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    I Love my snakes, i have nearly 40 of them now. I am currently passing time doing match stick models.. Dont laugh! The one im doing atm is a bow top caravan, and if i say so myself, its looking good.. well passes the time anyways :P

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  1. Give my 11 foot Burmese another year or so, and i think that could be quite possible LOL Im getting a couple of users who may be able to help me.. would be great if i could get a regular supply, i might consider getting some of my other snakes started on them. Trouble is they taste so damn good that once they have had a taste, they dont want to eat anything else. As for Pigeons coming through the post, i think you may be right, they would be rather smelly by the time they reach me. LOL However on saying that.. i travel to collect snakes for my breeding project and would be happy to pass by if close enough to collect. So the next time i travel i will post on here where to and if anyone in the area as some they dont require i will be happy to take them and pay for them So i guess some of you guys who are adverse to a female being on your forum.. all i can say is get used to it heheheh Nikki
  2. Hey Tony, The ones i get atm are shot in the head, the pellet tends to go right through so no need for me to dig anything out. However after doing research on these things it would appear that it would not harm the snake anyways due to them eating the pigeon whole and sorting out what is worth keeping and the rest gets passed right through.. which aint a pretty site LOL like having to clean up after a horse LOL I do have a good look at the bird before offering it to my snakes. I have been lucky to not have to go digging for the pellet as of yet, but i would if i had to . Never worth the risk is it Scout i have left you a PM Thanks
  3. Gloucester is abit far for me, otherwise i would be there like a shot. But a big thank you anyways Nikki
  4. It will not require new members to be vouched for, just a check will suffice. HEHEHE Tell me... did you enjoy checking me out? I must say you must have been very gentle as i did not feel a thing!
  5. The one and only gig i have been to is Meatloaf this year in Plymouth... It did nothing but rain.. the sound was ****, and Meatloaf was not as good as i expected him to be.. All in all a disapointment for my first gig!
  6. Thanks for all your comments Still have not found anyone in the Plymouth area, But im still hopefull. As for pest control agencies i have tried them to no avail I was given 4 pigeons this evening by a friend who as a contract to shoot them of a shopping centre, which is great. He shoots the pigeons in the head and the pellet goes right through.... Which saves me digging them out However as you can imagine 4 pigeons will not last very long with these 2 9 foot Burmese Pythons ... Greedy **** LOL I also have a huge boa and a 11 foot burmese that love the rabbits, lucky for them, there is always roadkill and reptile shops to get these from. But unfortunatly this is not the case with birds.
  7. Thank you Cranfield - I am indeed female. As for you Hamser - your suggestion that what I am asking here is cheeky and rude, I find offensive. You have 'assumed' that I have joined this forum today for one purpose and one purpose only. How do you know that? I may well talk to others on here and take up the 'shooting' hobby as it is here. I may well talk to people on here and make some new friends. You also assume I am not a shooting man ... well, Man I certainly am not, being 7 months pregnant, but shoot I certainly do. And not the blasting away with a massive spread of shotgun pellets. Targets are what I shoot at with rimfire small bore and 7.62mm centre fire rifles. So again, I may be able to contribute to the forum in other ways. As far as my request for pigeons for my snakes goes, I am not wanting free pigeons, or pigeons especially shot - I am willing to pay for them a decent price to ensure the welfare of my snakes. If this is cheeky and rude, I make no apology. As for the people here shooting for the 'table' - looking at some of the figures of pigeons shot here, some must eat pigeon every day! I only want a few .. not hundreds! However, you simply replied to my post with sarcasm - widely regarded as the lowest form of wit! So all in all, you have made a new user to this forum very unwelcome - and if I recall, most forums are not forums with no users. Carry on as such with new users and this will happen here. Rant over. Anyone for 600m target shooting?
  8. well at least if they go for snake grub they are being recycled and not wasted. surley thats better all round... isnt it?
  9. Come on guys, someone as to have some pigeons they have shot and want rid of in the southwest.. I have 2 very hungry Burmese Pythons that will only eat birds. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount for these pigeons. Help me out :D
  10. Hey all, I have been looking to get hold of any dead pigeons with pref head shots I have a very fussy Burmese Python that loves whole pigeons. My normal suppler is limited to the amount he can shoot, so need other supplers fast. I am willing to pay a resonable amount. The area i live in is plymouth. If anyone can help please email me. Many Thanks Nikki
  11. My Burmese has gone right of rats, and so as his missus. So now i am left with 2 nearly 9foot Burmese Pythons that will only eat Birds, and they love Pigeons. You cant get them anywhere... Maybe you should contact some of your local reptile shops and see if they want to take them of your hands.. I know i am desperate and cant get them anywhere Im even struggling to get a whole chicken that has not yet been plucked Bloody snakes LOL
  12. A great chat server i have found is www.surrealchat.co.uk all you have to do is click the chat button and pop in a nickname and of ya go.. some really nice people there, and the admins let you have your own room should you want one. I have one called #the_reptile_chat_room Mind you i did find this server very open minded and fun, which is great if you are a open minded person who is not easliy offended
  13. Hey all, I have been looking to get hold of any dead pigeons. I have a very fussy Burmese Python that loves whole pigeons. My normal suppler is limited to the amount he can shoot, so need other supplers fast. I am willing to pay a resonable amount. The area i live in is plymouth. If anyone can help please email me. Many Thanks Nikki
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