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  1. Very sad news. Not something you expect happening in such a beautiful part of the world.
  2. Musk isn't a fan, at least publicly, he reckons hydrogen powered cars is an extremely dumb idea. Behind the scenes, who knows...
  3. I hear this a lot but the two are unrelated, just happen to be occurring at roughly the same time but on a different timelines of roll-out. There is no dependency for AVs to be EVs. In fact the computational load for higher levels of autonomy are at direct odds with the energy constraints of EVs, the higher the autonomy level the lower the range of the EV will be.
  4. Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) are just a stepping stone to a longer term, dare I suggest sustainable, Fuel Cell based solution (FCEVs). Most vehicle manufacturers FCEV roadmap is currently based on the assumption of hydrogen. Even close to home JLR have announced all Electric by 2025 but they are looking at Hydrogen based range extenders. I suspect this is the roll-out that many manufacturers will take on the path to wider adoption of FCEV technology. Just a few years ago plenty of people were saying Hydrogen has no future for road transport but there has been a shift in thinking, some
  5. I would use Maam in a verbal address too but I’d not write or refer to somebody as Maam, in that context it would be Ms. As for most Ms not being ladies, again you are showing your “age”. No idea what relevance address by Christian name has to this discussion but I was brought up exactly the same way. Very well said Ms!
  6. Ms has been around and used for as long as I can remember and way before any notion of wokedness. I was brought up to believe it was the correct way to address or refer to a lady who you either didn't know marital status of or who you knew to be unmarried and no longer a young lady. Some women I know prefer it because they believe their marital status is of no business to any stranger they may encounter or need to interact with. From a pure equality perspective, surely Miss should equate to Master and Ms or Mrs to Mr!? Just because something is established tradition does no
  7. Glad to see the mighty Cockerel still stood proud 🙂
  8. Really sorry to hear of your loss.
  9. Public perception. There's a counterfeit industry too I believe.
  10. I think they did in the early models with a mix of both. The RR Trent 800 did have one incident in a 777 where both engines failed. Later 777 are all running GE engines I believe.
  11. I agree, but: ------------------------------ In the case of the exploding 777 engines, the recurring problem does not come out of the blue. It’s well known that as aircraft and engines age, their mechanical parts are subjected to repeated stresses and strains that can lead to microscopic cracks that grow over time. To prevent these from turning into fractures that could destroy a part and endanger an aircraft, the FAA mandates periodic inspection. **** & Whitney operates a facility in East Hartford, Connecticut, that examines PW-4000 fan blades using what’s known as non-destructi
  12. Apparently they don't look at historical data either, series of similar failures on this aircraft model / engine specific to individual turbines causing "uncontained" failures. Never mind JLR, pray Telsa never get into "flying cars"!
  13. Safety Authority trumps everything else across all sectors in our company.
  14. Is this from the similar mindset of those who wanted otters reintroduced literally everywhere? Similar to a faction of the RSPB brigade who want otters introduced into lakes in Kent to stop angling on the reserves without considering that once the otters eat all the fish they then turn to the birds? Cousins of the nut-jobs who want Lynx re-introduced citing the only key metric of success being that the Lynx breed and their population / range extends. You really have to wonder sometimes...
  15. Raja Clavata


    Are Boeing on a self destruct mission? There's the high profile issue with the 737 Max 8, now the P&W issue on the 777. To the casual observer that's surely bad enough but if you look a bit deeper you can see they have two major issues with assembly of the 787 Dreamliner. It's almost like they lost the recipe on how to build aircraft. Anyone have any deep insight into all this?
  16. I think the fact there’s been nothing like it since highlights how remarkable Concorde was. Agree on the vaccine too. Indeed. Very smart PhDs dedicate their working lives to that kind of math.
  17. If only we had a media framework which was aligned with national interest and development, I wasn't around for the first moon landings but I know the coverage, wonder and splendour of it all triggered a new generation of scientists and engineers who all dreamt for bigger and better things for our future. Part of the issue is that films and computer games have stretched sci-fi so far that some people have lost sight of the real current technological boundary of mankind, this combined with a lot of people not even knowing what they don't know leads to a proportion of the public thinking the
  18. Amazing technological feat, I’m very confident they will find signs of life there and either way the information will be shared transparently. The one thing I was really disappointed with was the relatively light coverage of this on the news, given all the current doom and gloom and repetitive news it was a great opportunity to engage the public and maybe trigger a few youngsters to get interested in high tech.
  19. Thanks for making my morning.
  20. Objectively the Jag is a better can, not opinion, fact. I definitely concur on not buying French cars and the sentiment of buying British / Commonwealth where possible. Whilst Jaguar is owned by Tata they are responsible for a huge number of jobs in the U.K. directly and indirectly. I’m biased though as I’ve done quite well professionally working with / for them.
  21. BMW is the drivers car, Mercedes the passengers car, Audi somewhere in-between as a general rule. We've never considered VW in that segment of vehicle but there were some stunning lease deals on Touareg a few years ago - they are effectively a less plush alternative to the Audi equivalent and generally considered a bit more work-horse.
  22. We've had numerous Kuga's over the years as I was on a work 2 car Ford only lease scheme for nearly ten years. My mum bought a 2014 top of the range Kuga after we were done with the lease - hers has still only done 18k. Great cars for where they sit in the segment. When I changed jobs we looked at the F-Pace, Velar, Q5, X3 and Merc. We went with the X3 and have just changed out into a new X3 (petrol from diesel). As already said, can't really compare Kuga vs. F-Pace. If you can afford / justify the F-Pace additional expense then it's in a different league to the Kuga but the law of d
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