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  1. Firstly, I thank any and all that have served in uniform on my behalf and that of previous generations. Over three decades of public service, I have had the pleasure of working alongside colleagues who had previously served from Marines, Para's and the RN to name but a few. Today we have remembered the fallen but also those still with us. I take no pleasure in airing the below photos, however I believe Corbyn once again showed his true colours today. Pic on the left is from the 2018 ceremony and the one on the right is from today. Last year he turned up wearing a cheapo anorak complete with hood and the smallest Poppy pin badge. Today, it would seem his advisers steered him towards a more tactful attire. After placing his wreath, he appeared pained to lower his head in the usual manner to salute the Cenotaph. I can honestly say I am disgusted by this man. May he never be entrusted to govern our nation. F.
  2. for a 'one off' knife I'd be inclined to do it. Its not as if you're going to be wholesaling them on ebay. leave off your makers mark and its untraceable. f.
  3. top drawer stuff.well done. f
  4. Aldi ribeye's are the go to when its a steak night for me. f.
  5. I believe its a definite no due to richochet. f
  6. I'm thinking thinly sliced raw onions and chutney. f.
  7. what goes well with CB in a sarnie? haven't had it for years. f.
  8. Yet to receive knives and no reply to a PM. whats going on? f.
  9. Nice work and If I was to be slightly morbid-should the shoot exist after you have passed over-its a lovely way to leave something behind. sign it with your old collar number for added effect. atb f.
  10. no.1 vehicle to get pinched around the Yorkshire region. 2x 110's gone from friends in last 18 months-never recovered. f.
  11. there's probably no more then 25 gun shops in the region. I'd be on the hunt and phone each of them and enquire. good luck. f.
  12. I can't abide the man-always greedy for birds and falling foul of the 'must shoot something for this weeks episode' approach. The type of gun that I dread having on a line. I've flicked through the episode and noticed the camera was focused more on him, than seeing how high or far the birds were when shot. Smug little.... f.
  13. always enjoyed your videos but I do feel like I have gorse bush in my nads. cheap 'VR' experience and great shooting. f.
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