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  1. Cheers Vince , it throws up the old chestnut of 5.56 in 223
  2. Got a price today for FMJ 223 ammo ( target use ) @ £79.50 per 100 ( Remington hollow point). What prices do you guys pay for similar and which dealers? Talking North Yorks area. Would be willing to travel into West Yorks if prices were right. Anything but Privi Partisan as the gun wont cycle these cleanly. Any help appreciated, Cheers. Gaz
  3. Bewsher500, what a brilliant reply ! Thank you. All printed and to be kept with the rifle. Gaz
  4. I have a CZ 223 which has in the past had the barrel shortened. The gunsmith who did the work advised at the time I did not need to have it proofed if I was intent on keeping the gun for myself. I have been approached to sell the gun now that I have restocked it and was curious to know the cost of having an RFD send it away to Birmingham for proofing. I presume the gun would need to be stripped to just the action for proofing to take place ? Any information would be greatly recieved, Thanks Gaz
  5. I have a Mk1 Toyota Yaris and recently it has displayed an engine warning symbol. There are no obvious faults with the engine ( runs and starts ok ). I have checked with an OBD2 code reader which tells me there are no stored faults in the module , so I am unable to clear whatever is causing the warning. I have the MOT coming up in a few days and not sure if it will pass with this warning showing. Any ideas to identify the problem or a solution to clear the warning ? Any suggestions appreciated Gaz
  6. Once again thanks guys BD
  7. Cheers guys , looking forward already
  8. bullet dodger


    Having a week away in July with the girlfriend and decided on a visit to Dorset ( never been ). Anyone got any advice on places to stay / visit ? Fancy a bit of sea fishing while down there. Any recommended boats ? Any help appreciated Cheers BD
  9. That is one tough choice !! Personally I would head down to speak with Roger at the 'Fish. There aint much he doesn't know about either car. Personally I would butch up the Monaro as I think its better equipped and has the independent suspension and LSD as standard. The new Camaro is built on the VXR8 bodypan, so Aussie stuff does handle OK !!
  10. Its really down to what you want for it ( what it owes you ? ). Its a very small market you are aiming for. Put your price on it and expect to haggle !! Best of luck
  11. Standard CV8 ? Depends on mileage ,age ,condition and any mods from standard. Best thing to do is check classifieds and look on ebay for similar condition motors. Prices seem to be holding up at the moment, after all they are a rare care. I've got one as well ( CV8 2005 ) Cheers Gaz
  12. Clanchief , you're a diamond !!! Cheers
  13. Watching this through Android box, first 4 episodes all ok but now lost subtitles !! Checked Android settings but no reference to subtitles. Can anyone advise how to get the subs back ?? Cheers
  14. Yeah , made with a needle and sheep wool !! Took her two days to make a small bird , so I dont think you really want to know how much a woody would cost !!!! Must admit did look good.
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