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  1. Pigeons on maize

    Good to see you getting some sport-had a good frost here overnight so that might knock the rape back a bit and encourage birds to start feeding on it. good write up. f.
  2. Green Tweed Jacket

    i'll have this-pm inbound now f.
  3. Update from Northumberland

    Well done. i cut my sporting teeth in the Tyne valley, from Hexham to Chollerton to Corbridge-some of the most fantastic sporting ground I've set eye's on. Happy to say I married my wife some 12 years ago this Sunday at Langley Castle, just outside of Hexham-the valley will always be very special to me. f.
  4. Well worth the effort!

    Speculate to accumulate and all that-better up and out than being found jobs to do on a Sunday morning. tb f.
  5. Early for the Rape

    excellent effort. osr round here resembles sugar beet standing at least 14" tall-I'm hoping a few immature margins will be attractive after the first frost. atb f.
  6. Cheap 410 for Daughter

    there's one just gone in the privates sales section..... f.
  7. Glorious Yorkshire

    I moved to North Yorkshire about 15 years ago from north London. Sole intention was to raise my family in a lovely part of the world. the side line was huge sporting potential but cant say I mentioned that to the then girlfriend and now wife. Today, was a special birthday for her, so loaded family into the car and headed to our favourite coastal spot for a walk and then lunch. Do i regret leaving London with sights like seeing urine flowing out of the poor homeless guys sleeping bag as I surface from the underground at 6.30am? No way. Great county for an ex-Northumbrian to now call home. Oh and the ale's bleedin' good as well! f.
  8. Xmas pressy for pregnant wife

    canvas box print of your ultrasound picture. f.
  9. Major Brian Schul

    Yes, seen the clip some time ago-seem to remember he was a fast jet pilot during Vietnam, shot down suffering awful burns and hid out in the jungle til rescued. Then went onto pilot the SR71. What a man. f.
  10. Shooting With Brian

    excellent effort in today's wind. ideally, the pigeon at the bottom row should have been between the crows for OSD sufferers like me. Or should they be alphabetical ie crow before pigeon? either way top effort. f.
  11. Tweed suit cost?

    have a look at Bob Parrat Countrywear site. very well priced f.
  12. Groundhog Weekend

    excellent report and you're display pleases my OCD. f.
  13. What's your favourite advert?

    for me... the banned skittles advert with husband and new bride blackcurrant tango with the harriers on YT now! f.
  14. Strokes are HORRIBLE!

    Go steady there TC and stick around PW. atb f.
  15. A real mans watch

    Rolex Oyster Date. Classy just like me in me camo shorts and flip flops. f.