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  1. Woodcock

    I decline shooting them as I they are migratory and in few numbers. Today, I took a gun on a driven day and let two go by, only to be shot by neighbours-to be honest they weren't the most sporting of birds but they were shot. Come the end of the day,the woodcocks lay unclaimed on the grass amongst the bag-the shooters declined to take them home-personally if you're going to bag a bird outside of the usual game-do it some justice and take it home. mind you, same guns shot some driven mallard that flew past me as low birds only to get shot. Sadly dismayed with the 'see and must shoot to get moneys worth' attitude. f.
  2. Still on berries.

    could be purple sprouting broccoli? f
  3. Nearly a year in pics.Pic heavy.

    excellent,excellent,excellent. good to see you guys keeping busy. Yer lad is no longer a wee laddie anymore-been great to see him sprouting up over the last few years. great pics and cheers for sharing. excellent. f.
  4. Idiot goes to jail

    If she had have got the pills through to her boyfriend, he would have to be on his guard as the pills would be worth a small fortune on the black market. He wouldn't want a thief to pinch his only pain relief then profit out of selling a controlled drug. unless of course..... sceptical Fuddster.
  5. Hushpower update.

    I'm all for Heath Robinson fixes but who doesn't like a new piece of kit to play with? And they come in tactical black-two of my favourite words. f.
  6. Hushpower update.

    good effort there and nice to blow the cob webs off over Xmas. There's some decent comb raising kits on the bay that feature different foam pads that fit into a neoprene type slip on cover. glad its worked out for you. atb f.
  7. A step too far

    Yer mean that ginger Army Officer?? Better test the brakes on my car before driving. f.
  8. Back on the Sticks.

    excellent work-well done f
  9. Look at my wood!

    ok now panicking.second skull on right of gun-blue eyes and wide open white mouth and nose......
  10. Look at my wood!

    is that a carpet skull on the top right or is it just me?
  11. 20b hushpower

    Aga, I have a single barrel 410 HP-the only issue i've had is the sight picture takes some getting used to-its like a drainpipe over your barrel. on the plus side-its quiet and has killed out to 35m. the gunshop at park lodge (driven sporting ltd ) has a 20b mossberg in stock i believe- might be worth a run down to have a have look over. subsonic shell are the best if noise really is an issue. atb f.
  12. Favourite One Hit Wonders

    da da da by trio....
  13. Black Powder Driven Game Shoot

    That'll be T and Jim with the 'tache then-nice guys. f.