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  1. I'd recommend sterilisation on the end of a bayonet. Just for him. Not the dog. f.
  2. have a gander at the toyota landcruisers owners club-theres some threads on there about such. I have a 120 LWB (04) and it has surface rust but the metal is solid. f.
  3. You beat me to it-you are my spirit animal. but Stones are the best. f.
  4. only thing missing is a lock on the inside of the door-would make it the last bastion of peace and quiet. works in my cave. top job f.
  5. cheers Steve-my post was just to announce its closing-personally, I used to pop in as its local, have a look and feel of a gun that I desired and then shop elsewhere- My last three shotguns have been purchased at another local gun shop after a some disappointing contact with YG. My decision to 'shop elsewhere' was partly fuelled by a letter penned by the then YG manager threatening to block suppliers should they decide to trade with an alternative local RFD. A copy of that letter is framed and on display in said RFD-same one who has had my trade for my last three gun purchases.
  6. Hi all, read tonight that the owner has decided to close down and retire. real shame as its well known and has traded in York for many years. There is a closing down sale on going. f.
  7. there's no more automatic handcuffing-its seen as a use of force, has to be justified and gets documented-handcuffing is one the most complained about actions and I guess some officers shy away from it whether through inexperience or fear of a complaint. found in possession of ammo would normally justify a strip search-as the details emerge we'll where in the custody procedure the person was when he acted. The Sergeant had apparently completed 30 years service so would be close to retirement. Man down. f.
  8. cheers for all your comments-I only want a few days a week to top off the pension-I've got one other iron in the fire so Tesco is my back up plan if that doesn't come off. thanks again. f.
  9. is .223 still the minimum for deer in Scotland-might be an option as the ground is fairly compact? f.
  10. Hi all, Well after retiring last year, I'm considering going back to work all be it part time-my local Tesco superstore is recruiting home delivery drivers and the hours suit me. Anybody here got any experience of the role-I've read a few 'Indeed' reviews trashing Tesco and negatives including 4 minutes to locate delivery address then 5 minutes for unload and move on. cheers F.
  11. Radio 2 news announced the HO has secured 4000 hotel rooms for refugees this week-how can that be right? f.
  12. Thanks all, ran him to the vets-physically all ok which is a relief. Spoke to the vet who does a lot of work with behavioural side of dogs-basically, the dog was in kennels for four nights at the beginning of August- so that has most likely brought on some anxiety, along with last weeks heat wave and been in his teenage years. cheers again for all comments. f.
  13. nice motor-I reluctantly had to 'familiarise' myself with a Overfinch 5.0 RR before driving some old dear to her afternoon appointment-it was literally a supercar. Live for today-die tomorrow. atb f.
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