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  1. Damn, I swear it was all this talk of EVs that just made me put down a deposit on a M2 Competition (Hockenheim Silver).
  2. Are you saying you'd prefer to fly in a Max 8 compared to earlier 737s or Airbus alternatives?
  3. To be fair VW have created a name for themselves around dodgy calibrations so anything is possible, is it a GTI or R by any chance?
  4. I agree with all that. I think the longer term challenge for hydrogen will be in the cost of infrastructure, already an issue for EVs but less so compared to hydrogen. It seems somewhat inconceivable today but is it too far fetched to imagine something like a micro modular reactor as a power source in the distant future?
  5. This makes no sense whatsoever.
  6. Nope, he is cut from the same cloth as Trump and Johnson in that regard, all about him.
  7. I thought we were specifically talking about the max 8. I agree on the legacy 737, no problem there in my mind either.
  8. Agreed. But that's like saying the vast majority of people don't die from COVID, no consolation to those that it does kill. The Max 8 will be taught in engineering courses of the future as a prime example of catastrophic system engineering failure.
  9. On the basis that you all knew what you were voting for, you must have all been voting for the same thing, so surely you're all either going to be happy or all not happy. The thing I continue to find hard to understand is how you all really thought it was going to be so straightforward. If I'd believed that I would probably have voted leave too.
  10. That's one aircraft I will never get on or allow any of my close relatives to travel on, if in my power to prevent it.
  11. So, if I'm reading this correctly, we've left and the only people who are happy are those who originally voted to remain. Great endorsement for the vote leave mindset.
  12. I think the McKinsey report was based on government intervention post COVID so jobs created is perhaps a reasonable metric? I still have a foot in each camp although I moved from petrol engine controllers in 2007. Although I drive a 3L bi-turbo car I know that the future is not ICE. That's the problem. It's not even half baked. Compared to this in Germany with VW, we stand no chance, they are talking about investing ~€73B over the course of 5 years on e-mobility, hybridisation and digitalisation: Transformation of Germany as a center of industry to be pushed By inve
  13. Trouble is there aren't any big OEMs in the UK, as I'm sure you'd agree. You're no doubt aware of the Faraday challenge but like a lot of BEIS, UKRI, Innovate UK, ISCF etc. initiatives it's mostly small scale stuff around POCs and nothing is particularly well joined up and certainly not ready to be scaled on an industrialised basis. Personally I can't see any real prospect of battery production on an industrial scale being led out of the UK by the UK, if it happens it'll be through foreign investment. Our best bet might be through some kind of ARM holding model where we own and
  14. Does anyone have credible numbers for the irregularities, I would expect they are "in the noise" at best?
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