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  1. Fuddster

    Flying with spent cases in hold luggage

    why not stick it in an envelope and post it back. avoids any probelmatic sensors detecting gun shot residue. f.
  2. Fuddster

    Shotgun shell speed loader-4 round

    there's a metal clip on the rear that hooks over a belt. I think its too wide for a molle but would suit duty/standard belts. if you need a pic let me know f.
  3. Hi all, belt mounted four round shell stripper. has two inserts for smaller length cartridges. good used condition-hardly used. £25 posted. cheers f.
  4. Fuddster

    Barley stubble session

    nicely done good winds for the next few days atb f.
  5. Fuddster

    Trap forend for Miroku MK38

    sorted cheers
  6. Fuddster

    Series 2a

    off to a good start then-I used to run my swb series3 with the door tops off and windscreen folded flat around central London in all weathers-great fun. I have a series bonnet with the knife edge front for free should anyone near York need one. keep us posted with your progress. cheers f.
  7. Fuddster

    Beverley Clay target Centre

    cheers V8-really glad its not shutting down-fingers crossed! f.
  8. Fuddster

    Beverley Clay target Centre

    cheers for that. atb f
  9. Anybody know what the position is with the CTC? website closed down and FB saying their lease has not been renewed. any idea's? cheers f.
  10. Fuddster

    Trap forend for Miroku MK38

    newer the better cheers f.
  11. Fuddster

    Ski Boots & Kit

    I'd buy in resort and haggle however Austria wont be cheap but you'll save on not paying for taking boots out. EB are very pricey-shop about now in the summer for winter kit. atb f.
  12. Fuddster

    Corbyn, the Clown that keeps on giving

    Hold on, to be fair, he said he 'wasn't sure he'd laid a wreath at the ceremony. If you study the photo clearly-is it really his hand near to the circular floral arrangement-not to be confused with a wreath. How many times have you turned up at a Palestinian crazy golf course only to find its actually a wreath laying service for some freedom fighters that you've never even heard of. funny how you past can come back to haunt you. a despicable turncoat in my book. f.
  13. Now without a 88 or a 109 so these are surplus- Haynes service and repair manual for 2/2a/3 petrol models from '58-85-VGC Autobooks owners workshop manual 2-3 2.25 and 2.6 '59-77-spines a bit loose but intact-marked with genuine oily fingerprints from actual use! Lindsay Porter's complete service guide for series 1,2,3 with lots of pictures-again some marking by oily finger but all pages complete. all three posted for £21 paypal please. fuddster
  14. Clearout time. German army 'Flecktarn' shirt-I'd size it as a medium.pockets on chest/arm and one inside-velcro cuffs-used but good condition British Army MTP temperate jacket/shirt in Nato size 170/88-so I'd say a medium.zipped and velcro front-pockets on chest and arm.button cuffs-as new unworn British Army Desert DPM pattern UBACS shirt ( to be worn under bodyarmour).sized at 110L so a large size.zipped neck,lightweight material body for heat reduction.button cuffs-very good condition. British Army DPM shirt- sized 190/96 so again a medium-zip and button front.pockets on chest.button cuffs.Very good used condition. All are long sleeved-freshly laundered but not ironed. All four posted for £22 cheers Fuddster
  15. Fuddster

    Shooting with the Guvnor

    very well done to you and your Father. great to see. atb. f.