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  1. Saw this on Indeed today https://www.indeed.co.uk/jobs?q&l=dn14&vjk=6b86c225d5c3160f f.
  2. I'm calling the tactic by its name not what i like-cops are not going to stand together, in a nice well lit area waiting for a door to open-not knowing who's about to come out-you can call it concealing or hiding in the shadows but it places the officer at an advantage and maximises their safety- this is basic contact drill so I've no need for further comment. As I said in my final sentence, and in agreement with your final sentence-had some very minor detail being different the US would have exploded. The media excels at presenting what we are to be spoon fed and what we are to believe. f.
  3. Its not semantics-its a tactical approach to a door referred to as a split or contact and cover positional roles. Sure, decision time then-look out of a window, shout out from inside who's there? or maybe 'Step out so I can you are real cops'-you could even call 911 if you are so concerned- He chose to grab a handgun and answer the door. The mindset in US law enforcement appears to be a very rigid approach of if you perceive a threat-deal with it and defend yourself-I believe this is backed up in the constitution. The first line of your post seems to have been skipped over and now we are now discussing the legality of the shooting. I haven't the time or inclination to micro analyse this event but I can see how it rapidly unravelled and led to a fatal confrontation. No,there won't be outcries and looting, nobody will be painting a mural of him and I doubt the streets of London will see much disorder on his behalf. There's no mileage for the media in this one hence not even hearing about over here despite occurring in May-now why is that? f.
  4. The officer was not concealed-both were in cover positions-not standing in front of a closed door-maximising their safety to a door soon to be opened by a man with a handgun. Do you advocate any US citizen who hears 'Police-open the door' present themselves with a firearm? How about if they hear 'Amazon, Mormons? f.
  5. I shoot a 20b breda 303 copy with a 26 inch barrel-they do come up for sale and are cheaper than the berettas f
  6. sorry to hear your trouble and strife with the new motor. I can't help thinking if Mitsubishi is pulling the plug on the UK and closing dealerships-are the staff really going to put themselves out for a customer on behalf of a firm that may cost jobs? might be me being pessimistic and I apologise for more negativity to add to your dilemma. hope you get it sorted in your favour. f.
  7. M2 FAC 26" barrel-ideal hide gun. never had an issue with mine in 6 years. would prefer a 28" barrel for clays tho' f.
  8. cheers all for your responses-you have given me some serious head scratching. f.
  9. I have the D4D 3.0-now on 133K and runs very well-no DPF or adblue etc. Bought it 25K on it as I say 15 years ago. cheers F.
  10. If you want to see the defendants having a laugh and joke at the camera check out the DM site-here's the DM report. Three travellers hug as they are CLEARED of murdering PC, but convicted of manslaughter as his widow weeps in court. The three killers had laughed and joked with each other during the trial and when Long was charged he said he 'didn't give a ****.' Travellers who dragged officer for a mile behind getaway car as he tried to stop them stealing a quad bike are convicted of manslaughter - as it emerges police had to protect jury from intimidation PC Andrew Harper, 28, had tried to stop the thieves stealing a quad bike and his ankles were lassoed by the trailing loading strap as the teenagers tried to escape in Sulhamstead, Berkshire. For over a mile he was towed helplessly behind the Seat Toledo by his feet as the car reached speeds of up to 60mph with driver Henry Long, 19, swerving violently to try and release the stricken officer. Long and his two friends Albert Bowers and Jessie Cole, both 18, were all accused of murder but convicted only of manslaughter and were seen joyfully embracing each other via a videolink from HMP Belmarsh in London. Their families cheered as the verdict was announced - but PC Harper's wife Lissie sobbed in court. The three killers had laughed and joked with each other during the trial and when Long was charged he said he 'didn't give a ****.' Meanwhile it can now be reported that the jury were given special protection by police because detectives believed associates of the defendants were planning to intimidate them Sentence will be next week. Article. Daily Mail My final word-SCUM! f.
  11. Fuddster

    Hip flask

    Stanley the flask maker do a nice little green one in their flask green colour-I'd have one but I've a couple of flasks already. I've got two nice engraved ones which are a bit sentimental and part of my kit on game days. f.
  12. So chuck out a report, then sit back and watch the ripples and don't come back to address our comments? Do you call this interaction on a well established shooting forum? Been with BASC for over 20 years-my loyalty is wearing thin. f.
  13. Hi all, after 15 years with my Landcruiser I'm looking to change to a pickup. I am tempted towards a Ranger around the 67/18 plate with the 2.2 engine with either auto or manual gearbox. My research has thrown up a few known faults-the main one being an issue with the oil pump which can wreck the engine. Are they really that bad or is more a case of there being a lot on the road, meaning faults are proportionate by numbers? I've discounted the hilux on price, the denver as a bit drab and amorak on VW engine issues. Final three are the ranger, navara and L200 in that order. any comments welcomed. cheers all f.
  14. IS has murdered many people unless you missed the news-lets refer to them as victims. good luck with that petition. f.
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