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  1. The government that gave them what they apparently wanted some ten years previously without confirming the specifics? A government / parliament that tried to halt the process of self harm? I think what is happening with Trump across the pond is a reasonable indicator of where the anger may be focussed. If the recent polls of opinion of Conservative party members is anything to go by then the seeds have already been well and truly sown. I believe this is part of the reason elements of Parliament are trying to thwart Brexit now, nothing to do with snouts in the trough (that phrase has interesting roots by the way) and more to do with preventing Brexit being the thin end of the wedge which could lead to much deeper hatred and division in our society. Some people will always be angry and frustrated and look to apportion blame for that on others, it’s just their nature.
  2. Raja Clavata

    Le Tour

    Agreed on both points. On the latter I specifically meant that we’re not doing as they have done in the past. That said if he smashes the mountains on his own then questions will sadly inevitably be raised.
  3. Raja Clavata

    Le Tour

    So it looks like INEOS need to break JA in the mountains else he’ll be in yellow in Paris. It’s about to get very interesting. Good to see we are not leveraging the same kind of accusations at JA that the likes of CF & GT have been subjected to previously. To be fair the French are due a home grown winner but I’d still much prefer GT retaining his “crown”.
  4. I think this captures it well. I admire the confidence some seem to have in Johnson but really do not believe it is well founded. We have already seen numerous examples of his contribution to alternative facts, with the latest being the kipper, I mean seriously, what was we thinking. I really do wonder about the cognitive capacity of the people to whom his style is attractive. As for Farage and the Brexit Party, they did nowhere near as well in the EU elections as some, even many, predicted. I recently read a quote that stated “voting for a populist party is like diving head first into an empty swimming pool because you’re angry there is no water in it” sums it up pretty well I think. Anger seems to be the operative word here, sure there are a minority of people who are well informed individuals opposed to the EU with long standing issues with the bloc but in order to get that 52% vote way back in 2016 UKIP were relying on anger and played on it. So, let’s assume it’s 2025, we’ve been out of the Eu for five years and things aren’t going well. The EU are out of the picture, so who do people focus their anger on?
  5. If a second vote returned a leave outcome with the specifics defined I really don’t see how anyone could justifiably try to prevent it. If an impasse on no deal occurs in Parliament, which is likely, then would a public vote between no deal Brexit and Remain be splitting the leave vote in your opinion?
  6. I think it more likely that a second vote will be held to avoid a general election, at least in the first instance.
  7. Does anyone seriously believe we will leave the EU on 31st October? The only way I can see it happening is Boris falling on his sword to achieve it and I don’t believe he’d ever do that.
  8. Raja Clavata

    Le Tour

    About 8% of people globally are asthmatic, consider the volume of air an endurance athlete processes over the course of a 5 hour event in zone 2 / 3, factor in zone 4 / 5 for the final stages. Not rocket science. i don’t have asthma in normal life but often sneeze and cough like a dog with kennel cough after a 100 miler mid summer. Obviously though when Froome does it when being interviewed after a mountain top finish he’s just doing it for effect 🙄
  9. Raja Clavata

    Le Tour

    I just watched todays finish live on EuroSport, scrappy but still thrilling, will be catching up with the stages I have missed this week due to travel. I miss Froome but think this could be a very open and memorable tour (for all the right reasons).
  10. So radical left hate Jews and the radical right hate Muslims, as a centrist am I allowed to have reservations / a mild dislike for both?
  11. I recorded it but not watched it yet but sounds like they are on a hiding to nothing there.
  12. I would have thought Asian was at least an indirect reference to race, even if not intended to be discriminatory it’s at a minimum differentiating. But anyway, I’m out.
  13. I suspect that depends on perspective somewhat. Whilst I certainly would not want to be responsible for having the thread locked I actually think it ran its course several pages ago but if you’re gonna talk so generically that Asians then I don’t see how anything gets resolved by discussing the matter further. Its a bit like blaming people who sell knives for the knife crime epidemic. Anyway I’ll bail now and avoid further posts on this thread.
  14. For real? Is it not bad enough that all Muslims are somewhat blighted by the minority that dis-honour their religion let alone blighting all Asians with the same! BTW despite my user name I am not Asian, at least not by birth.
  15. As far as I know TR is not exposing gangs of Asians from religions such as Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism etc. If it’s Islamist gangs then surely we can state that without fear of it being interpreted that we support or endorse his actions!? Nor that we are anti-Islamist by the way.
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