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  1. Thanks-I hadn't seen that update. best get some extra ammo in. f.
  2. saw a recent FB post of some pigeons shooters getting as right chewing off some do-gooder walkers passing by.pics of dead birds, car reg and a general 'how could they be so cruel' flavour. Police were called and declared it to be a lawful exercise-result. We'll see if BASC comment. f.
  3. Whats the PW thoughts on shooting over stubble after the GL conditions have been introduced. carry on as protecting nearby or future crops or avoid it as a no no? thoughts please. f.
  4. a S1 FAC shotgun is not a S5 (prohibited) weapon. mine is on my FAC for pest control. If you are concerned email your FEO for the answer in writing. f.
  5. and the wholesale illegal sale of alcohol, potential for supply of MDMA, and fairly decent public disorder when the law comes to shut it down. can't really see where you're coming from on this? Unless plod confiscated your glow sticks and put a ban on big fish, little fish, pizza box? f.
  6. I had a couple of blown panes and her indoors was moaning and groaning -so i located an identical size pane, bought a glaziers chisel off ebay and set too-never done it before but after a youtube video or three, the pane was replaced-cue one impressed Mrs and I get the smug sense of a cheap job done well. it was a 15 minute job per pane so might be worth considering. f.
  7. I stopped wearing a watch over two years-my job was time critical and I got sick of checking the time. We are surrounded by clock displays so I always have the precise time to hand. Oddly I feel better for it. My Rolex oyster date sits in the gun safe and I'll give it my lad for a birthday present. f.
  8. wot so you are forced to work a Sunday on your weekend off? then can't take it off til a Tuesday in November? You need a union mate. f.
  9. well done fella's-nice bit of sport. f.
  10. I have one Captain. I'll drop you a pm later fudds
  11. listening to the cackling of wife and some friends celebrating a birthday...whilst loading the landcruiser for an early-ish hit on the crows tomorrow morning. temperanillo easing things after a few party nibbles. after the crows I'm out target shooting with my visiting 12 year old Italian nephews shooting co2 air pistol, springer ,22 and the hush .410. they're mad keen and enjoyed some pigeon decoying last summer. enjoy your evening one and all, f.
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