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  1. love the pics of the swb 88 with the roof and door tops off. I used to lend my 1972 88 swb, to my then girlfriend to drive into the city of London with the screen down and door tops off. Parked outside Snow Hill Police Station it always drew a few comments. Would love another series LR but I've become too accustomed to air con,power steering etc. f.
  2. just sprayed my landcruiser underbelly with lanoguard-very impressed with it.the inner arches got some spray on black rust protection first then the oversprayed with lano.you'll have more than enough from the minimum order. f.
  3. I've started going over my Landcruiser underside with Lanoguard-very pleased so far as water just beads off. Should get the whole job on one of order which was about £75. Small UK business which I have no connection with. f.
  4. On a more cheery note......South Yorks Police giving some strong guidance to a chap who decided to drive the wrong way down a motorway-best bit is the force actually supporting the officers actions! Of course, some would want him to be prosecuted or pay for the damage to the patrol car out of his own pocket. Aristotle would have rubbed his chin and muttered.. 'The only way to avoid criticism is to do nothing, say nothing and be nothing.' Evening all. f SYP Operational Support turS1olnhn5p sooiManrsaochgsot readdt o
  5. I remember this as being one of the saddest days of my life. f.
  6. i've got a wad in premium bonds that ticks over with almost monthly prizes. for me, the best use of money at the moment is working down your mortgage and overpay on it. £1 paid in extra is a full £1 paid off with no interest to add. money in the bank is not working and earning for you. f.
  7. as a Toyota Landcruiser owner (same car for 15 years) I know what you mean about needing a 4x4 for 5% of the time a 4x4 is actually needed. for my tuppence worth.. 1.xtrail with semi off road tyres 2.forester. I've seen one go further on slippy/iclined mud than a D3, D4,Fourtrak and my LC (on road tyres) for me xtrail would tick your boxes. p.s my LC has performed the duties of a house moves, tip runs, 8xfull length doors with back door shut, dragged others out of mires etc and has never let me down from 25k to todays reading of 138k. good luck with your choice.
  8. check out 'rains' jackets-i have the long lightweight coat and its excellent-single skin so not thermal and good when on the move f
  9. recent to me as only watched it this week! made me do the obligatory Guntrader search but 3 sbs's are enough.for now... f.
  10. TGS have just reviewed one on youtube f.
  11. need a few frosts for them to turn to osr and the last of the hedgerow food needs to finished. my plots of osr are standing at a foot tall already so I'm relying on some hard frosts to flatten them. f.
  12. beware not all are awd-i think the NV model is 2wd only. otherwise nice little truck. f.
  13. I'd recommend sterilisation on the end of a bayonet. Just for him. Not the dog. f.
  14. have a gander at the toyota landcruisers owners club-theres some threads on there about such. I have a 120 LWB (04) and it has surface rust but the metal is solid. f.
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