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  1. Raja Clavata


    No idea what a certain brand of coffee shop has got to do with all this ...
  2. I used to be a bit of a curry monster and after a few beers we'd often order Phall with a side accompaniment of fresh chillies - whilst there was the obligatory "ring of fire" afterwards I never suffered indigestion or reflux. That all changed on my first trip to India which I am convinced was triggered by the anti-malarials. Few years later, just after my first spawn was born I had an endoscopy and a bit of squeaky bum time waiting for the results of the biopsy from a polyp (woke up half way through the procedure with the pipe down my throat which wasn't very pleasant). Diagnosis was GERD. I've found that excess weight is the primary trigger coupled with lack of exercise and stress which often culminates in the winter months. Lansoprazole puts me right after a couple of days too. My understanding is that GERD can cause a change in the cell structure of the esophagus which leads to cancer but for many there is a balancing act between the side-effects of regularly taking the medicine (including it losing its effectiveness) and the risks. I tend to only take it when I experience an episode of reflux or persistent indigestion.
  3. Raja Clavata


    That's a fantastic idea.
  4. Raja Clavata


    No problem with a show of patriotism, personally I'd like to see more of it. And whilst as you know I'm not a great fan of Brexit, I do think ringing the bells would be deemed appropriate by those who are proponents. Pretty sure Boris actually mentioned the crowd funding on TV. I would have thought it would have come from the same fund as the commemorative 50p Brexit coin?
  5. Raja Clavata


    FWIW (very little on here) I agree with the vast majority of what you say and appear to be predict and I admire your persistent "banging head against the wall". In other news, whilst I've not followed the full details of the story but believe Boris may be advocating crowd-funding to raise the finances to ring the bells in Elizabeth Tower to commemorate our "leaving" the EU on 31st Jan - just wondering if this is an insight into what "getting back control" and "making Great Britain great again" post Brexit actually means?...
  6. Raja Clavata


    Best response I've read in a while 👍 although I had to google the sexual reference, obviously...
  7. I heard this about processed meats but not dairy / beef in general - do you have more info? I must admit there is something a bit addictive about it (cold water) despite it really going against the grain (for me at least). Starting to think it's a bit like a lot of my winter mountaineering - all about the quality of the suffering 🙂
  8. You may very well be right. I don't really know much about her but thought when they married that she was bought into the fairytale story of becoming a "princess". I guess only time will tell. At any level it's a sad state of affairs and bordering on tragic based on the fact it's being played out in the media and affects our Monarchy.
  9. What a bizarre response and not even on topic...
  10. Indeed, even the most basic transponders have a four digit code which is assigned by air traffic control and an encoding altimeter which transmits the aircraft altitude. I don't know the details on the missile system but would assume targets are identified and tracked automatically and a threat level derived at based on certain parameters, I'm not sure how an object ascending would be assessed as an imminent threat.
  11. Like I said, just a different perspective. What odds you offering?
  12. My mate reckons the inability to market and make money out of it (perhaps with the exception of Wim Hof himself) is precisely the reason these techniques are not more widely adopted. I'm usually quite skeptical but I know and trust my pal well enough to believe there must be something to this and his experience on Mera Peak with respect to the breathing and high altitude is quite compelling. BTW he was on a guided trip and going topless at 5800m was apparently not very popular with the expedition leader and sherpas 🙂
  13. Thanks very much for this. I've just started on the cold water stuff, slowly as I'm a bit of a wuss with the cold (poor circulation), with the plunge pool at the gym and I must admit it does feel good afterwards and I am already drawn to doing it more often and going colder. Plan to start on cold showers soon. I'm interested in both the cold exposure and breathing as I have a few mountaineering trips booked above 4000m this year and don't yet have a very good gauge on how well I manage high altitudes but I know from cycling that my breathing technique has been a performance limiting factor in the past. Appreciate your insight 👍
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