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  1. Fuddster

    Unsung Heroes.

    Two female officers pull into a petrol station just as two armed robbers leave. https://news.sky.com/story/female-police-officer-thrown-from-car-by-armed-robber-11540561 as per title-heroic efforts. f.
  2. Fuddster

    Passing Out

    outstanding effort. stay safe. well done. f.
  3. Fuddster

    Leather Boots

    altbergs. f.
  4. Fuddster

    Pictures of our companions.

    cheers great pic
  5. Fuddster

    Pictures of our companions.

    handsome lab-has the pic been through a filter-would like to do the same with some of my dog pics cheers f.
  6. Fuddster

    Glorious afternoon on the wolds

    showing a great deal of commitment to be up of nights to be out decoying. What employment does your team mate do- to work a saturday night but earn less than Tesco's shelfvers? just curious. post Windsor perhaps? f.
  7. Fuddster

    Lintran dog cage for car transport

    cheers Ed.
  8. Fuddster

    Part time man/woman

    a friend of my 14 year old daughter remarked how she has transgender person in their at school. the male has assumed a female gender and is permitted to use the female changing rooms/showers for P.E.Suffice to say the females are some what upset. I guess fathers of said girls may also be a tad upset. On a similar note, a former employee of my organisation decided to change from male to female (no surgery involved just a change of clothing) in his early 50's. He/she declared that they should be permitted to have use of the ladies lavatories in the workplace which was not challenged. However, he/she would make the long walk with a copy of his tabloid paper tucked under his arm each morning at 'poo'o'clock' and stink the lav's in true man style. I'm all for live and let live but......? f.
  9. I believe this a Lintran model constructed out of glass fibre with double doors at the front. Dimensions are 27" high.40" wide. 25" deep narrowing to 16" at the top. Has a few battle scars but still very usable-one hinge has rusted through at the base but still works fine.cage has a few chips and small cracks.The top bar at the front has been bent down slightly. Collection only and viewable in Breighton, East Yorkshire-15 minutes from juntion 37 of the M62. £50. cheers fudds
  10. Fuddster

    .357 humane dispatch revolver

    granted but I suppose it would still be usable for smaller stuff. local slaughter man favours a .44 lever action with iron sights-he covers a local wildlife park and has had some rather exotic animals to dispatch-there isn't a column in my game record book so it have to go under 'miscellaneous'. cheers f.
  11. Fuddster

    .357 humane dispatch revolver

    I believe you can shoot 38 ammo in the 357-so potentially cheaper rounds. f.
  12. Fuddster

    Cheers Hurricane Ali

    fantastic sport in this wind. I've shot pigeons that have shamed driven birds at a 100th of the cost. out of all sporting opportunities-pigeon flighting on a strong wind wins every time for me. ex-northumbrian so glad to hear of a great report. atb f.
  13. Fuddster

    Flying with spent cases in hold luggage

    why not stick it in an envelope and post it back. avoids any probelmatic sensors detecting gun shot residue. f.
  14. Fuddster

    Shotgun shell speed loader-4 round

    there's a metal clip on the rear that hooks over a belt. I think its too wide for a molle but would suit duty/standard belts. if you need a pic let me know f.
  15. Hi all, belt mounted four round shell stripper. has two inserts for smaller length cartridges. good used condition-hardly used. £25 posted. cheers f.