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  1. I read somewhere that Macron was making a comeback in popularity - some reporting is truly shocking, agreed. Not ignoring your last post Rewulf but life (deer stalking) just got in the way.
  2. The independent is reporting that polls show remain would win if a vote was held today but that no deal would get more votes than the TM deal. Calling it about right in my opinion although there is no need for another vote and the two positions are not mutually exclusive anyway.
  3. Like that it was possible to leave and the EU would give us a favourable deal, that they'd be knocking on our door to do a deal with us - for starters. I don't believe there is an established definition but from my perspective it's people that are hell bent on a no deal Brexit and who take the view that Leave won so everyone who voted leave aligns with their version of leave and everbody else's view does not matter (because they lost). But as you suggest all this is about perspective. I would expect a "hard line Brexiteer" to view my position as one of pretty extreme Liberal but in fact through the tests I've taken my views are more or less centre (left of centre on some topics, right on others). I agree a day of reckoning is coming and it might just be that some MPs hold their convictions against no deal Brexit enough to put that belief above the sanctity of their parliamentary seats. Time will tell, and frankly the sooner the better for all of us...
  4. I think a coalition would be the only viable outcome. I hope at the very least the whole sherbang would drive some kind of electoral reform which is sorely needed. I think it would be foolhardy to completely rule out the IG as there is a body of opinion that the middle ground of UK politics does need to be recaptured. Don't forget that people thought we'd never vote to leave the EU 😛
  5. Two of the leave voters closest to me will openly now say that they were manipulated and they feel betrayed by the leave campaign promising something that was not realistic. So SOME people have had enough and SOME people have changed their minds and the change of mind can work both ways of course. Some of us, and I venture also some of those who voted leave, have also had enough of what appears to be a minority of hard line Brexiteers thinking the vote to leave gives them a justifiable platform to speak for all of the 17.4 million as a single voice. It's a fundamentally flawed line of reasoning and if indeed the downfall of Brexit comes to pass then it will have been a contributing factor.
  6. Lol - I don't know what colour eyes your cat has but it seems to know what side of it's bread is buttered 😉 I hear you but would it really be suicide, what are the other options? Surely they'd just need to throw a few mil at Cambridge Analytica and it'll be sorted... By options I mean Labour are not a credible opposition, UKIP are too far right, unless the ERG and others left and joint them the Brexit party could not form a credible government and The IG couldn't mobilise quickly enough...
  7. Agreed and it looks like Parliament are making it relatively easy for them to do so. The EU are well wonky indeed and as I've said before that was part of the reason a number of us, despite being largely Eurosceptic, voted to remain. If the EU force us into a corner with refusal to delay past 29th March what do you honestly rate the odds of no deal vs A50 revocation?
  8. I agree the dates don't stack up even using the "Abbott theorem" of mathematical incompetence. From what I understood May will try to get the EU to agree to make the "three additional papers" legally binding as she thinks that would constitute a substantive change to the current withdrawal agreement. I still think it could go at least one of two ways, no deal or no Brexit.
  9. According to the mail: Theresa May will beg EU for a three-month delay - but Juncker says she may have to pass her deal to get one Cabinet is split with Brexiteers hoping for No Deal and Remainers accusing her of 'caving-in' to Eurosceptics Prime Minister travels to Brussels tomorrow to seek short extension to Article 50 beyond March 29 Mrs May hopes she can return to the Commons next week with a substantial change to withdrawal agreement PM has told ministers she will be asking for a clause which could allow for withdrawal by June 30 Juncker signals that May must win vote on her deal before a delay to Brexit is granted at emergency summit Labour push for emergency debate as Bercow prepares to intervene again days after blocking third vote Brexiteers say Britain must leave before June's EU elections and party certain to be hit in May local elections Interesting and animated debate in Parliament right now...
  10. Me too, just not part of the UK judiciary system. It's fine where it is as far as I'm concerned and it can stay under the radar.
  11. He presented a perspective that I'd not heard before and I'd venture that he's probably closer to the issue and perhaps better qualified to comment on it than most, or at least some. It's a complex issue and different perspectives can be useful in dealing with such complexities? I agree he's appearing on GMB isn't going to reduce knife crime but I think it's a bit cynical to suggest this was promotion for him, he didn't even raise the point about his recent book release. For a change Piers was pretty quiet and didn't constantly talk over the guy. A voice worth listening to in my opinion. I agree on heavier sentencing in general as the current levels of leniency are perplexing at times but according to this guy it's unlikely to have a significant effect in the case of youth knife crime.
  12. You're an advocate of capital punishment?
  13. I have no point to make or agenda here. He came across as articulate and whilst I wasn't listening properly (it was on in the background) was he said seemed reasonably sound. Two things I do wholeheartedly agree with him on is that increased police numbers and harsher sentencing is likely to make ****** all difference to this issue.
  14. Yes, that's the one. Hope they get him on the TV some more, would like to see him on QT for example.
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