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  1. well done-fortune favours the brave. and the sickly. but mostly the brave. top effort. f.
  2. at least two of the five basic military weapon handling rules broken. you never ever fool about with firearms. still a tragedy for those involved. f.
  3. longer wooden truncheons were issued to mounted branch officers for more 'reach'. I remember seeing Police on patrol in Newcastle's Bigg market leaning on large wooden staffs-I presume to ward off evil spirits and mad drunk Geordies. f.
  4. I've sacked off decoying osr in January and early February as its soul destroying watching big flocks disappear. I devote my efforts to roost shooting when the weathers right. Today, I ventured forth as the wife was covering the kids as its our half term. Lured like a lemming to a cliff, I obbed a osr field with the obligatory 500 birds down and more joining. Cue the long drag, optimistic set up-15 shells, 2 floaters and a flapper. Cue the empty skies, couple of bangs, head scratching, made a brew from flask but the milk pod was off so just plain old water for me. Four hours for 5 down, some nice scenery, dogs were happy to be out and then back to meet afore mentioned wife (yay,not) and darling offspring. plus points-i made a chicken and pasta dish for dinner-very Tuscan with rosemary,garlic and chilli-quashed with a non too shabby malbec. minus points-when my car is released from the garage tomorrow after service, I might squeeze in a quick hour over the deeks. anyway, it beats work. f.
  5. Well done-hope it serves you well. atb. f.
  6. at that money-I'd give 1500 all day. get it bought. f.
  7. enemy of the state and should be treated as such. f.
  8. 26 inch barrelled Breda which is a Beretta copy-1/2 choke kills everything. if you can kill it with a 12-you can kill it with a 20. f.
  9. Hi all. about to renew gas contract at home and wondered what others are paying per litre. Flogas have offered 41p any comparotive prices welcomed. cheers f.
  10. Fuddster


    funnily enough.....first session last week as part of a recoup programme from a work related injury. and three pilates sessions-I do feel better and would consider doing this as I get older-i think the importance of flexibility is hugely underestimated. not long ago I would have be the first the scoff at the idea but yep i feel the benefits. if it helps my gun swing so much the better! f.
  11. exactly what 'it' is all about in my books. excellent effort. f.
  12. epic as usual-you remain a role model for my impending retirement! top job. f.
  13. nice way to finish the season off. great pics as ever. cheers f.
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