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  1. Linford Christie OBE has been involved with this throughout.
  2. There is footage from Bianca's phone online, whilst the female officers seemed to behave reasonably their male colleagues were by the drivers window with a cosh and one of those emergency break glass jobs shouting at the driver. Did seem a little too animated to me, the driver was initially laughing in disbelief.
  3. Stating the obvious but these were Arabs that had colonised North Africa rather than indigenous Africans. The word slave originates from "slavic" based on the Muslims in Spain taking people from the slavic nations as captives around the same time that Vikings were doing the same on the British Isles and elsewhere. "Slavery" appears throughout the Old & New Testament, the curse of Ham being one of the major stories and the bible was apparently used for a long time to justify the modern forms of slavery.
  4. Raja Clavata


    It's very easy to bypass the speed limiter, that may be one of the reasons. Another, I would assume / hope is insurance. It was predicted that there would be a typical knee-jerk reaction around mass transportation focus due to COVID and, voila. The e-scooter scheme does fit in with the Electrification and Sharing aspects of ACES but China will be doing very well out of this - I'm surprised UK govt haven't commissioned Dyson to build them (maybe they have)? UK taxpayers pumped enough into their solid state battery technology under the guise they were going to make an e-vehicle...
  5. Raja Clavata

    Sedwill gone

    If you take the Politics and emotion out of it, what has happened / is happening really should not come as a surprise... Part of the role of the Civil Service is to more or less ensure the nation as a whole steers the course set by successive and progressive national / governmental policy. Brexit has completely redefined the course the nation is heading on, so it's only natural that career Civil Servants would to lesser or greater degrees be entrenched in the way things have always been done and resistive to this kind of change. What is possibly disturbing is the timing and manner in which it has been done, but the effects of that - positive or negative - remain to be seen.
  6. I rated this at 4.6/5, available at Tescos 👍
  7. Raja Clavata


    I love the stuff, but...
  8. I've got a XM22 and it's fine for the purpose I intended, which is the period between ~35 minutes after sunset up to final knockings for deer (usually Fallow). I've not used it for foxing yet but at the ranges I'd be taking shots with a lamp after dark with the .243 I'm confident it would be fit for purpose. I figured I'd "go large" if I can ever justify getting a thermal rifle scope.
  9. Raja Clavata

    Sedwill gone

    From 4th April 2019 - Whitehall chief issues dire warning on no deal - https://www.ft.com/content/c1bad55e-555a-11e9-91f9-b6515a54c5b1 Who else do you have in mind?
  10. Yes, you are right, Guardian and Brexit involved but this all goes back to shoddy behaviour by the EU where they blocked us, or at least UK companies, tendering for various aspects of the Galileo project which we had already invested ~£1B in.
  11. How do you work that out - the traffickers being both governments I mean, not me being blinkered?
  12. Agree, I think accepting it's a complex issue with no likely quick fix is key. Right now the only way forward I can see is a kind of "denial of service", remove the traffickers by whatever means is necessary, and I really do mean by whatever means. These people are no better than terrorists as far as I'm concerned.
  13. I'd actually have some respect for Farage if he was lobbying both countries to create a joint force going after the traffickers but collaboration doesn't generally seem to be his style.
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