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  1. horse's ****. bravo juliet. foxtrot oscar. rainbow 6. top title sanitised so also known as horse's bottom but with four letters beginning with 'a'. f
  2. Fuddster


    Johnathan Pie provides a counter view to all this woke nonsense. well worth a view. f.
  3. I have several pairs but find them small in their sizings-especially if you want a pair of medium /thick socks. very hard wearing and built to last. f.
  4. Fuddster

    Bulk LPG prices

    39p for domestic lpg from flogas-just finished a 2 year fixed plan that was 36p. will call them this week and try to get a deal. f.
  5. well done lads. 'there's only two certainties in life.Death and nurses'. f.
  6. pal of mine who's into detailing recommends the screwfix hoover with reverse blow-paid about £40. f.
  7. i thought the same but there's seems to be an active website. went once and didn't care for the way the owner sat on your shoulder when shooting-like you were trying to rob him of clays. i'm local so if its back up running-i'll happily give it a go. f.
  8. I got the moulded in ear passive plugs by PLUGGZ at last years Northern shooting show-very pleased with them after years of electronic cup style defenders. show deal was £55 or £50 for BASC member f.
  9. Ah I saw Parkin and assumed its Phil-I'll ask him if he's a relative when next in. worth a look in if you stray up this way.
  10. Nice guy is Phil and a traditional butcher-only 10 minutes from me. Good on him for promoting eating local and supporting the retailers in Howden. Does a lot to promote eating game and venison. f.
  11. she had probably woke up alone one morning with a 'IMTM' sticker on her behind and seeks revenge. don't rush back. f.
  12. Dangerous things them staplers when left unattended so stop playing with them. Hope you are ok in all seriousness though. atb f.
  13. my sceptical side would suggest he did himself.....but surely not.
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