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  1. saw a Q7 get stuck on flat wet grass at a shoot last year.ok for tesco's car park-owner later turned up in a LR110 to save further blushes. consider- lc120 d4 I'd love to say subaru but I think they are dying species. or a 4x4 pick up? f.
  2. Fuddster


    wasn't there news of the Egyptians using micro nets to catch them in their millions as they migrated? certainly seems to be fewer round my way. f.
  3. savages. bomb them into oblivion. do unto them as they would do unto you. f.
  4. I found the holes for the adjusting press studs really fiddly. I opened the locating holes with a counter sinking drill bit and they work a lot better. The feet can sink in soft ground so I replaced them with four tennis balls with holes cut out to insert the legs. Other than above mines been a good chair for last 5 years. f.
  5. pal of mine done it last year after retiring-rode it on a retro motorbike and done some wild camping-looks amazing but the midges on the west coast were a plague-he sent one pic where he was covered from head to toe in them. f.
  6. yep just been out with bino's-clearly visible with naked eye passing west to east and very bright through the binos'.saw about 7 in succession-all on same path. apparently he wants to speed up the internet as well as sell some info to the military,companies etc. not really sure about his plan to control the internet from space-might have to line my flat cap with tin foil to stop him reading my mind. f.
  7. Excellent! Hope it serves you well. atb f.
  8. a few years ago I found a songbirds nest in my front hedge that was from the previous year-brought it to show the kids, then I hatched a cunning plan. placed it out on the lawn with some out of date eggs from the fridge in it and laid in wait with the air rifle. within 10 minutes a magpie was on it-there aren't a huge population round my house so its incredible how it located it so quickly. dropped it and pegged it out on a neck prop.5 mins later his mate is going nuts in a tree in the garden-luckily in range.pop and 2 down inside 20 mins. I have long since declared my garden as a sanctuary for woodpigeons-as to be fair I'm fairly hard on them enough so they can visit and feed anytime-however, no quarter given for maggies or any corvid. If I was down to my last round on any shoot-I'd happily shoot a magpie. f.
  9. I had it about 10 years and shot well with it-it has a tapered rib with a tiny gap at the end to reduce barrel haze when hot-there are a couple of marks on the stock which were there when i got it. I think the top barrel was between full and three quarter and has four Browning invector chokes for the bottom barrel. I think I chopped in around October last year-as its still available, perhaps an offer would be accepted. Very nice chaps at Neville's by the way. f.
  10. I px'd my browning citori high rib a few months ago to Nevilles in Alfreton-cracking gun-I think its up for £600-30 inch barrels with full set of chokes for the bottom barrel. left the shop with a 32" browning 725 high rib-very happy with it. f. £595-has adjustable stock by alan rhone
  11. shame-used to love the works D4's but my head and wallet says looks at something else. one of my farmers swapped his at 40k after total engine failure. all it did was trundle around his farms with no towing f.
  12. love D4's but have chickened out buying one.the crank seal issue seems a ticking time bomb. good luck with it. f.
  13. Outstanding in my humble opinion. f.
  14. if your're bored try spraying into the door jams or your car/4x4.wipe or brush then flush out with a hose-lifts years worth of crud in a jiffy. My old landcruiser has never been so clean. a lot of chaps who 'detail' cars are raving about it over £20 a go de-greasers etc. f.
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