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  1. good to see his 'work family' help send him off. sad loss at such a young age. RIP. f.
  2. Good post PC-lot to be said for 'Coppering from yester-year. Hats off to any specials leaving family etc to go out a help out on shift for £0.00p. f.
  3. good stuff-anytime in the field is good for the body and mind. sounds like they were flying well-better to hit a belter that half a dozen easy ones. I was going out this afternoon but weathers changed to being hot and sunny so DIY here I come. atb f.
  4. did he say 85 ecu's in the car? which ones can i hit with a lump hammer, spray with wd40 and get going again? f.
  5. nice to be out and get a result-paint the wall, drop her some flowers and make your return plans. I finished repainting the last 6 (of 20) garden fence panels today as my penance, but off to sort my kit out for a few hours on a cultivated wheat stubble that I glassed this afternoon. f.
  6. this came on 24hrs ago. I know its an older model your're being offered but this give a flavour of the shogun. only thing I've heard about the older ones is the fuel pumps are prone to failing. good trucks off road f
  7. ok google mapping has it at 57m from number 4 stand to the start of the earth banking. I shot RC 24g 7.5 for a change and was impressed with the lighter load. If I were seriously trying. I'd go 28g full for the 7 target. but i'm not that serious. good luck. f.
  8. went down this week with my lad aged 11. had a dabble at it. connected with all except number 7 which I estimated at 60m-a left to right crosser about 15m high-I was shooting half and half and couldn't touch it. give me 5 and I'll map it for true distance. f.
  9. ....and all is well in the world. very pleasant. f.
  10. Cheers for that-late reply as just back from Spain. Surprised to see so many cereals still standing driving back from LBA-but I saw there had been some storms locally. Best have a look about tomorrow. f.
  11. intelligence led rather than random stop i'd suggest.
  12. Hi all, I had a chat with the Eley rep at the Northern shooting about the new steel load with a biodegradable wad-Anyone seen them for sale yet? Nothing JC site. f.
  13. I have around 6 farms over a large acreage-I don't a written permission for any of them. I neither carry my sgc/fac. Should I encounter a local Constable then I will await while he makes the proper enquiries. garbage advice f.
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