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  1. Sad loss

    gutted for you bud. f.
  2. Rusty knife

    wire brush on a drill. f
  3. Dale Winton,RIP.Checks out at only 62.

    me and you appear to be roughly the same age and I'm regularly seeing the celebs I grew up seeing on tv passing on. Its just another chapter seeing people of the slightly older generation succumbing to illnesses. There of course will be more to follow in time but on a more morbid, personal note, I'm now seeing guys and gals of my own age bracket being struck down-only this week I learned a team mate of mine who's super fit, ex Royal Marine and a father of two in his late 30's has cancer. the outlook is not good. how cruel is life sometimes? f.
  4. Worst movie you have ever watched.

    Pigeon Watch-the movie. f.
  5. Rook shooting

    used to be the end of the first week in may around Northumberland when I started shooting-this year I will be targetting lone crow nests to hit the carrions hard. I'd urge all shooters to destroy carrion nests when given the chance. f.
  6. Pensioner arrested after fatally stabbing burglar

    Dam police and CPS denying another five pages of PW judgement. Sorry to ride this one out til page five but I decided to keep my powder dry so to speak. Right conclusion made regarding decision to charge. f.
  7. Well it was nice while it lasted.

    1.a man is incomplete until he is married-then he's finished. 2.marriage will teach you many things you didn't know when single-like, there is a wrong way to put the milk in the fridge. 3.I compare marriage to a pack of playing cards, in the beginning, all you need is two hearts and a diamond. some time later, you'll wish you had a club and spade. excerpts from my speech at my 'game over' day. enjoy. f.
  8. Selby Shoots

    do park lodge during the week when its deserted-great for a beginner and nobody watching over your shoulder. f.
  9. Saturday Night Takeaway

    saturday night takeaway is now the set meal for one. f.
  10. Range Rover

    Yes, my pal just imagined the whole ordeal-it never happened, total make belief and as you say, rubbish. f.
  11. Range Rover

    dont get me wrong I lurve RR's I had a 3.5 V8 sadly 220 miles to a tank.yes 220. then a 3.9 classic with a soft dash and on lpg-more electrical gremlins than i could stand. had a landcruiser for 13 years and 85,000 miles without any major drama's. but if you've got that itch, you're gonna have to scratch it. buy one,run it for year, hopefully out it before you or your lady wife have to sell a kidney then sit back and consider the alternatives. f.
  12. Range Rover

    pal of mine bought a new 2012 RR. 6000 miles gearbox packed up-replaced under warranty 14000 miles engine packed up-replaced under warranty. had each unit been out of warranty you'd be looking at 15-20000 grand to put right. his response was.............'you buy a RR knowing its going to go wrong' my response..............'you need your head looking at'. drove a few and loved them, especially a overfinch 5.0 petrol...........but sanity prevails. f.
  13. Swedens non existent problem

    well said and agree completely-'we' are going to reap what we sow-or at least our grandchildren will. f.
  14. Never say die..

    good day out and good write up. f.
  15. falconers need pigeon shot with non toxic loads for feeding to baby falcons. and should i see a plaswad-i pick it up. f.