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  1. I would have thought Dereham, Norfolk
  2. No worries Mat I'm coming back to Essex at the weekend just pm me your number and I'll give you a shout when I'm back. Regards Tristram
  3. I'm up in Norfolk for a couple of days and I've been tasked with selling some decoying gear that my brother has left here. Ideally picked up from here in the next couple of days or I could take it back to Essex and collected there, not posting as there's too much to faff about with. Can't add pics off my phone but please feel free to pm me and I'll send them via phone or email. There is around 20 plastic half shell decoys (non flock) in very good condition + pegs A light weight pigeon magnet with extending arms 5 x 12v battery's (not tested) Camo net (mice have been at it a bit but it's usable. Two hyper flappers + flexicoy heads Two air pro decoys (rotating wings) Looking for £90 Regards Tristram
  4. Tis1979

    Chargemaster Combo

    Thanks for that, I used a bit of a straw, worked a treat. Good luck with the sale.
  5. Tis1979

    Chargemaster Combo

    What's the shooting shed thingy??
  6. SOLD.... Thanks Andy nice to meet you both.
  7. Thanks Alistair, I'm going to let it run on here for a while as I'm hoping not to split it up, As for postage its going to be expensive due to the weight of the lead. Thanks for your interest though. Regards Tristram
  8. Thanks chaps, I only posted today and have had plenty of interest in splitting items but I will give it a day or two to see if I can sell everything together first. Please pm me with an offer for what you would like and if it doesn't all go I'll message you back. (I may be able to meet you as I do some work in Suffolk & I'm in Norfolk for some of xmas) Regards Tristram
  9. cheers pal, thought I would forget something
  10. I have for sale the following items for collection from Hatfield Peverel Price for the whole lot is £400 ono All equipment and bits are 12 Gauge. Mec 650 progressive Lee load all Around 800 primers 250 New primed paper cases Around 400 plastic wads Various plastic carts Shot: I will list as follows: #6 45lb #5 20lb #4 26lb #9 80lb BB 7lb #5 8lb #3 11lb #6+7 mixed 12lb Any questions or pics required please pm me, Kind regards Tristram
  11. I wanted this done to the stock of my. 280 and really pleased I did I used prestige custom coatings. the service I got was brilliant as was the coating I went for olive green with a soft coat finish £90. The last layer is the soft feel coat which has rubbed a bit (not too noticeable) but is a rifle that gets a lot of use. Good luck with it Tristram
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