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  1. Fuddster

    Invector plus 1/2 and cylinder

    I'll take these pm'd f.
  2. Fuddster

    harvest at last

    where do you get your GB steel from? York guns rarely has them. f,
  3. Fuddster

    Toyota Land Cruiser

    i've owned a 2004 since it had 25k on and now its on 114k in some 13 years of ownership. pro's-one faulty fuel pump other than the usual running costs including suspension bushes,its been pretty cheap to run. its done everything from move house, attend place of getting married, ferried kids,family,etc all around and moved furniture. cons-expect no more than 33mpg-if going off road get some off road tyres or you'll embarrass yourself. they do tend to show some surface rust underneath but not to the extent of structural fail. haven driven D3's and D4's through work and X5's but owning the same car for 13 years pretty much says it all. if you have any finer queries just ask f.
  4. Fuddster

    The Easy Way to go Pigeon Shooting

    PC, great report as ever-have a steady drive and Kaló taxídi. atb f.
  5. It seems BPC are closing due to retirement. Big discounts on their range. f.
  6. Fuddster


    she wedged a couple of plastic ice bricks and left the door ajar. my blood pressure has just about levelled. f. Very optimistic of you! Went to a fairly new permission to shoot crows this morning-about 250 around the farm so got set up, shot a dozen and some ferals-wife calls to say daughter has chipped her front tooth at school-so packed up at 1.30pm to get her to emergency dentist appointment. roll on a post dog walk beer. atb f.
  7. Fuddster


    bleeding fuming at the loss of all the game meat-especially the hare as it was the first one shot in 10 years solely for the pot.the woodcock was a young lads first 'cock shot but was happy to leave it in the game pile-I pointed the ethos 'of you shoot it-you eat it'-perhaps he should have shot a big mac and fries,the lardy .....a sporting bird wasted on him. well and truly pee'd orf. f.
  8. Fuddster


    So, anyhow I have a spare tall freezer in the garage housing all of last seasons game and 60 odd steel shot woodies for a friends hawks. The other day, my dear wife says 'any spare room in your freezer for some freezer blocks?'.......of course dear pop them in. Tonight, I find the door has been left ajar and the contents defrosted and ruined. about 25 pheasants whole and breasted 1 hare jointed a woodcock some duck breasts about 20 partridge 65 woodies and some rabbits. I am now on 'rightmove' searching for a wigwam in the woods away from anyone. On pointing out her apparent failing her answer was.....well is the freezer working?......my answer 'No-not with the bloo..door left open'. I am now off to my zen yoga retreat via some large G and T's. at least I still have ice cubes. f.
  9. Fuddster

    Selling Defender

    lro Magazine? f
  10. Fuddster

    Does anyone else trap Crayfish?

    tried the derwent-zero-seems to be a southern problem. f.
  11. Fuddster

    Camo tape

    all part of my plan to wean him off the playstation on weekends. we'll see what his mother has to say though!. f.
  12. Fuddster

    Camo tape

    yes, just a quick once over so the paint would grab-lots of youtube videos doing various guns, quads and pick ups. couldn't a further picture as limited on Mb but its well worth a go-three shades has given it a 3d depth which I like. stick a pic up if you spray your 303 cheers f.
  13. Fuddster

    Camo tape

    I've picked up a cheap BSA meteor from a work colleague. My lad will be presented with on his 10th birthday next month. I've pimped it up with a simple spray job using three spray paints-one black, one mid green and a lightish cream-the pattern effect come from overlaying conifer branches and spraying light on dark and vice versa. Simple but looks the part for a young shooter. pics below. f.
  14. Fuddster

    Plenty on peas.

    well done guys- I also recommend GB supersteel in 3's or 4's (the last lot of 3's were sold cheap to me). I've only got one field of pea's on the go-had a 40 bird day last week. Its been a battle to beat other shooters into position bearing in mind I've had sole permission for about 7 years however the new farm manager is handing out permission to anybody that's passing-I'll be having a word this week as my services go well beyond a fleeting visit during this fruitful fair weather time. I'm out tomorrow, being a shift worker can be beneficial at times when the other guys are tied to weekends only-and also the forecast for Saturday is rain. regarding shells-Bywell shooting ground are offering a 32g steel rottweil for £172 a thousand-now that is cheap and Rottweil make darn good shells. perhaps a YO postcode day trip to stock up?? have a good wee kend if you're out and I'll report back on tomorrow. f.
  15. Fuddster

    Cooked first pheasant - tough as an old boot!

    check out jamie oliver youtube vid for 12 hr rabbit ragu-substitute one pheasant and you can make enough pasta sauce to feed 8-10 and damn tasty-i've done it using just legs-sometimes adjusted timing to 16 hrs overnight-still a great ragu. f. also 'the game chef' on FB has a rather nice sounding recipe just using pheasant thighs tonight-worth a gander-battered flat and seared in goose fat with garlic and fennel seeds over a salad. f.