheers John
  4. cheekychappy

    Night vision

    same as me nearly its a sin to be out at night lol
  5. cheekychappy

    Two Pulsar IR illuminators and a NM 800 with turbo kit

    I can see them can anyone else?
  6. cheekychappy

    NV Binoculars fantastic for spotting

    NV Binoculars
  7. Two Pulsar IR illuminators and a NM 800 with turbo kit
  8. cheekychappy

    Anschutz 1700 Hornet .22 mag wanted

    Hi I am looking for a five shot magazine for the Anschutz Hornet .22 Thanks John
  9. cheekychappy

    Scope wanted 50mm 56mm or 60mm

    Thanks for all the replies i ended up buying a couple of nikko mountmasters brilliant with my Archer attached for NV for £50, not the best day scope for clarity but with the night vision i can see the brick joints on a chimney clearly at 250-300 yards possibly due to the dragonfly laser
  10. cheekychappy

    Scope wanted 50mm 56mm or 60mm

    i only shoot at about 8 mag if that so it does not need lots, I will look at the Edgar bros opti-TT 5-20x50 now thanks Regards John The Edgar bros opti-TT 5-20x50 is illuminated, my problem is fitting the archer on it as most the battery sits on the end where the nv attaches
  11. cheekychappy

    Scope wanted 50mm 56mm or 60mm

    With a side parallax and not an illuminated ret as it is for my nv add on regards John
  12. cheekychappy

    Anschutz  520 .22 LR

    Hi yes I have just sent you one back john
  13. cheekychappy

    Anschutz  520 .22 LR

    Thank you for the advice, I have to send my ticket in for a variation so it will be easier for me to sell it as it is, its a nice older none abused rifle that just needs a little love they are a brilliant well made rifle.
  14. cheekychappy

    HD38S Thermal Imaging Scope

    Now Sold to the man above Thanks
  15. cheekychappy

    HD38S Thermal Imaging Scope

    Boilers are my thing as well, whats wrong with it?