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  1. The most impressive take-off I've witnessed was a lightning at Mildenhall when I was a kid. By the same token the most unimpressive landing I have witnessed was this: https://www.gov.uk/aaib-reports/mustang-p51d-n51jj-9-august-1990 I definitely dodged a bullet when I politely declined the offer of that test flight πŸ™‚
  2. Two Apache's regularly fly over my syndicate water mid-week around dusk roughly following the Dartford Crossing line across the Thames at Thurrock - saw them last week.
  3. Nice fish, as already suggested please use a mat or something soft to rest the fish on when unhooking etc. πŸ‘
  4. I'm not sure of the precise numbers but it would appear that for every illegal immigrant / asylum seeker / whatever arriving in the UK over the past few years roughly two "educated" Brits have departed the country for the EU and beyond. Whilst the influx is justifiably of concern, I'd venture that the drain in the opposite direction of educated taxpayers and net contributors should be of at least equal concern.
  5. 22.04, 28.13 & 24.00 last night, lost two to hook-pulls, one close in the other at range. That's 12 fish landed from 19 hooked in 6 sessions which includes 2 blanks.
  6. Cheers πŸ‘ I'll be back at it this evening, it did a 39.14 over the weekend πŸ™‚
  7. Much to my regret and shame no, would have been ideal the last two nights I’ve fished but I tend to get β€œin the zone” and everything else goes out the window.
  8. The 29.00 And the 20.9 Back over last night resulting in 21.01, 17.04, 19.08 & 27.08 with one lost at the net. The 21.01 The 17.04 The 19.8 And the 27.08 (& me) Gonna pin it for a bit as I'm mountaineering from Thursday...
  9. Agreed. When you protest about people imposing their will on others by imposing your will on others then the message is lost and counter-productive.
  10. Never tried tried fly fishing, maybe one day. I do love a wildie though πŸ‘ Cheers. I do know what you mean. There are cats in this lake too but they are not supposed to be returned upon capture. During my barbel fishing days my bro called me out in the middle of the night to help him with a cat - he'd got it in the net but couldn't lift it out of the water. When we weighed it the scales bottomed out at 90lb, and it took a fair bit more lifting before we cleared the ground with it, it was mahoosive. Cheers, I know what you mean but I absolutely love "sleeping" outdoors and with t
  11. Cheers. I prefer moving water too. I targeted barbel almost exclusively for a few years but the travelling was restrictive in terms of time, cost and family life. I love sea fishing too and have toyed with the idea of kayak / jet-ski. Came close to buying a ~20ft boat a few years ago as I'd done all the RYA courses and done a fair few days out as a charter deck hand.
  12. Pics of the three fish mentioned in the original post. I think it's a case of do whatever suits you and is appropriate for the water you are on, I used to love fishing the margins with crust or corn on estate lakes as a teenager but on large pits you are going to need to adopt tactics. Anyway, I went back Thursday night and with a lot of fish showing at one end I plonked myself in the swim known as Balliffs and set about finding "clear" spots in the weed. First take at 02:30 resulted in a fish lost at the net (partially straightened hook) - can't say how big but almost certainly
  13. Whilst I retained the ticket on my syndicate water, I had not fished for carp for what must be approaching 12 years. First proper session last night after two pre-baiting trips. Right hand rod fished towards snags ripped off at 10:30pm - after a pretty brutal battle the fish succumbed to the net - 27lbs 4oz, new UK PB for me. Two hours later, same rod faster run but less power - 10lbs 6oz. Around two hours after that (~02:30) middle rod screams off - after an epic battle that really tested my kit - 28lbs 10oz, a new new PB πŸ™‚ I could certainly get used to this, but am s
  14. Linford Christie OBE has been involved with this throughout.
  15. There is footage from Bianca's phone online, whilst the female officers seemed to behave reasonably their male colleagues were by the drivers window with a cosh and one of those emergency break glass jobs shouting at the driver. Did seem a little too animated to me, the driver was initially laughing in disbelief.
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