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  1. Indeed, it's not just about the speed either, it's the reliability and Quality of Service once it's fully up and running. It's a key enabler for smart cities and future of mobility (autonomous driving etc.)
  2. Depending on how often you replace her phone, I'd consider holding off for now. You also need a 5G data plan to make use of 5G and would need to check coverage in the area you operate in order to leverage the benefits. My 11 Pro Max with come off contract later this year and I'll go SIM only until such time that I get 5G in the areas I frequent, then and only then will I upgrade the handset and data plan.
  3. I hope you do manage to get out later this year. Per the title I'd taken an extended break from fishing but ironically it was lockdown that re-invigorated my interest. During the break I'd kept my syndicate ticket because I knew for the money I'd never find a comparable water if I had let that one go and tried to get into others. Since the original post back in July I've also joined another local syndicate which is a much more intimate water, I was very fortunate to get in and through contacts managed to skip a "wait list" of 278 other names, which just illustrates the point above. This n
  4. I used to moderate on barbel fishing world and that always had a good community spirit and some top top contributors. Lol at the bigotry towards carp anglers already stated here
  5. The fish were on the munch at my syndicate Friday night / Saturday morning 20.06, 18.06, 25.10, 19.01, 20.05, 16.05, 18.01, 20.05, 21.08, 16.04, 15.03, 23.07, 23.05. & 24.07. A case of being at the right place at the right time but by all accounts a new lake record representing over 2% of the carp population in the lake. The one piece of credit I'll take is adopting tactics from bait and wait to casting to fish activity and then a few freebies catapulted out to get the fish, which were clearly very active and hungry, moving around - it worked a treat. 10 of the 14 fish were caught in dayli
  6. You've been quiet lately.  All OK?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Raja Clavata

      Raja Clavata

      Actually, you've inspired me to post - in the fishing section. I had a red letter day Friday.

      Wishing you all the best too fella.

    3. Jim Neal

      Jim Neal

      👍 sounds like a mega session from your report!

    4. Raja Clavata

      Raja Clavata

      It was a bit special TBH.

  7. More pilot / passenger finger trouble in most cases 😉
  8. Absolutely. Maths underpins everything in the real / natural world as well as the virtual world too and what a journey of discovery it can be too.
  9. With the proper ground work and an appropriate quality synthetic turf it can, and mine does, look superb. When we used to have (were allowed) visitors people would often ask if it was real or fake grass ("it looks like real grass but I've never seen a real grass lawn look that flat and uniform"). We used to have patches in the real grass where the dog urinated, holes where he'd dug when a pup and would have the underfoot feel of a peat bog through most of the winter (despite having underground draining). None of that any more and what a liberating feeling chucking the lawn mower and
  10. Was this originally posted April 1st?
  11. Very sad news. Not something you expect happening in such a beautiful part of the world.
  12. Musk isn't a fan, at least publicly, he reckons hydrogen powered cars is an extremely dumb idea. Behind the scenes, who knows...
  13. I hear this a lot but the two are unrelated, just happen to be occurring at roughly the same time but on a different timelines of roll-out. There is no dependency for AVs to be EVs. In fact the computational load for higher levels of autonomy are at direct odds with the energy constraints of EVs, the higher the autonomy level the lower the range of the EV will be.
  14. Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) are just a stepping stone to a longer term, dare I suggest sustainable, Fuel Cell based solution (FCEVs). Most vehicle manufacturers FCEV roadmap is currently based on the assumption of hydrogen. Even close to home JLR have announced all Electric by 2025 but they are looking at Hydrogen based range extenders. I suspect this is the roll-out that many manufacturers will take on the path to wider adoption of FCEV technology. Just a few years ago plenty of people were saying Hydrogen has no future for road transport but there has been a shift in thinking, some
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