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  1. I have no problem with the post but I found the email pretty tactless. I have a lung condition which perhaps makes me more tetchy about these things but when thousands are dying across Europe my first thought certainly isn't cartridge components. Shooting is my life and livelihood but compared to life/death it's of no consequence. WR.
  2. In BASC's FAQ's it states we should buy steel but not with a plastic wad. Isn't Gamebore's fibre cup offering only available in 3ins? That currently only leaves their sponsors product does it not? I wouldn't trust Eley to roll me a fag nevermind load a steel cartridge. It will be interesting to see how this pans out next season. My bet is 90% of guns stick with lead. How will manufacturers react? Will they still promote and advertise their lead gameloads and go against the organisations wishes? What will their brand ambassadors use? Will Dave Carrie tow the line or stick to his principles. Interesting times ahead. WR.
  3. What do they envisage folk will use in 5yrs time for game? Steel or a cheap 28gm clay load in 7's? A ban unless total is completely unworkable and they know that. They're softening the blow at the minute. Clay shooting unaffected? No chance! It will be the death knell for grass roots,local farm clay shoots. I support our organisations but they've called this one badly wrong. WR.
  4. I have also heard the rumours and this is whats annoying me. They've been defending lead then as soon as one of their main sponsors produced the Ecowad they're now suddenly pro steel. The magazine is virtually one big Eley Hawk advert. I defend BASC over a lot of the work they do but this smells very very fishy to me. Ring BASC and ask which steel loads we should use. I can guess the answer!! WR.
  5. Why do you doubt I'll reply? The "OP" has been hosting another shootday and have just got home. The gun in question was an old side by side. Judging by it's weight, rib and side clips, a pigeon gun. I didn't notice the makers name as they are of no interest to me. Italian o/u game guns, Famars etc are more my thing. Checking a guns proof stamps isn't really standard practise on our shoots either. The cartridge most definitely went well down the chamber. Why would I lie? Perhaps it had been pitted and bored out or the cartridge was well undersized. Who knows. I certainly don't care. I'm amazed a simple post regarding a dodgy shell would provoke such scrutiny and speculation. Thankyou Figgy for your civil reply. I'm sure you have the best of intentions. Lesson learnt. Matter closed. WR.
  6. Fear not Perazzishot! One of the resident experts is prepared to spend today grinding down and glueing cartridges just to prove a point despite not knowing the internal dimensions of the gun or the diameter of the faulty shell. Meanwhile I'm hosting a mixed day and you're no doubt stood on a peg somewhere! I'll not be drawn into pointless debate with them as it's happened before.
  7. It was most definitely further down the chamber than 3/4in. Perhaps the head was undersized. Unfortunately I no longer have it to check. I'm on well over 100 days a season managing my employers sporting interests and thought it was an interesting oddity that folk may want to see. I won't bother in future!
  8. Well it fell a fair way down the chamber and I certainly wasn't going to find out how far it would go mid drive!
  9. Been loading for a long time now and have seen all sorts as far as dodgy cartridges go but never a rimless one. I should have started a collection of oddities. No manufacturer is immune from them. WR.
  10. The gun I was loading for kept it and I assume will contact them. It could have had serious consequences. WR.
  11. Just what you need during a grouse drive. Luckily I noticed it wedge in the forcing cone and I knocked it back out with one of the butt sticks. Could have easily loaded another shell on top of it. The rim is totally missing with just a rounded edge. WR.
  12. Many thanks. I'll have to see what I can find on my travels. The 34gm White Paper aren't available locally. Around 25yrs ago RC loaded their 28gm Professional Game in a green paper case. It was a lovely load to shoot and patterned perfectly. I used 500 then supply dried up. I'll try Impax and Three Crowns and see how I get on. WR.
  13. What differences did you notice between the Impax? I was given some of Chaplins "Cushion Loads" a few seasons ago and was really impressed. 28gm paper cased 6's loaded by Hull. A question to regular paper case users, who in your opinion makes the best version? Eley,Hull,Gamebore or Express? I'm aware RC also occasionally produce them but they're few and far between in 12 bore. WR.
  14. Take it this was at Croglin. Name and shame! Initials will do.
  15. I'm afraid I'm struggling to understand your posts. No offence intended. BASC have better things to do than defending themselves against people who should be supporting them. Now is not the time. They're busy defending your sport and my livelihood.
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