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  1. Round here the council lost a couple of expensive court cases and now more or less capitulate as soon as the applicant pulls the legal card. Wish you luck and as you have indicated a compromise could / should work.
  2. Aha, a bit like the unmentionable then 😉
  3. Nice try, but you were wrong 😛 Indeed, one of the points I was coming to.
  4. you were saying?... From what I've seen the farmers will be spared but apparently agriculture only accounts for 7% of red diesel consumption in the UK.
  5. It's shocking, like I said a very badly thought out policy if true. I certainly hope it doesn't come to be.
  6. Me too and it is actually not possible to have a surname more Welsh than mine 🙂
  7. As far as I'm aware even the diesel generators for the refrigerators on supermarket delivery lorries currently run on red diesel. This has all been brewing for a while, I'm just surprised that the government would hammer everyone using the stuff in one go; I suspect more to do with needing to raise tax revenue than any lefty / green agenda...
  8. Punk rock has a lot to answer for 🙄
  9. I tried to avoid politicising it and to be honest I'm not sure I fully follow the logic of the point you appear to be trying to make.
  10. Not just agriculture, all the charter fishing boats I've ever been on run red diesel as do commercial fishing vessels and ferries I would imagine. Not a very well thought out policy in my opinion.
  11. Based on personal experience, I would concur that the police aren't going to follow up on a stolen vehicle. The best deterrent is in making it awkward for the thieves to lift the car in the first place. After my 4 series was taken off my drive in May '18 we starting using the RF proof bags to store the keys but more importantly have steering locks on all our cars now. Without wishing to tempt fate, so far so good... The people nicking these motors are not the same type of scrotes as those doing household burglaries, they are professionals. My cousin had his 4 series nicked off his drive earlier this year and the thieves even managed to hack his network and delete all the CCTV files. When my car was taken I made inquiries through contacts I know to see if I could at least get back the personal gear that was in the car when it was taken (lots of mountaineering / ski equipment) - the two local crews operating in my area swore they had nothing to do with it and I was assured that if they had then the people I knew would have "convinced" them to drop my gear back at my house. Both suggested that it was an eastern bloc crew working locally at the time but likely to be operating throughout the county / region over time.
  12. In our household, we really used to cringe at Fury but have warmed considerably to him over the years - as he used to say "it's showbiz baby" or something to that effect - we just go with it now. Love him or loathe him, he is a REAL boxing talent and totally unpredictable! The situation regarding the cut over his eye is intriguing, is he hiding the fact that it has indeed been opened up again in sparring or bluffing the Wilder camp into believing he has a problem but doesn't. Going all out to take Wilder down early may or may not be related to concerns over the robustness of the cut. Lots of questions, which will be answered shortly 🙂
  13. Fury has a lot more to lose, on that basis alone I think he will prevail. What I don't quite understand though is his bringing Steward in saying that he needs to knock Wilder out, maybe because he thinks he'd draw again or worse still lose if the fight went the full distance. Objectively speaking, Fury won the first fight by a decent margin.
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