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    My interest is.........
    "not to do much work and but to do more pigeon shooting"
    BUT it never happens...
    Hit some, Miss Loads!!!

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  1. Has anyone got a spare 12 rapid mag in .22. Or I could settle for a good 7 shot . Thanks.
  2. I did try doing the same as the youtube video. i tried it on one mag and it is still not holding . Im all fingers and thumbs when i do things.
  3. Thank for all of the help. I have joined rapid7 group. Will see what happens now.
  4. Has anyone got a Rapid 7 .22 magazine spare That is in good working condition ? I have 5 x .22 mags that needs repairing, The spring seems to keep going round and not holding, or someone that can repair these for me? Martin
  5. Does any one know where Ben Taylor and sons are. I've heard milbro are in trouble.
  6. mart028

    Cheap scope

    Option Zero 3-9 x 40 wide angle illuminated cross hair scope. Red hairs.. 10 yds -------150, Ideal for a beginner , used and has a couple of marks, clear. 1 inch tube. £ 22 inc postage and P Pal fees
  7. new in packet, Sling lok swivel and stud. For use on bolt action rifles, Ideal if you`ve got quick release sling £8 inc postage and p pal fees
  8. Brand new 1 inch high mounts. New in packet Made by Hawke, Double screw.. £15 inc postage and p pal fees .
  9. extra photo of the bag
  10. mart028

    Small bag

    I have a brand new small that has 3 external pockets, Inside has a mesh pocket ideal for licence etc. Holds about 80 boxed 12g cartridges (4 boxes), over shoulder adjustable strap,,, I have used mine when out lamping and I put my battery inside and pockets with ammo, phone or what ever. Very handy bag £17 inc postage and p pal fees Bag only,, NO Cartridges
  11. As title says, Brand new camo cartridge belt, holds 26 12g cartridges, adjustable belt with plastic clip buckle. I have 2 of these, £15 inc postage & PPal Fees EACH
  12. What type are you looking for. No4.smle? And what sort of price ?
  13. mart028

    enfield bits

    What bits have you. Pm me please.
  14. mart028

    Ruger 1022

    My friend has got 2 x 10/22 be wants to sell. He often travels to Romsey a lot. If you pm me I will pass his number to you. These fifles are very well looked after and I could say they are as new condition.
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