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  1. Fuddster


    anybody seen in the media reports of 140 million swallows being netted in Eygpt?-apparently they are a delicacy and huge numbers are being caught.Got to say that the number around York seem minimal compared to last 15 years. f.
  2. bought a Leatherman in Florida in 1998-carried every day and being used for all sorts. still going strong. also have a gerber tool but find the extending pliers a bit of a faff to then open another tool. so its a leatherman for me f
  3. convincing new recruits the best way to 'form' your beret was to soak in hot water, adjust on head and then apply packing tape around head and under chin. then sleep for the night with it taped on. f.
  4. If CaptC says good condition-then good condition it is. f.
  5. Here's my tuppence worth. Should a new and revised GL be granted on Monday-double your efforts to commit to killing all and every carrion crow that falls within range. the whole debate come debacle over the GL has demonstrated just how much these blighters need to be come down on hard. sat in traffic tonight I saw a CC atop a hedge looking down for nests-I doubt any other drivers spotted this from a distance of 3m off the road. I remember a quote from the film 'Starship troopers'....................................'Kill Them-kill them all!' my mission starts tuesday hopefully. f.
  6. Nice of the protesters to organise the event on a bank holiday-The police will be on double time overtime and earning a few quid. every cloud and all that... f.
  7. Brand New-never worn. XXL size. Superior quality 100% Polyester Fleece Waistcoat for exceptional warmth 500gsm double polar fleece for good thermal insulation Hardwearing ribbed trim on armholes, pocket entries, zip and collar Two zipped side pockets and 1 zipped mesh inside pocket Full length zip with ribbed trim covering Embroidered with Hoggs of Fife graphic on left chest 100% Polyester : Machine Washable at 30°C posted £28. cheers fudds.
  8. basically a PCSO standing in to do the work of an FEO-likely with minimal or nil training regarding SGC's etc. Forces are cash strapped so will task out work. f.
  9. well done-hopefully karma will repay you many times over! f.
  10. I've watched MCQ for a while and have to say he actually a decent sort-he shoots and cooks what he gets-into the hunter-gatherer lifestyle and has relocated to Sweden to live a more nature focused life. give him a few views of his vids and see what you think. f.
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