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  1. Would an electric supercharger be acceptable you think?
  2. I don't get the link to Brexit, I don't think there is one with the global supply chain issues and inflation. Far too early for any level minded person to claim Brexit has been any kind of success, Northern Ireland remains a concern and the vaccine roll-out had naff all to do with Brexit. COVID trumped everything. I assume your post is tongue in cheek...
  3. The elephant in the room here is inflation, prices on everything seem to be going up everywhere with these global supply chain issues.
  4. To state the obvious, if it were just the £60 per rank and file officer, that's 333,333 of them per day - seems like an inflated figure to me.
  5. I've had 14 carp this month which is about as good as a month I've had in the past year, also had a 30 on each of my last three sessions including a new PB of 38lb 13oz. Is anyone else getting out?
  6. I renewed on Friday with the paperless option. Wrote the code on the old licence and have a screenshot saved too.
  7. I blame Bambi. One of the key issues I have with my other half is the fact that she is completely unmoved by scenes of human suffering on the news but the moment a furry animal is in danger she insists on the channel being changed, like literally she'll eat her dinner watching human famine and suffering on TV and think nothing of it. I will never understand it.
  8. Agree with Gordon R and Mungler though I think the youngsters will learn and be driven to put that nightmare to bed in the future. I hate the phrase but I do think we stand a chance of bringing it home in my lifetime.
  9. I had a 9lber the other week on a boilie, lightly hooked and it only slightly roughed up the stiff mono hooklink I was using. Just to reinforce previous comments, I'm just relaying what I've been told by people who know the species: One of the lads on the lake is a bit of a pike specialist, he is equipped with a set of stainless instruments akin to a small operating feature. He maintains that Pike are very fragile fish and must be handled with extreme care (he reckons 30-50% die after being caught on average in this country) and if you have to cut the trace with the hooks left in then the fish is almost certainly a goner. I'm pretty sure he described inverting their stomach to remove the hooks and then resetting it on several occasions. Personally if I was specifically targeting them with trebles I'd use barbless.
  10. It is E2E encrypted but GCHQ and a host of other agencies and almost certainly other actors know how to crack it. I forget what event it was in the UK, ISIS related terror if I recall correctly, but there was a load of fuss in the press about the government and security services being concerned about the encryption on WA - it was a ruse to get those half baked terrorist nut jobs to use it. All the organised crime gangs already knew it was as leaky as the press and were on other platforms. So, to answer your question directly, not very. That said, without going off on too much of a tangent, Telegram is not E2E encrypted by default whereas Signal is. In fact the Signal encryption is open source, WhatsApp encryption is based off Signal but not open source (at least that's my understanding). Disclaimer: I'm not a cybersecurity expert but I work with eminent people in the field across a number of industries.
  11. There is also the revelation that Hancock, and apparently others, are using personal email in the discharge of their responsibilities in their Government offices and departments. This is presumably to hinder an audit trail and I suspect motivated by dealings which would not stand up to scrutiny. Either way, I understand it's strictly against Ministerial code, even corporate organisations typically don't allow this kind of thing. If the Defence Ministry lot are adopting the same approach then they may as well be doing a public briefing on all classified matters on a daily / weekly basis. Utter shambles and reprehensible behaviour IMHO. Not too long ago there was plenty talk about draining the swamp (normally in relation to the EU and those opposed to Brexit), seems an apt phrase to apply here it would seem.
  12. Key question for me is, who’s next on Cummings list. I’m thinking Gove but we’ll know soon enough. Edit: actually the more likely scenario is that the plan is to leave Gove as last man standing with a clear path to No. 10. with his aide alongside him.
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