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  1. I bought a T Wild hammer gun off Mick more years ago than I care to remember. A top bloke indeed 👍
  2. Peace indeed. No sense of offence or anger either.
  3. I reckon of could have written this for you on your behalf 😛
  4. I was working on the basis that the future hydrogen production at scale would be through electrolysis and would be highly reliant on large quantities of water, but I might be wrong as I guess the technology does not yet exist at scale? I'm happy to withdraw the water rates comment if I'm wrong 🙂 Yes, I remember the diesel being cheaper than gasoline which on one hand makes sense as it requires less processing to produce compared to gasoline but on the flip side it contains more calories per unit compared to gasoline (as I'm sure you're aware).
  5. Fair enough, I am with you on just about all that. Raab is a good call I think and, I guess whilst less popular, Hunt seems OK to me too - although perhaps his position on Brexit would be seen as a risk?. Don't trust Hancock.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I'd tend to agree with all but the percentages, I think Brexit should be aiming higher, but that'splitting hairs really. Seems like the Tories that are gonna get whacked the most. Again, agreed on the harder line but do you see Boris softening a bit if he gets to No.10? Not trying to set you up as I acknowledge it's tricky to work out what Boris is really thinking / going to do. Agree on the results being hard reading for Brussels, throughout the union. Here's hoping on UKIP....
  7. It'll be pay per mile as a replacement for road fund licence or whatever they call it these days. Electricity per unit will go up but not just because of EVs. That said, hydrogen could well overtake EV by the time EV batteries provide the necessary range for a single charge, then your water rates will go up 🙂
  8. I think it's hard to fault a BMW in general, stick X-Drive on it and it's nigh on unbeatable compared to like for like competition. Coming from Essex and having had numerous Ford company cars I think the Ford brand is under rated (had a Merc GLA a couple years back and that was worse than any Ford I "owned" in the past 15 years or so) but the switch to BMWs was an undeniable upgrade. I'm on my second 4 series (previous got stolen) and er indoors on her first X3 - can't see us switching brands unless there's a change of jobs to be honest.
  9. I suggested that previously Mice.
  10. Can't profess to sharing the same optimism of you ever ceasing to be a hypocrite.
  11. Is any pro Bexit PWer prepared to put a figure on what good looks like as a percentage of the overall EU election votes? I'm prepared to acknowledge that 50% or more (including UKIP) is gonna rock the main two?
  12. Fancy that, name dropping, after trying to call out others for apparently doing the same... Anyway, I always rated Hague and was pleased to see we are alumni of the same college.
  13. All the other six of the seven summits are tentatively on my bucket list but can honestly say I have no interest whatsoever in the Everest summit. Booked to do my first one in August and if it's a circus at the top it'll be my last. Spot on.
  14. And Diane Abbott as Chancellor of the Exchequer presumably.
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