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  1. A lot of wild rabbits find their way into vivariums (snake food) - my brother has a guy who will take as many as he can provide (or at least more than he can currently provide).
  2. Raja Clavata


    How long is the average remainer, who despite being against the notion accepts that it was a democratic decision, supposed to wait before they start questioning the merit of something that seems like a false promise?
  3. There are indeed multiple interpretations 😉
  4. A teacher is like your average Brexiteer, an educator is like your average Remainer 😛
  5. Raja Clavata


    There is nothing undemocratic about being a remainer.
  6. Short Stay Green (new multi-storey) isn't normally TOO bad?
  7. Whenever we've seen young kids misbehaving in restaurants I've pointed out to my spawn that they did that ONCE, and similarly when we get held up by old folk fumbling along or forgetting what they want to order at the bar I point out that they too might be lucky enough to reach that age one day. It's called tolerance, something seemingly lacking in today's society.
  8. Best deal I got was a pair of Mountain Equipment Ibex pants for £38 - unfortunately they only had one pair of my size in stock and I already had another pair anyway. Oh and then someone in Snow & Rock mistakenly price matched their Scarpa Phantom boots which were on a special deal with Scarpa Phantom 6000's for me - so it can work both ways 🙂
  9. Raja Clavata


    From facebook: "Does anyone know how to cancel an ebay bid? I just bidded £3 for a cowboy outfit and I'm minutes away from owning the Labour Party". To be fair though, it could be any of the parties. On a serious note, I believe Rory Stewart would have been a good guy to unite the country, I understand why the Cons faithful didn't favour him over Boris but I believe he could have united both sides of the Brexit divide. Starmer isn't everyones cup of tea but he'd be a much better proposition than Cat Weasel imho... I fear you are going to be bitterly disappointed.
  10. Raja Clavata


    You don't think the stupid trend started, or was at least continued, when the Cons put BoJo in charge? I agree with you on Labour but as my 16yo lad worrying pointed out, there are a lot of people promoting Labour and Corbyn at the moment - it is all over his social media. I admire your confidence in the Leave options. There is also a growing feeling that a vote for Boris is a vote for Trump. That's a big threat to the Cons and they need to shift away from that position. Further problems for the Cons are that "let's get Brexit done" doesn't really clarify how for quite a percentage of the public, who want / need clarity. A manifesto built on Brexit and token promises (lies) on investment around police, NHS etc. isn't that attractive in the big scheme of things.
  11. I have invoked this several times for mountaineering gear and actually felt guilty in a way since it must be costing them. Back there tonight for a few things for my lad for an upcoming trip to North Wales 👍
  12. Raja Clavata


    And what if that pudding returns an overall majority for the remain alliance - where does that leave the ref result? Would that be justification for a second referendum or, putting aside the original ref result, would it make straight revocation of A50 democratic? The thing is, for all the harping on about how bad labour, lib dems & greens etc. are, the cons and bp are hardly playing a blinder so far. I recall in the run-up to the 2017 GE, wondering if TM was actually out to lose and it has a bit of a deja vu feeling, am also wondering if farage is actually a facade and wants us to stay in the EU so he can keep drawing his salary and behaving like the obnoxious bystander role that he plays so well. Or perhaps his real motive is to bring down the cons... Me too, on both counts.
  13. Raja Clavata


    Can you please explain how, in the run up to a general election billed as referendum 'x' (2 or 3), what is anti democratic about a remain alliance?
  14. At a restaurant in France last month even my French colleagues were struggling to understand what the menu actually meant, what chance did I have, none.
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